Kundali Bhagya

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Prithvi makes Sherlin swear that she can be able to take his revenge, she can be able to ensure Preeta is thrown out of the residence and now no longer simply that however additionally the hearts of every and each own circle of relatives member, Sherlin exclaims she could have accomplished this although he had now no longer stated anything, she could ensure Preeta is thrown out of every body’s existence, she exclaims her love for him and he additionally does the equal, Prithvi appears in anger.

Rakhi comes, Karina and Dadi each ask if Mahesh is best and did she inform the fact, Rakhi replies that she informed him the fact through explaining that Rishab has went to his business, Dadi asks if she has found out the fact, Rakhi replies fact be informed she did now no longer had the braveness to misinform him so while he went to wait the toilet, she found out the whole thing status on the opposite facet of the door, she feels it’s miles proper that he were given to realize the fact, Preeta comes with the tea, all of them take a seat down down while Rakhi explains that her recommendation labored and he or she informed Mahesh, Preeta replies it’s miles due to the fact she knew if he discovered out through himself then could get virtually tensed and both manner Rishab jee texted Karan, and that they had been simply over questioning as not anything happened, Pihu comes asking Preeta if they could depart, Rakhi hugging her exclaims that she is calling virtually quite so in which is she going, Dadi calling her applies the tika, while she additionally asks her to use it to Kiku but Karina point out that she can be able to do it for her, they ask in which is she going while Preeta explains that she goes to her pal’s birthday celebration, Preeta explains she is likewise going together along with her and could come returned after losing her, while the celebration will cease Disha’s mom will name her so she can be able to visit select out her, Karina advises Preeta to go along with the driver, Rakhi exclaims that this little female has absolutely modified the surroundings of the residence, Sonakshi status withinside the balcony thinks she could ought to do some thing huge these days due to the fact she has the equal relation even after being scolded. She can’t additionally agree with Sherlin with anything.

Preeta reaches the venue with Pihu so asks her to return back out, she arms her the gift, Pihu asks if she will be able to preserve it but Preeta replies it’s miles for her pal, Disha’s mom comes out explaining she changed into expecting her, Preeta requests her to take exact care of Pihu when you consider that that is the primary time she goes to any celebration and he or she need to now no longer permit her pass outdoor till she arrives, she assures Preeta that Pihu could be best, they depart to move inner while Preeta calls Pihu to hug her, Disha’s mom assures her not anything incorrect will appear as Pihu could be best, they each then pass inner after Pihu waves exact bye to Preeta.

Dadi is massaging her knee as she is virtually struggling with pain, Preeta asks if it’s miles aching, however Dadi assures that it is going to be best but Preeta questions why is she now no longer doing her remedy as that is why it’s miles hurting then she advises her to now no longer take any remedy however additionally look forward to her even as she can be able to deliver the new water bag for you to assist her, Preeta leaves while Sonakshi sees the cellular of Preeta after which selecting it up she leaves bringing up that now this can assist her gain her plan due to the fact while Pihu could now no longer be introduced returned early she can be able to name the residence crying, Sonakshi takes the cellular of Preeta in her room answering the decision of Roma who asks her to return back and select out Pihu inside 1/2 of an hour because the celebration has ended, Sonakshi exclaims the era is for the best use however human beings like her use it for his or her very own benefit, she blocks the touch of Roma from the cellular of Preeta even as saving her touch as Roma after which texts her that the celebration has ended however the youngsters are taking part in so she will be able to come after one hour, Sherlin seeing her asks what’s she doing with the cellular of Preeta, but earlier than Sonakshi can respond Karina calls Sherlin, Sonakshi seeing her right now leaves.

Karina asks Sherlin in which did she pass as they had been trying to find her, Sherlin replies she went to speak with a chum of Rishab jee, as she doesnot realize why he left, Karina exclaims she virtually cares for Rishab even as he left with out announcing anything, she requests Sherlin to live together along with her for someday as she is feeling virtually tensed.

Sonakshi locations the cellular withinside the room while she turns to depart but is stopped through Dadi who questions what’s she doing right here, Sonakshi asks that she changed into going to the kitchen so can she deliver the juice for her but Dadi replies she is best, she then leaves, Preeta brings the new water bag asking Dadi to rub down her knee, Dadi but says that she will be able to do it herself, Preeta replies she can be able to come and test inside fifteen minutes, Preeta thinks she will be able to consequently visit supply the drugs to Mahesh papa, Dadi agrees, Preeta is strolling while Sonakshi wonders why is she now no longer checking her cellular, Preeta coming into the room asks Mahesh if he has taken his remedy but he replies he has now no longer due to the fact they fell down and earlier than he should select out them up Pihu came, he then commenced gambling together along with her so left the room, in the meantime Ganesh threw then withinside the bin, Preeta questions why is he now no longer cautious however then indicates that she can be able to deliver them on her manner returned after selecting up Pihu from the celebration, Mahesh is going to wait the toilet while Preeta sees the message, she thinks of first bringing the drugs.

Sonakshi status withinside the corridor thinks now her plan could be fulfilled. Roma is with the youngsters and seeing them off as their mother and father come to select out them up, Pihu sees the automobile of Preeta but Roma doesnot permit her pass, Sonakshi calls her as Preeta asking Roma to permit Pihu come as she can be able to take her, Pihu is walking in the direction of the automobile however earlier than she will be able to attain the automobile a few human beings take Pihu in a van, this virtually issues Sonakshi.

Mahesh sitting with every body exclaims this isn’t always proper as each Rishab and Karan are his son, they must have as a minimum mentioned the problem with him however Dadi explains he’s questioning an excessive amount of but Karina additionally defends her brother bringing up she additionally trust she is announcing the fact, Rakhi comes with the tea while Preeta stops him, he asks why can’t he have the tea she exclaims he may have it however need to take the drugs, Mahesh mentions she is a daughter for him so he not desires his son, Karina in frustration asks him to by no means speak like this as Preeta is his daughter in law, Mahesh but replies he had taken into consideration her as his daughter even earlier than her marriage, Preeta yet again asks him to have the drugs, he requests her to now no longer scold him in the front of every body however Preeta replies who else is right here due to the fact they’re all a own circle of relatives, he’s sitting together along with his mom, sister and wife, she forces him to have the drugs even as Dadi is smiling, Sonakshi enters the residence and appears virtually worried, Karan additionally comes seeing whom Mahesh says that he’ll speak with him after a few time, Karan asks in which is Pihu, Preeta replies she has long gone to the celebration of Disha, karan exclaims that it has ended but Preeta says that she can be able to display him the message of Roma which issues Sonakshi, she thinks she has made the most important mistake of her existence as Pihu were given kidnapped.

A gangster is expecting his pal to arrive, Vicky enters greeting them all, he then sits Infront of the laptop explaining he’ll do some thing with the intention to ensure that their voice isn’t always found out and additionally that nobody could be capable of locate them, he wonders in which is the female while their girls companion brings Pihu bringing up she continues to be unconscious, he asks Vicky to shoot her which issues every body, he then exhibits he supposed take her photos.

Preeta assures she noticed the textual content and could study it to them, karan mentions she may have made a mistake but Preeta is positive she noticed it, Sonakshi thinks she has deleted the message and despatched a brand new one that reads that Preeta must come on time, when you consider that she opened it then Preeta can’t locate it.

Precap: The gangster calls Karan who asks in which is Pihu, he replies he’s sending her picturegraph explaining eh has despatched a bundle at their the front door, Karan needs his daughter, Preeta opens the door selecting the bundle, she is bowled over to peer the photos, Rakhi questions her what has happened, Preeta right now cries Pihu.


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