Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Preeta indicates Karan the message wherein it says that she have to come to select out up Pihu, karan replies she have to have examine it cautiously because it says the celebration has ended loads time in the past and he or she have to come to select out Pihu up, Mahesh questions what’s the hassle as she have to name her as soon as once more, Sonakshi attempts to create a scene with the aid of using exclaiming then Pihu could be ready out of doors the residence, but Preeta replies why could she be ready out of doors as Roma could have organized the celebration withinside the residence, Preeta attempts calling her whilst Sonakshi fast manages to stop the name, Karan himself dials her contact, Roma straight away asks if Pihu has reached again home, Preeta in panic questions how is that this possible, Sonakshi jumps in exclaiming she is the mom of Pihu how ought to have she permit her move like this, Preeta replies she advised her that she can be able to herself come to select out Pihu in any other case she have to now no longer permit her leave, then how did she permit her move, Roma replies that she got here to select out Pihu but Preeta says that she did now no longer come to select out her, simply then Preeta receives a name from a contact, she answering it straight away asks the individual that is on the opposite stop of the caller, she asks him if their has been any false impression and wherein is Pihu, the individual exclaims they may simplest speak with Karan and he or she have to deliver the telecellsmartphone to him.

Karan additionally asks wherein Pihu and that they is have to deliver him the deal with whilst the individual replies they simplest deliver the instructions, he has despatched the image if you want to show that Pihu is first-rate. Preeta rushes to the the front door wherein she alternatives the parcel, Karan questions the individual at hand him his daughter whilst Preeta straight away shouts, the kidnapper asks Karan to move and notice as she is aware of wherein is Pihu, Rakhi is also taken aback after she takes the image displaying everybody how Pihu is sitting at the chair, Preeta indicates Karan who warns the kidnapper to offer him his daughter, he replies that he does the whole thing for the sake of cash and could name karan after a while with the rate which they may need to pay, Karan begins offevolved shouting but he ends the name, Preeta additionally requests him to do some thing they ask, the whole own circle of relatives is taken aback. Preeta exclaims they are able to deliver any quantity as Pihu is certainly young, Karan assures he’ll convey her again, Karina blames Preeta announcing it’s far her fault, Dadi additionally questions why did Preeta now no longer move on time, Rakhi even exclaims that she have to have gone, Mahesh questions what are they doing because it isn’t always the proper time responsible Preeta, Sonakshi additionally attempts responsible Preeta whilst Karan yells at her annoying that she have to close up, Karina even leaves exclaiming thy can do something they preference however Pihu have to be found in this residence.

Karan calls his buddy Vinod inquiring for him for his assist as he’s professional withinside the kidnapping cases, Vinod asks who the own circle of relatives is, Karan replies she is his daughter, and it have to all be off the records.

Sonakshi enters her room crying whilst Sherlin is available in assuring Sonakshi that the whole thing could be first-rate but Sherlin slaps her announcing she have to in no way try and play any thoughts video games together along with her due to the fact she is aware of that Sonakshi did some thing with the cellular of Preeta, she assures that now the Luthra own circle of relatives could throw her out of the residence due to the fact she isn’t always even worth to be a mom, as she herself were given her daughter kidnapped, Sherlin turns to depart whilst Sonakshi stops her, Sherlin says that she has a whole lot of faces and is feeling she have to reward Sonakshi, had she achieved some thing together along with her daughter she could had been irritated however Sonakshi did it to her very own daughter, she doesnot actually have any emotions for her so why have to Sherlin care, she can be able to now continually stand with the aid of using Sonakshi, they may ensure the Luthra own circle of relatives certainly scolds Preeta now no longer having the ability to attend to Pihu or even humiliates her, Sonakshi is surprised with the aid of using Sherlin exclaiming she in no way concept she could be like this, Sonakshi gets a textual content from her father, Sherlin questions if she could even these days move the use of the washroom, Sonakshi replies she has no different way.

Shristhi in her residence asks Sarla to offer her the meals given that she is certainly hungry, she then gets a textual content from Sameer asking if she will be able to come to their residence with out telling Sarla, Shristhi studying the textual content straight away leaves.

The whole Luthra own circle of relatives is anticipating Vinod, Preeta asks Karan to name him asking why is it taking him a lot time, Vinod enters asking Karan how did all of it happen, Preeta explains that she took Pihu to the party of her buddy after which whilst it become time to select out her up she were given the message that Pihu has been kidnapped, Vinod introduces his whole crew to the Luthra own circle of relatives.

Vinod asks if there may be any desk wherein they are able to set the equipment, Vinod asks if they’re positive that each digital digicam of the residence is working, he assures he could tell how they may do the whole thing as they actually have a name tracing system as whilst the kidnapper will name them to call for the ransom is whilst it’d be smooth for them, and he asks Karan to be geared up because the media could come to his residence any time soon, Karan questions who knowledgeable them as he isn’t always the police at the same time as the Luthra own circle of relatives has now no longer discovered some thing, Vinod explains that he’s a unique agent, all of them realize that media has their sources.

Pihu sitting withinside the chair exclaims she desires to move again to her mom. The kidnapper is certainly satisfied to look Simmi doll arriving so asks her to relax Pihu, she as a substitute slaps the individual, the girls elevate her veil, it’s far truly Sonakshi.

Vinod asks the whole Luthra own circle of relatives to show any small element which they discover suspicious, he asks Preeta if she noticed all people whilst she went to drop Pihu as though she become suspicio0us of all people, he then asks Ashok to convey all of the CCTV photos from the place wherein Preeta dropped Pihu, Ashok is of the same opinion to name his buddy, Vinod requests Preeta to offer him the deal with, he additionally asks Ashish to test all of the photos from one Km close to the residence of Roma, Rakhi falls down after being unconscious, she assures that she is first-rate, Preeta leaves asking Sherlin to convey a few water for her, Karina asks each Karan and Sameer to assist the kidnappers.

Sonakshi asks Rajeev why he referred to as her right here simply due to the fact she become now no longer consuming, Rajeev warns her to in no way slap him once more as she herself advised them to take correct care of her daughter however she become now no longer consuming some thing then they referred to as her, Sonakshi asks Simmi to move and deliver her a chocolate and then she can be able to eat, she asks Vin if he’s positive they could now no longer be capable of recognize their voice, he assures they may now no longer be capable of recognise the voice however will simplest decide it’s far a girl. Sonakshi exclaims she can be able to move and ask for ransom as this will show Preeta isn’t always a very good mom.

Mahesh asks Preeta what has happened, she rep[lies she knew that the Blood strain of Rakhi has gotten low, Sherlin brings the water but Rakhi refuses to have some thing simplest annoying that Preeta convey again Pihu, she wonders how ought to have she made this sort of massive mistake in any other case not anything could have happened, Sherlin additionally begins offevolved scolding Preeta exclaiming it’s far certainly her fault however does she certainly suppose that their ache could be any decrease after what she has achieved.

Precap: Karan threatens to interrupt their palms in the event that they even try and damage his daughter, Sonakshi asks why did it take a lot time for them to reply the name, Preeta assures they are able to deliver some thing for his or her daughter, Sonakshi well-knownshows the rate of Pihu is twenty million, she assures Rajeev they may get their cash, Sherlin is status on the place, Sonakshi in surprise questions what’s she doing right here.


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