Kundali Bhagya

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Sarla is with the ones who gives her the photographs of the young men which she has brought from her home for Shristhi to choose from, Shristhi comes out shouting what has occurred as she has quite recently come when Sarla shouts she is rarely this baffled yet Shrishti inquires as to for what reason is Sarla lying as she is consistently this way, yet Sarla requests that Shristhi come and plunk down to choose the kid from the photographs, Shrishti sitting requests that Sarla select it without anyone else so she begins looking for the right match, then, at that point, shuts the diary requesting that Sudha leave it with her as then, at that point, she would proceed to counsel Preeta first, after that they will arrive at any ultimate choice,

Sarla inquires as to whether Sudha might want to have some tea, Shristhi is anyway demanding that Sudha ought not leave prior to having some bite, she requests some samosa which Sarla attempts to arrange Shristhi to make however at that point seeing her temperament figures she may need to do it without anyone’s help, she stands up when Pihu hurries into the house calling Sarla, she welcomes her asking who accompany her, Shristhi quickly takes the name of Sameer, Sarla sees Sameer and Rishab have come after quite a while, Preeta and Karan additionally come after them, Sarla is truly happy to see them all coming.

Sarla specifies how she is truly happy they have all come, Preeta clarifies they were going on a lengthy drive so considered coming to make proper acquaintance, Sarla shouts how she just neglected to acquaint them all with Sudha, she sits with them all referencing how she was truly strained alleged Sudha who has accompanied a couple of proposition and they all ought to examine them, Rishab takes the record from her hand referencing how she should not stress as they will deal with everything,

Sudha inquires as to whether Rishab is the sibling of Karan, she requests his photograph as she has some proposition for him, Rishab subsequent to chuckling shouts she got somewhat late as he is now hitched, she is sorry. Sarla even requests that Preeta investigate them, she answers that she first needs to have tea and samosa which she makes, Sarla gets up in a rush shouting how she forgot subsequent to seeing them all, she quickly leaves giving Preeta the record, she puts it on the table clarifying how she first necessities to talk in private with Shristhi.

Rishab takes the document in his grasp asking what sort of relations have come for Shristhi.

Sonakshi is in the room when Mr Harshvardhan comes, she questions why has he called her here as she needs to ask what does he need to discuss, Mr Harshvardhan clarifies that she is his little girl so he doesnot need any reason to discuss, Sonakshi clarifies she is getting truly frantic perceiving how he fooled her into going to the suite, Mr Harshvardhan clarifies that he really focuses on her so thinks about any issue that comes her direction, he clarifies the wedding commemoration of karan and Preeta is coming, he called her so she ought not confront them and stay in the suite in the inn. Sonakshi gets truly strained.

Preeta goes into the room with Shristhi asking what’s up with her since she is denying every one of the proposition which maa has organized, Preeta questions why she not told her and educated Sameer in light of the fact that she became acquainted with this from him, Shristhi answers that she became acquainted with about this truly late thus would not like to upset her and Karan. Preeta questions in case she is keen on Sameer which is the reason she doesnot need to get hitched with the recommendations that Sarla has masterminded, she compresses Shristhi to uncover reality with regards to her goals with Sameer as really at that time would she talk with Sarla,

Shristhi halting her clarifies she doesnot love Sameer however believes him to be some more then a companion, she requests that Preeta comprehend without anyone else, she even prods Shristhi, who demands her to simply ensure Sarla doesnot consider any proposition send by Sudha aunti, Preeta encourages her to ponder her connection with Sameer, as though she feels he is the right match then, at that point, should move forward else, she should consider something different on the grounds that she can’t keep him sitting tight for significantly longer, she leaves guaranteeing she would attempt to accomplish something, Shristhi asks for what reason did Preeta say she has kept him pausing, as she would possibly uncover anything in the event that he conveys a good message.

Sherlin is remaining in the parlor of the lodging thinking Sonakshi doesnot know who she has interfered with on the grounds that now she will demonstrate what is truly going on, she stops a server saying they have mixed up in requesting as he should take this to room 505, the server thumps on the entryway when Mr Harshvardhan is with Sonakshi,

she asks how can he realize that the commemoration of Preeta and Karan is showing up, he answers he realizes what’s going on more then she knows. Sherlin is remaining in the corner when she sees Mr Harshvardhan comes when Sherlin clarifies that she realizes Sonakshi had come to meet him, she supplicates that he ought to likewise call her to inquire as to whether she requested the food.

Preeta taking the record chooses a proposition of the kid who has his own rec center, she clarifies that he appears all good when Karan grabs the document referencing he has a more decent character then him, Rishab questions in the event that he thinks they have come for him, he sends Karan to go to Sarla else she may get strained knowing why they have really come, Karan goes to Sarla who is cooking, she inquires as to why has he come since she was going to complete the cooking, Karan answers he figured she would get exhausted however Sarla answers she is happy they all have come to remain with her in choosing the proposition for Shristhi yet she really accepts she could always be unable to discover somebody like him as her senior child in law truly deals with her little girl, she actually petitions discover somebody like him, he gets mishandled, then, at that point, attempts to leave applauding the samosa, she inquires as to whether he loves.

Preeta taking a gander at the record dismisses the proposition of the specialist, Sudha aunti asks the explanation, Preeta answers that specialists resemble the picture of Bhagwan so she doesnot need that Shristhi affront them due to outrage. Karan comes taking the document from Preeta shouts he truly prefers the proposition as the kid is very attractive, he even requests th name, Preeta gets strained so pulls Karan to the side, Shristhi even takes Sameer, Preeta questions in the event that he has gotten frantic since they have reached end the connection, this way Karan would end in the wake of sorting her proposition out, Karan answers Maa likes her thus even he has the obligation, Rishab apologizes saying it is his mix-up since he got passionate in the wake of meeting Sarla, Rishab then, at that point, encourages him to sit and drink tea in the event that he can’t do anything, Rishab sends Sameer to Sarla, Preeta likewise requests that Karan stay calm.

Sameer goes to Sarla in the kitchen offering his assistance, She answers there is no need since she has done a large portion of the work yet he demands so she requests that he open the crate, Sarla clarifies his kinship with Shristhi is great, she once in a while felt his connection with her was all the more then companionship yet she is happy to see that he has likewise accompanied Karan and Rishab to help in her proposition to be engaged, she answers that at whatever point she got the thought she would consider not getting her hitched to him, he inquires as to for what reason did she thought like this when Sarla answers it was a result of Karina as she might suspect actually uniquely in contrast to her. Sameer gets strained so turns when Sarla demands him to take one plate of Samosa and the desserts.

Sameer sitting with everybody begins checking out the proposition when Rishab questions what he is doing, Sameer answers that he figures they should begin searching for a reasonable proposition for Shristhi, Rishab questions what is he saying when Sameer answers this is a result of Karina bua.

Rishab getting strained considers passing without help from anyone else, however Shristhi stops him clarifying it is on the grounds that whoever goes to get Sarla closes together settling her marriage, he returns paying attention to her.

Sherlin is tensely trusting that Sonakshi will come out, Mr Harshvardhan inquires as to whether she requested the food, Sonakshi comes out educating she doesnot have any sister, the server apologizes leaving them, Sherlin meanwhile has figured out how to snap a picture of both Sonakshi and Mr Harshvardhan imagining that now she has gotten caught in her arrangement.

Precap: Gunuji says Khanderao didn’t lose his kiddishness, in the event that he can’t comprehend his father’s feelings, how might he comprehend the Praja. Malhar gets pitiful. Ahilya stops Gunu ji and says I didn’t anticipate that this from you should make a break between them.


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