Kundali Bhagya

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Sarla asks Preeta to now no longer be worried, advising that she need to pass and test withinside the clinic, if she sees him then it might now no longer be Sundeep however if he isn’t there then she become incorrect, Preeta questions hwo0 can she pass like this, Sarla mentions that on occasion they generally tend to get false impression and if she doesnot visit the clinic now then could usually have a doubt in her mind, if she is going and Sundeep isn’t there then her suspicion become proper so if she is going there now then could be capable of make clear her stance due to the fact this can be the great for his or her case, Sameer mentions if she is going this could pass towards them withinside the court, Preeta exclaims what’s of their favour, Preeta is of the same opinion so then advises Sameer to take Pihu domestic however she but says that she desires to live together along with her Nina, Preeta is of the same opinion however then Sameer mentions he’s going to take her again while she desires to, Preeta is of the same opinion that she can be able to pass now, Shristhi additionally is of the same opinion to accompany her, Sameer advises them each to be careful.

Shristhi and Preeta each attain the clinic, Preeta menions they’ll first ask the receptionist if Sundeep is honestly withinside the clinic or has he been discharged, the nurse explains that he’s injured plenty so if nevertheless admitted, however nobody can meet him, Shristhi mentions it isn’t the case considering that Preeta is the physiotherapist so is treating Sundeep, Shristhi sends Preeta away even as speaking with the receptionist, Preeta enters the room in which she is bowled over to look that Sundeep isn’t present, she exclaims this indicates her suspicion become proper that Sundeep is well, Preeta plans to name Shristhi and so informs her approximately how Sundeep isn’t in his mattress.

Preeta walks out the room, she sees that Sudeepa is on foot with Sundeep who’s nevertheless withinside the wheelchair, she questions why is he mendacity as she noticed him on foot casually on his feet, Sundeep questions what’s she pronouncing considering that he isn’t even capin a position to stroll well due to Rishab but she is blaming him for mendacity, Preeta walks away exclaiming he’s mendacity and could ought to pay for it, Sudeepa breathes a sigh of relief, bringing up they’re keep due to the fact she noticed them each on the clinic gate so modified their clothes, she advises Sundeep to take the cash from Prithvi as quickly as viable in any other case Preeta could locate the reality as she is now running to guard her own circle of relatives.
Preeta is on foot while Shristhi is available in exhilaration as they’ve located the evidence towards Sundeep, Preeta mentions that they’d gotten the evidence however Sundeep got here on the remaining second together along with his girlfriend, Shristhi asks if this indicates she become mistaken, Preeta explains he’s honestly clever, Shristhi questions what’s going to they do now, Preeta replies she can’t even consider something now due to the fact she located the evidence however now have reached a lifeless end, she doesnot realize what’s going to they do, all of them notion that Rishab could come again quickly however the count number complex plenty, Preeta explains she notion that she can be able to now be capable of show Sundeep is mendacity however is now harassed even though she will be able to do something via way of means of herself, Shristhi requests her to now no longer lose religion as after they’ll keep Rishab she can be able to herself damage the legs of Sundeep, Preeta is of the same opinion they can’t lose religion as the next day is a brand new day.

Dadi is honestly tensed withinside the night time, Karina coming questions if she had dinner, Dado says she did however is tensed due to the fact she can’t listen the phrases of the outsiders, Karina questions what did everyone say to her, Dadi explains that nobody says it at the face as she has come to realize that a few human beings are pronouncing that they have got earned the cash with unlawful means, she can’t endure it anymore, Karina is bowled over to look Shristhi and Preeta coming from the door.

Karina questions in which they’re each coming from considering that she is the mom of Pihu or even then, ship her again with Sameer, she is honestly careless, Preeta explains she went to the clinic due to the fact she felt as though she noticed Sundeep on the marketplace however then determined to went the clinic to look if her suspicion become proper, Karina questions then what happened, Preeta replies she noticed Sundeep become already withinside the clinic.

Karina getting livid exclaims she is simply performing and making excuses while in fact she went to have amusing together along with her sister and doesnot take care of the disgrace which they’re suffering, Dadi additionally questions what’s Preeta thinking, Shrishti isn’t capable of manage herself so questions why is Bani Dadi speaking like this to Preeta as even she is a family member and cares for what goes on withinside the own circle of relatives, but nevertheless all of them are blaming her, Preeta attempts to prevent her however Shristhi exclaims she could have to talk up while Preeta herself is quiet, Karina exclaims they’re honestly properly at performing as one in all them is performing as though they honestly care even as they different is misbehaving, Preeta replying to Karina clarifies she in no way thinks incorrect of everyone, and has simply appreciate and love for the own circle of relatives members, Dadi in anger exclaims she will be able to see how a good deal love and appreciate Preeta has for them, Shristhi yet again begins offevolved arguing with Dadi, who in anger mentions she will be able to see the coaching of Sarla as they each are honestly selfish, even if they’ve raised the same old of Preeta lot, Karina questions what does she consider all of them after which exclaims she can be able to speak with Karan while he comes again due to the fact he additionally loves and cares for all of them, she can be able to absolutely speak with him, Karina asks Dadi to return back together along with her, Dadi warns Preeta to now no longer disturb Pihu as she is dozing withinside the room of Rakhi, she doesnot take care of her however pretends. Shristhi is set to mention yet again some thing while Preeta pulls her.

Prithvi is on foot while he gets a name from Sundeep, Prithvi solutions it informing Sundeep how he stated that he could deliver the cash to him the next day and could absolutely deliver it, Sundeep finishing the decision thinks he simply angered Prithvi while he appears he’s going to deliver cash, Prithvi wonders in which could he set up the cash after which thinks of taking the cash from Rishab due to the fact he could actually have lots of cash for himself, Prithvi mentions he merits a Diwali bonus.

Preeta takes Shristhi to the room wondering what become she doing, Shristhi explains she become replying due to the fact Preeta become quiet, while Preeta attempts to provide an explanation for they’re their elders and ought to be proven appreciate, Shristhi explains she has come to recognize all of them are similar to this due to the fact Karina used to mention horrific matters to her however now even Dadi stated lousy matters to her, Shristhi mentions how she can’t endure it and wonders how can Preeta concentrate to it all, Preeta explains she is aware of while to speak or even replies however Shristhi is honestly irritated so need to learn how to manage herself. Shristhi questions if she will be able to live with Preeta for the night time, she lets in her however explains she ought to continue to be quiet considering that Preeta has to take Pihu to the school. She gives to provide Shristhi her night time in shape however Shristhi says she can be able to order it herself, she is going to apply the bathroom, Preeta sits at the mattress bringing up she can be able to pass after Shristhi comes again.

Pre cap: Anuradha opens door and few guys stroll in and begin taking matters announcing that is due to the fact you haven’t paid us back.


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