Kundali Bhagya

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Sherlin asks prithvi to peer that she will kill the kid of preeta today within the party, prithvi attempts to shout at her warning that she must now not do something of the type, she ends the call, he gets involved thinking how should he forestall her then thinks of calling kritika and attempt to inform her that sherlin will try to harm preeta, he attempts calling her however kritika is playing with the circle of relatives and that they chuckle at karan who questions what did he say whilst mahesh says that he had by no means been so possessive concerning preeta.

Prithvi thinks how can he forestall sherlin while he’s a long way away in any other case he would have finished something to forestall her, the entire own family needs karan to vow, he ultimately accepts that he’s going to not combat with preeta below any situation and might continue to be by using her aspect, he even promises to not take any step even if she fights with him and usually stand by using her side, the entire luthra own family is joyed,

shristhi exclaims that it feels truly great to see them all so glad after the sort of long term, mahesh speakme to sarla exclaims it’s far due to her daughter, karan asks that it is not just the efforts of preeta, mahesh straight away accepts announcing it couldn’t have been viable with out him, ganesh accidentally drops the ketchup on preeta’s dress,

he apologizes and he or she without delay mentions there may be not anything to be worried approximately, she takes the excuse to go and wash it, sarla and shristhi also accompany her. Sherlin opens the fridge door, seeing the cake she exclaims she knew they also brought the cake for preeta with the cake of dadi,

she thinks preeta is putting slat on her injuries however there may be not anything to fear approximately as today she might make certain preeta can pay and that the whole thing she is now wishing for ends, ganesh enters whilst sherlin asks him to deliver out the cake. Sarla is with preeta inside the bedroom, she asks her to give the feet because she has introduced some thing clearly vital for her, she then make her wear the black ribbon explaining she brought it from the mandir but turned into not feeling cozy giving it downstairs,

preeta asks her to not be worried because even dadi made her put on the ribbon on her hand, sarla is surprised and then she asks her to be comfortable and calm as the awful omen of these close to them is what causes the issues, preeta asks how might she have any problem when there are a number of people around her who love her.

Sherlin walks to the corridor when she gets mad considering that the complete luthra family is sitting and truely enjoying themselves, she thinks she should damage all of it after which seeing the balls thinks she would location them on the steps so whilst preeta comes down she falls and the child also dies, this manner no person might be suspicious of her, rakhi says she could cross and ask if the cake is prepared then inquires from sherlin if ganesh is bringing it out, she then asks them to get prepared as they’re about to get prepared for the cake slicing rite.

Rakhi asks karan to head and bring preeta as even sarla is together with her, karan coming into the room asks what are the mom and daughter talking about, sarla replies it’s miles nothing but that she is announcing that preeta might ought to listen her lectures for 9 months,

she says even he is ready to be a father so he could additionally should hear her lectures, karan accepts to pay attention to any lectures pronouncing that she should fear about the brand new infant because he could make him so mischievous that she could hold her ears, sarla exclaim anything he does the kid would no longer be extra mischievous then him, preeta straight away stops him,

he complains that she even hits him with the ball, sarla is taken aback, then warns preeta to now not tease karan anymore, preeta asks her to now not take his facet when sarla replies eh always loves preeta then she need to also allow her take his facet, he then asks her to head as rakhi is looking her whilst he talks with his mom in regulation.

Sameer sitting with dadi exclaims he has even notion of the name of the children, kritika asks if he has dreamed weather it’d be a son or daughter, sameer replies it is extra the merrier and he has idea of the names in either case, karina says they could no longer talk about it today because they might have a good time the birthday of dadi, she asks who would dance for her, sameer says it’s far a surprise.

Sherlin is standing close to the steps and seeing the balls, she sees preeta coming with shristhi after which after slipping from the balls she slips and falls to the ground from the steps, preeta sees the blood at the same time as all of us is genuinely concerned, raki isn’t able to manipulate herself,

karina calls sherlin asking what has occurred due to the fact she is smiling however sherlin explains that she is feeling surely happy for the own family, kritika receives a name from prithvi,

karina asks her to walk wherein she goes. Kritika calls prithvi asking what occurred as she became not capable of attend his calls, prithvi thinks how can he inform that shelrin is about to make a mistake, he then explains that she need to contend with sherlin due to the fact she is probably in melancholy and might try and strive do something incorrect to preeta,

she should take care of the whole thing and be with preeta, kritika says that she by no means idea of it this way and might usually cope with preeta, she asks what did he have to mention, he replies he had the most essential news and it’s miles that he loves her lots.

Preeta is strolling down the steps, dadi stops her, pronouncing what it’s miles the hurry and she or he need to stroll slowly as they are not in a rush, sameer exclaims he feels she must usually walk with karan, he apologizes to sarla pronouncing eh desires to hold the hands of his wife,

dadi exclaims he’s a truly deceiver as she changed into his girlfriend however now he made sarla his female friend, karan exclaims he’s famous and first had preeta’s dadi as his girlfriend then she have become his spouse but he still has her, they both stroll without preeta falling,

shristhi sees them and suppose who should have dropped them however thinks it would simply be a mistake and so she walks downstairs to the hall. Dadi is standing with the family, he friend desires her birthday, dadi straight away greets yashodam, she asks dadi how she is, karina says to preeta she is the equal dai maa which she advised her about and something she says is bound to occur,

karina introduces preeta as karan’s spouse, they take her benefits, yashodam says to sarla that she informed them about the start of karan, mahesh exclaims she was in the back of his start, he additionally takes her benefits, yashodam says that she is the buddy of dadi however for the sector is dai maa and so came after listening to the news, karina exclaims that they’re certain she is ready to be a mom but she have to verify it.

Yashodam asks preeta to take a seat, she sees her hand and after performing the whole take a look at-up exclaims, they are going to get double happiness, as she is about to provide start to twins, the complete luthra family rejoices with pleasure.

Precap: kritika pushes sherlin into the room, slapping her, shristhi sees her, sherlin asks how dare she while kritika questions why changed into she seeking to kill the child of preeta, shristhi is not able to undergo the news so begins to strangulate sherlin, kritika is compelled to forestall her.


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