Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The supervisor accepts Sarla as prisoner putting a blade on her neck, Shristhi shouts they would likewise have moms in their homes so how might they do something like this, the manager clarifies that he is absolutely frantic in light of the fact that he doesnot have any family, the supervisor cautions Preeta to bring the medications else he would kill Sarla yet she clarifies that Preeta should not acknowledge anything as this would end the young people of the country, Preeta goes to bring the medications saying that she has every one of them yet they ought to never hurt her mom, she brings the table appearance them the medications, she requests that they take them all and leave her mom, they let Sarla go yet as soon as possible force Preeta towards them, the whole family freezes, Sonakshi remaining on the gallery grins seeing Preeta at serious risk, figuring now her fantasy would be satisfied.

The street pharmacist cautions them all to return else he would kill Preeta, Rishab shouts they have what they wanted so nobody would even touch him, they by and by compromise the Luthra’s to remain back and not have a go at anything keen, Rishab demands him to eliminate the weapon, they request that Shaka proceed to open the entryway, he specifies they can’t see Peter when the supervisor shouts they can take him yet first need to take Preeta, they make their strides in reverse when Prithvi and Sameer take cover behind the entryway, the two of them figure out how to close the entryway so they, when all is said and done, get hold of the firearm, every one of them accumulate and begin beating the street pharmacists by and by, Shristhi even gets energized perceiving how they are beating them all, Sonakshi anyway isn’t so exceptionally happy as her longings would not be satisfied.

Karan is continually hitting the street pharmacist saying he cautioned them to not touch Preeta yet they didn’t tune in, the police controller strolls into the house discharging his weapon to scatter the street pharmacists, the arrest the street pharmacists, Shristhi discloses that to of them are additionally in the room, he arranges the constable to bring them both, the investigator begins interrogating the supervisor asking regarding the medications yet he won’t acknowledge he knows where they are, the reviewer slaps him so the manager uncovers the medications are in the drum, Inspector clarifies they are a similar street pharmacists for whom they were looking for since the recent days, they all have worked really hard in aiding them.

Shristhi gets stressed so goes to embrace Preeta, Rishab likewise goes with Sameer, Karan comes to Preeta inquiring as to whether she is fine.

Shristhi and Rishab go into the room when he asks where Pihu is, she focuses to the table, he gets strained however she guarantees that it is only for stowing away, the two of them incline down, Shristhi asks how did Kiku go to her, Pihu answers she was getting frightened which is she brought Kiku, the two of them request that she come out when Rishab is going to lift her yet Shristhi shouts she can oversee, he yells saying there is a cockroach, Shristhi turns so he promptly lifts Pihu, Shristhi turning shouts it isn’t right, Rishab answers he is gaining this all from her and Sameer,

she questions in the event that he implies cheating yet he answers he implied winning, Shristhi is continually seeing his eyes, he asks the explanation, she answers that a savvy man once said assuming they need to know whether somebody is coming clean then, at that point, should see his eyes, he approaches her idiom she can make certain as he isn’t cheating, she gets persuaded yet asks what did he implied when he, at the end of the day, acknowledged this, Rishab questions on the off chance that she had heard him conversing with Karina bua and Maa, he exhorts her that next time when she has a type of disarray then she should come to him as he will explain in case there is any such issue, he leaves the room when Shristhi shouts how pleasant is Rishab jee, Pihu additionally answers after her, Shristhi requests a kiss then, at that point, leaves with her.

In the night Preeta is standing when she reviews how Karan was thumping the street pharmacist shouting that he ought not have contacted Preeta, karan comes inquiring as to for what reason is she so strained, she answers today he would simply tune in, she inquires as to for what reason did he thump that street pharmacist so much since they don’t have any heart, on the off chance that they had terminated at him what might have occurred, she leaves shouting he would not comprehend and is truly irate, karan follows her when she questions what’s his opinion about himself,

karan says he is and, after its all said and done fine however she asks what’s his opinion about himself on the grounds that such individuals are not pleasant, had he killed anybody then, at that point, does he know what the discipline would be, Karan answers he gets strained reasoning the two of them would be isolated, he even gets stressed thoroughly considering it, Preeta attempts to clarify that he currently has a family and should consider them first he has guardians and a spouse, and surprisingly now a kid so when might he be not kidding, Karan questions in the event that she wasn’t sure how they were harming her so in the event that anybody even attempts to hurt her, he would pulsate them considerably more, she quits any pretense of asking for what reason is she in any event, attempting to persuade him, she hits him when he shouts it is harming, she questions what was it when he was battling with them all, he answers he would do anything for her.

Karan and Preeta are standing when she shouts, he ought do whatever it takes not to chat with her, he is getting baffled attempts to leave yet she halting him shouts he ought not converse with her yet can likewise not leave, he perceiving how distraught she is, he pulls her near him, embracing her he understands she is in any event, crying then, at that point, shouts he believes he would pass on in the event that he needs to live without her, Preeta answers he ought not talk such horrendous things, she contacts his hand when he quickly pulls it back, she demands that he show her and understands that he harmed his hand, she pulls him inside the room, sitting on the bed begins applying the swathe on his hand, karan is left with no other decision except for to see her.

Karan and Preeta both sit together grinning when Preeta requests that he perceive what amount harmed he is nevertheless Karan answers it is only a scratch as he is a major kid, Kritika thumps on the entryway, shouting that she believes she has come on some unacceptable time and ought to return, Preeta anyway clarifies that she can come in, karan says to Kritika that she has come on the perfect opportunity since quite recently Preeta was reproving him,

Preeta anyway answers she has not uttered a word of the sort yet Kritika shouts she is correct and should admonish Karan much more as he merits it, Karan asks what is she saying as she should agree with his stance, Kritika shouts she is agreeing with his stance yet is trying to say he merits the chastening, Preeta and Karan both begin to squabble when Preeta shouts this would proceed perpetually yet she should say what she came for, Kritika answers that she came to call them for supper, Karan stands shouting that he is truly eager.

Sarla in the house is appealing to God for the great wellbeing of both Karan and Preeta, Shristhi shouts she ought to be given some credit since she was the first to show at least a bit of kindness on karan and presently both Preeta and Karan are cheerful on the grounds that she used to continually say this to them both, Sarla takes steps to hit her however Shrishti answers she is coming clean, she says Sarla ought to uncover the whole story of how she forfeited her affection for her senior sister, Sarla shouts she ought not talk like this with regards to her brother by marriage,

Sarla demands Shristhi to likewise get hitched now in light of the fact that after she gets hitched Sarla would be alleviated that both her little girls are living joyfully in their lives similarly as Preeta and Karan, Radha at the entryway shouts Sarla should leave this on her, she goes into the house with the Parshad of Ganpati father, clarifying how she has a ton of proposition for great men, she can accompany their photographs tomorrow in case this is the thing that Sarla wants, she acknowledges saying that she can unquestionably come tomorrow and even requests that Shrishti proceed to bring a few rewards, Shristhi gets truly strained saying that Maa is doubtlessly going to get her hitched.


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