Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Sonakshi mentions the Luthra own circle of relatives could continually accept as true with that Preeta can in no way be pregnant and he or she had already offered the nurse, she additionally despatched her to the pal in Lonavla who additionally stated the equal element to her, however Karina bua ruined the entirety as she idea that she could throw Preeta out of the residence however she did now no longer do whatever,

she scolded her however then Rakhi and Karan got here to aid or even Karina then additionally took the aid of her, she become then giving her the capsules due to which she can be able to in no way be capable of conceive and the video which Sherlin made become the only wherein she become giving her the equal capsules, Preeta on foot wonders in which are the reviews and he or she thinks of speaking to Sonakshi as she become the most effective one left, Sherlin is speaking with Sonakshi whilst she sees Preeta coming and receives scared, Preeta falls so Sherlin is going out and Sonakshi additionally comes,

Preeta says that she become speaking approximately a few reviews so Sonakshi replies that Sherlin located them withinside the dancing level and he or she become coming to offer them to her, Sonakshi thinks how she controlled to extrade the reviews whilst Sherlin become on foot outside.

Rishab and Karan each marvel in which the reviews would possibly have gone, Karan sees Preeta on foot so explains he experience she would possibly are becoming them, Rakhi says that Rishab ought to set up greater events like this one, but Rishab leaves announcing that he’ll come returned later.

Sonakshi is withinside the kitchen making ready the juice for Preeta whilst Sherlin is status withinside the kitchen door, Sonakshi exclaims she feels Sherlin is most effective seeking out her, Sherlin query if Sonakshi has forgotten that she has her videos, Sonakshi replies she is positive Sherlin could in no way screen her reality to the Luthra’s due to the fact she has additionally made a few videos, Sonakshi suggests Sherlin the video wherein she is with Prithvi on the night time of Diwali,

wherein she is making him devour the chocolates with so much, so if she suggests the video wherein she is the villain then she can be able to additionally display the video wherein Sherlin is the villain, Sherlin replies Sonakshi has stated the reality and he or she will now no longer intervene in her matters, Sonakshi leaves exclaiming that it’s far all excellent.

Preeta is status withinside the balcony and is actually involved, Karan coming asks if the reviews have come, whilst he is going via the reviews, Karan is relived exclaiming the entirety is in order, he but asks why is Preeta so tensed, she replies that she idea after the health practitioner stated that there’s additionally a being pregnant check withinside the package, she felt from her coronary heart that it become excellent they’re getting the being pregnant check and he or she felt some thing excellent will come out,

she is probably capable of be a mom withinside the destiny however she has even misplaced that hope, she begins offevolved crying whilst karan hugs her exclaiming why is she crying for this kind of small element, he replies they’ve grow to be mother and father as Pihu is their toddler so why is she involved, Preeta replies that she favored to offer Pihu and more youthful brother or toddler, Karan replies this indicates she is attempting to mean that he isn’t giving her sufficient time,

Preeta replies that he continually does this whilst Sonakshi comes with the glass of milk, she requests Preeta to have it, Karan additionally asks her to drink it, Sherlin status withinside the nook thinks Karan doesnot even realize that he’s circuitously assisting Sonakshi, she leaves whilst Sonakshi turns to go away, Karan asks what’s she doing on this residence whilst she is healthy, Preeta asks him to now no longer communicate like this, Sonakshi thinks a girls has loads of disguises and the maximum risky is a mad lover, she can be able to truly get karan for herself.

Sonakshi is on foot whilst Sherlin is status in the front of her, Sherlin explains that a mad lover got here to their residence earlier than, however she become now no longer capable of get Karan, Sonakshi replies it become due to the fact nobody is as smart as her, she leaves Sherlin.

Karan and Preeta are status whilst she exclaims how lovely is the sky searching, Karan searching at her exclaims that certainly she is actually lovely, Preeta exclaims she become speaking approximately the night time whilst karan says that he most effective cares for her and desires to stay a glad lifestyles together along with her, Preeta attempts to go away however he stops her, she questions why does he try this as he even got here to her withinside the morning whilst she become slumbering with Pihu, Karan in anger asks her to now no longer communicate approximately the morning as she left him alone,

Preeta questions what’s he announcing as he become a grown guy but Pihu is a toddler who become slumbering alone, she idea of being together along with her so went to sleep, Karan replies he doesnot experience proper whilst she isn’t with him, there’s a noisy noise of the crackers. Karan makes Preeta promise to in no way communicate approximately being pregnant once more as they each will stay a glad lifestyles together.

In the morning Rakhi is making ready the desk whilst Karan comes together along with his kit, he’s in a rush to go away, Preeta preventing him query why is he taking his suit, Karan replies it’s far due to the fact he has a assembly after the exercise as a few humans have overburdened him,

Rishab explains he could have carried out it himself, Karan asks him to now no longer say whatever as he is aware of Rishab has 3 assembly and a video convention however should now no longer act as though he does all of the work, Rishab explains he likes whilst karan performs cricket and he’s the only who cheers the maximum for him, Karan exclaims it’s far his ardour however Rishab insists that it’s far a profession, Preeta asks why are they each preventing however instead ought to take a seat down down and feature the breakfast,

Karan insists on leaving so Preeta preventing him begins offevolved to zip his jacket, Rakhi praises Sherlin for bringing the juice so asks her to serve Rishab even as she can be able to name Mahesh, Sherlin straight away stops him scolding Ganesh announcing that she requested him to serve this Papa jee because it has mushrooms even as Rishab jee is allergic to them, Ganesh apologizes whilst Sherlin serves him the sandwich.

Karan asks Preeta what has gotten into Sherlin, Preeta replies that it’s far a count number among husband and spouse so why is he getting jealous, karan says he isn’t jealous however involved and leaves.

Rishab explains that Sherlin makes horrific meals however whilst she does it with excellent purpose he eats it, she asks if the sandwich had excessive salt, she apologizes assuring she can be able to contend with it withinside the destiny. Preeta sitting beside Rishab jee asks if he idea approximately what she stated,

he replies that Sherlin confident him there’s not anything like that, Preeta wonders why she ought to attempt to damage the agree with among them each, so she explains that she has additionally visible the priority and love which Sherlin has in her eyes for him, Rishab replies he additionally noticed it and feels it is a superb extrade.

Precap: Sherlin instructs the man or woman to do whatever he needs however should make certain Prithvi is released, Rishab is status withinside the returned, he heard the entirety, Karan exclaims that humans have a tendency to be a in a dating earlier than getting married however they were given married then fell in love, Preeta prays that their dating stays like this forever, Rishab status thinks that Prithvi’s reality got here out and now it’s far the flip of Sherlin, she walks out of the Luthra Mansion even as Rishab follows her.


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