Kundali Bhagya

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Sherlin says Preeta is proper and this all occurred due to her had she now no longer gotten overdue then not anything of the type could have occurred, and if she has generic her mistake this doesnot imply that they’ve forgiven her, Mahesh asks her to loosen up asking why is she getting so angry, Sherlin asks why is he asking her to loosen up due to the fact even she considers Pihu to be her daughter, whilst she misplaced her toddler it ruined her however after she noticed Pihu then felt that she has gotten her toddler lower back but now Preeta has grow to be the motive due to which absolutely each person is involved, she attempts to attend to absolutely each person however now no longer Pihu, all of them can take care of every different or even Pihu, she simply prays that Pihu come lower back as quickly as feasible and need to say that she turned into now no longer capable of be an amazing mom, Dadi exclaims Sherlin is pronouncing the truth, Karina additionally mentions that that is what she has been attempting to mention for goodbye.

Mahesh questions what all of them are speakme approximately due to the fact Preeta is the mom of Pihu and cares for them, all of them ought to consider locating her and now no longer combat, Karina begins offevolved quarrelling with Mahesh, Sherlin thinks she has once more given them any other motive to combat however now ought to go away due to the fact she ahs to discover what Sonakshi is making plans together along with her father, if she might be capable of locate Pihu together along with his help. Preeta runs withinside the hall, she kneels beside the desk crying taking into consideration the primary time whilst Pihu got here into their residence and the way she has finished her lifestyles as a mom, after they could be collectively she could experience entire as a mom, she turned into as soon as earlier than now no longer capable of shield her at Diwali whilst Karina bua exclaimed Sonakshi cares extra approximately Pihu then her, even Dadi scolded her for now no longer being an amazing mom.

Preeta is sitting whilst she hears the bell ringing so rushes down, Karan additionally comes whilst Vinod asks him to simply hold speakme in order that they’re capable of hint the caller id, he need to ask approximately her fitness and if she has eaten whatever however whilst Karan solutions the decision it disconnects then the cellular earrings once more, Karan solutions it asking who the man or woman is and what’s their demand, Preeta taking the decision pleads with them to go back their toddler due to the fact she can not stay with out her or even she is a girls so could recognize the way it feels whilst a mom is taken farfar from her toddler, Pihu is genuinely young, but the kidnapper ( Sonakshi) replies they do now no longer have any quarrel with the Luthra own circle of relatives however simply choice the cash, they are able to take their daughter after giving them the cash, Karan threatens to conquer them if whatever takes place to his daughter, Sonakshi questions why did it take them goodbye to reply the decision, she has known as them once more this time however could now no longer accomplish that once more in order that they need to be careful. Preeta once more needs her daughter whilst Sonakshi exclaims the rate for his or her daughter is twenty million, they are able to pay the cash in coins and take lower back their daughter, Preeta status assures that they may get their cash, however they ought to now no longer do whatever to her daughter, the decision ends, karan assures Preeta that he’s going to carry lower back Pihu and leaves pronouncing he’s going to come after arranging the cash, Vinod runs after him.

Sonakshi assures Rajveer that they may get their cash, she is taken aback to look Sherlin status there.

Karan rushes his car, however Vinod stops him explaining he doesnot assume that is an real kidnapping, Karan receives involved whilst Vinod explains he has treated loads of instances and if this turned into actual then they could have demanded loads extra cash, however the female simply requested for twenty million whilst in fact she ought to have requested for 2 hundred million. Karan doesnot agree with him pronouncing it isn’t always feasible as nobody maintains twenty million in coins, Vinod replies even then he turned into going to the financial institution and will have withdrawn any amount, he ought to assume due to the fact the female is preserving a watch on all of them, he mentions that this is probably a non-public enemy who would possibly even kill his daughter after taking the cash however Karan explains he has a few enemies however all of them are overseas and he’s going to take even a unmarried risk which he has to keep his daughter. karan sits withinside the car, Preeta additionally comes to take a seat down beside him assuring that she can be able to go along with him and can not live withinside the residence. Vinod thinks there’s best manner through which he can discover the truth.

Sonakshi asks Sherlin what she is doing right here, Sherlin destroys her cellular whilst she receives angry, Sherlin then questions what form of someone she thinks of her due to the fact she tracked her cellular the usage of the app and additionally if she will come right here then additionally Preeta can music her, due to the fact she is a genuinely smart woman. Sonakshi explains she has given the beginning to Pihu which shocks absolutely each person whilst she orders all of them to get lower back to paintings. Sonakshi asks Sherlin what’s she doing whilst she replies that she did now no longer inform her the plan due to the fact whilst she performed her video games Sherlin were given mad at her, Sherlin once more warns her pronouncing that she is creating a mistake due to the fact she has abducted the daughter of Karan and Preeta, she doesnot recognize what they’re succesful off as they’ve worried Vinod, who’s the officer specializing the abduction instances, Sonakshi exclaims she warned them to now no longer contain all people whilst Sherlin explains he has come as a friend. Sherlin says that Sonakshi stated she could paintings by myself however she calls for her help, Sherlin replies she doesnot need any cash however the revenge from Preeta as due to her, Prithvi is in prison and he or she need to take revenge, Sonakshi thinks she has additionally worried Sherlin together along with her and now will honestly win.

Shristhi enters the residence whilst she is taken aback to look everything, she asks Sameer what goes on whilst he famous the complete situation, Mahesh advises Shristhi to attend to Preeta due to the fact she isn’t always capable of forgive herself and thinks she is inaccurate even if he confident her she isn’t always at fault however she need to now no longer fear, Shristhi genuinely appreciates Mahesh pronouncing he’s the best one on this residence who is aware Preeta, he replies that he has generic her as his daughter so honestly is aware of him.

Preeta comes lower back with Karan, Shristhi right away hugs her, she begins offevolved weeping whilst Shristhi says that she need to now no longer fear due to the fact she isn’t always at fault, and it’s far all due to that message which turned into deleted. She ought to stay calm; Karan additionally receives tensed seeing Preeta crying.

Precap: Aryan tells Kundali Bhagya that whoever instructed her now no longer to alternate herself or analyze new matters is an idiot…


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