Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Sherlin enters her room, remaining the door she is considering what befell while there may be a knock at the door, she opens it wondering it’s miles Karina bua however it’s miles Prithvi, she then comes inner sitting at the couch, he questions what goes on that is why she reacted this way, Sherlin exclaims she is getting in reality mad, Prithvi asks what befell while Sherlin explains Preeta talked very rudely with Karina bua, Prithvi questions why is she involved while Karina became insulted, Sherlin exclaims due to the fact Preeta even insulted her,

Prithvi requests her to calm down, Sherlin asks him to forestall it, she exclaims if a person continuously scolds him how could he experience, he mentions then he could hit the person, Sherlin replies he could now no longer be capable of do something in view that he nonetheless loves Preeta, she mentions Preeta, Shristhi or even Rakhi have scolded so how could he experience if this befell to her, Prithvi questions why is she getting indignant with him, Sherlin exclaims it’s miles due to his mother. Prithvi warns her to now no longer communicate approximately his mother.

Prithvi yet again requests her to now no longer be involved in view that her time will alternate after which the whole Luthra own circle of relatives could concentrate to her, Sherlin questions what has he accomplished which made him so positive that the entirety will alternate, Prithvi assures he could do it now, her time will honestly alternate, he clarifies that Rishab is in prison so that is the golden time to make this second their personal, Sherlin questions what does he suppose karan could watch this all,

Prithvi explains Karan could be busy in saving Rishab and so withinside the in the meantime he’ll takeover the whole commercial enterprise empire, Sherlin questions what if Sundeep opens his mouth, Prithvi assures not anything incorrect could show up, and after they could have taken over the whole empire, she will take her revenge from the own circle of relatives, Sherlin questions if this will in reality show up, Prithvi assures it’s going to show up, Sherlin then hugs Prithvi smiling that their plan will succeed.

Sundeep is sitting gambling the sport while Sudeepa enters, he immediately covers his legs however is relieved to look it’s miles simply her, he exclaims she scared him, Sudeepa says he doesnot care approximately everybody while she is aware of the problem became heated however now the listening to has ended so what’s his plan, Sundeep explains he’s awaiting the instant while he turns into a millionaire overnight, Sudeepa questions what surety does he have that prithvi may even want him after the listening to has ended in view that she is aware of Prithvi could now no longer supply him the cash after the second one listening to so she could suggest him to take the cash earlier than the second one listening to, Sundeep exclaims he’ll name prithvi simply now.

Prithvi enters the room while he’s bowled over to look Kritika operating at the pc, he taking the pc questions what’s she doing while she continually used to mention his cellular is his 2nd spouse then he also can say the equal approximately her pc, Kritika replies she is trying to find an amazing legal professional for Rishab, he noticed how their legal professional became now no longer even capable of combat the case properly, Prithvi himself receives a name from Sundeep, he seeks the permission so begins offevolved speakme with Sundeep who questions while will Prithvi supply him the cash which he promised for blaming Rishab,

Prithvi mentions he’ll supply it quickly however Sundeep asks for it now, prithvi has the same opinion to fulfill him the following day in which he’ll supply him one million, Kritika asks why is he so tensed, prithvi explains it became one in every of his employee, she is aware of how they supply him a lot tension.

Sudeepa advises Sundeep to now no longer believe Prithvi as he appears to be a smart person, she explains he need to rather take the cash from Preeta even though she became presenting a small quantity however she can be able to honestly supply him the cash, Sundeep questions why does she continually believe a women, he clarifies that similar to she trusts Preeta, he additionally trusts Prithvi so will honestly get the cash, Sudeepa asks him to have a snack together along with her, he has the same opinion however simplest after 4 in view that earlier than that the health practitioner takes a round.

Preeta is with Pihu, she exclaims Pihu is in reality wise in view that she completed her paintings so easily, Preeta questions why do the college supply her a lot homework, Pihu then realizes she forgot one in every of her homework however wishes a chart paper for it, Preeta well-knownshows she has them withinside the different room, Pihu stops Sameer asking in which is he sweet, Sameer apologizes explaining he forgot, he well-knownshows how she requested him to carry a sweet for her which he forgot,

Pihu exclaims there may be no want for it now, Sameer asks her to now no longer act so smart, she replies she isn’t performing however is truely smart and could go together with Sameer to get the sweet, Sameer permits Preeta because it will alternate the mood, Pihu additionally requests Preeta, she in the beginning refuses however then is compelled to conform to them both.

Rakhi is sitting at the couch crying, Sherlin seeing her questions what’s she doing sitting right here because it isn’t even night, so what if she has gotten mad as she is farfar from Rishab, Sherlin going to her asks what’s she doing right here, Rakhi explains that is in which Rishab could come to take a seat down while he became tensed, he could take a seat down right here for lengthy hours and then all of his issues have been taken care of however she isn’t capable of locate any answer for her issues.

Rakhi exclaims how she feels Rishab could abruptly come to her however she questions Sherlin while will Rishab come back, Sherlin thinks that she has commenced being emotional, Sherlin thinks it’s miles in reality excellent for her so she wishes to revel in however it’s going to show up while Rakhi leaves her hand, Sherlin requests Rakhi to move and relaxation now no longer for her however for Rishab, she thinks of the way while Rakhi could be in her room, she can be able to revel in and feature some thing candy for herself.

Preeta is with Pihu and Sameer, Pihu without delay asks Sameer to forestall the car, he exclaims it isn’t proper in view that a person may get hurt, Pihu exclaims she wishes sweet floss, she even asks Sameer to have a few however her mentions he’s weight-reduction plan but she forces him to take a few, he has the same opinion to return back after parking the car, Preeta leaves with Pihu to move on the sweet floss store, Pihu asks for ten however Preeta mentions they could simplest take three,

Pihu then is going to the balloon store, ordering one for every colour, Sameer comes asking why is Pihu teasing her mother, Preeta is going to take the sweet floss, she hits Sundeep, he receives in reality tensed seeing her, Preeta additionally realizes that it’s miles Sundeep, Preeta without delay follows him asking Sameer to attend to Pihu. Preeta even stops a person, however he isn’t Sundeep,
Sarla makes the kheer for Pihu, Shristhi getting into via the gate is set to fall, Sarla questions why does she maintain falling.

Shristhi explains she got here to carry the sweets for Pihu, Sarla questions why is she setting out the wrapper while Shristhi explains it’s so she can be able to inform Pihu that she made them together along with her personal fingers, Sarla receives in a controversy with Shristhi exclaiming she could now no longer devour her chocolate in view that she could recognize that Shristhi now no longer made them however that Sarla herself made the kheer for her.

Sarla is sitting while Pihu enters, Shristhi in conjunction with Sarla get in reality excited so hug her, Pihu asks in which is her gift, Sarla exclaims she has made it together along with her personal fingers only for Pihu, she sitting on the desk is surprised with the sweets, Shrishti requests all of them to now no longer screen her lie, Pihu asks approximately them, Shristhi sitting together along with her mentions that she made them together along with her personal fingers, Pihu exclaims there also are the equal sweets in her house, Shristhi replies it’s miles due to the fact she sends them first to Preeta, Sarla questions why is she mendacity in the front of a child.

Preeta is in reality tensed, Sarla notices her so asks what befell, Preeta explains she felt as though she noticed Sundeep on the marketplace however if the health practitioner is real then how became he capable of walk, she can not be wrong, Sarla asks what’s to fear as she will pass and take a look at on the hospital, if Sundeep is gift then she became wrong however if he isn’t this indicates Preeta is proper.

Precap: Sundeep asks Preeta what’s she doing right here, Preeta questions what became he doing withinside the marketplace as she noticed him there, Karina warns Preeta that she can be able to communicate with karan while he returns, She questions what does Preeta suppose that Karan simplest loves her, he additionally loves them so will honestly concentrate to what they have got to mention..


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