Kundali Bhagya

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The medical doctor suppose how he is aware of he has made a mistake as a attorney however he had no choice, Prithvi whistles from the stairs, he coming to the Doctor explains he is a superb medical doctor however a higher father who loves his son plenty, he should now no longer be tensed due to the fact he has now no longer carried out whatever incorrect due to the fact that kids are similar to Bhagwan and he need to take the cash for his paintings, Prithvi even as taking walks out turns citing his guys certainly just like the college of his son, Prithvi questions if he is aware that if he attempts to behave clever then his son might be abducted from his college because it isn’t always a venture for him, Prithvi yet again threatens him to now no longer do whatever incorrect earlier than taking walks out of the residence.

Preeta at the side of Shristhi and Sameer take a seat down withinside the automobile with a heavy coronary heart, Prithvi is status beside the automobile, he thinks of whilst he noticed his loving spouse Kritika ultimate night, Prithvi remembers how he sat on his knees praying to Bhagwan jee for the secure go back of Rishab who’s their elder brother, he vowed to interrupt hundred coconuts and one litre oil, Kritika status in the front of him mentions how she is happy he’s her husband, Prithvi status exclaims he’s a loving husband who cares for her brother similar to she does, Prithvi asks whilst did she come, he explains they may be a own circle of relatives and he loves her brother similar to her, he regularly occurring them each because the brother in regulation once they were given married however he thinks they’ve nonetheless now no longer regularly occurring him as a brother in regulation, Kritika hugs him tightly, praising him for his true coronary heart and so assures that they’ll receive him, Prithvi explains he is aware of what she can be able to say, she leaving him mentions they may be the tears of joy, Prithvi assures they might now no longer be concerned after a while, due to the fact Preeta jee has made a plan, he questions however she receives hesitant, Prithvi replies he is aware of they nonetheless donot keep in mind him because the family member even if he has regularly occurring all of them, Kritika asks him to now no longer suppose like this due to the fact she can be able to screen the plan, Kritika then explains Preeta’s plan is complete evidence due to the fact she can be able to visit meet the medical doctor and ask him approximately the accidents, due to the fact they experience Sundeep is simply appearing as he could have been harm with the aid of using Rishab’s automobile however his accidents aren’t so extreme so the try to homicide rate will quit, she hits him withinside the head explaining how it’s far similar to this, Kritika is certain Rishab might be free of the prison, Prithvi desires Preeta je all of the very best, he smiles status outdoor the residence.

Kritika withinside the room is running on something, Prithvi coming into the room questions what’s she doing, she replies that she is attempting to paintings on locating the data approximately Sundeep Khana as he handiest labored for his or her workplace for 12 months and in that length his 4 consignments have been rejected so how can he say that Rishab jee owes him cash, Prithvi turns off the laptop, he explains how he is aware of she is tensed and they may be now no longer capable of do whatever for Rishab jee however she should now no longer be concerned, he exclaims how he has added a present for her and so takes out the flower, Kritika questions what has she carried out whilst Prithvi explains she has married him, Sherlin status on the door is livid to look Prithvi hug Kritika, she leaves exclaiming how she is doing plenty for him however he’s adamant on doing what reasons ache to her. Kritika asks wherein he become all this time, Prithvi replies he went to fulfill a attorney however felt that he isn’t always the proper one so is now going to fulfill a few one else.

Preeta is with Shristhi who asks her what happened, Preeta explains that she is tensed due to the fact they may be now no longer capable of do whatever and the participants of the Luthra own circle of relatives are tensed, specially Mahesh who’s sick due to the fact that Rishab is the elder of the residence and that’s why everybody is so concerned, she is likewise now no longer capable of do whatever except simply speaking, the attorney comes and Preeta questions what happened, he explains that the Magistrate isn’t always prepared to supply Rishab the bail due to the fact he’s accused of try to homicide, Preeta replies how all of them recognize Rishab can in no way consider harming anyone, attorney replies all of them recognize this however the nation has its personal laws, they may be concerned that if Rishab is granted bail, he would possibly attempt to damage Sundeep Khanna, Preeta receives tensed whilst the attorney informs how it might be tough to reap the bail of Rishab Luthra.

Sherlin is angrily status in her room, Prithvi enters the room, she warns him to now no longer even attempt to come close to her, he but shuts the door and attempts to hug her, Sherlin pushing him lower back exclaims she become blamed to be the illegal spouse simply due to him, Preeta even stated that she isn’t always able to turning into anyone’s spouse, she seems like shouting how she handiest loves one individual and for whom she will do whatever and take anyone’s lifestyles, she married a person who doesnot even love her only for his revenge however he’s a deceiver, Prithvi receives mad asking if she doesnot recall the time once they have been approximately to get married and Rishab ruined it focused on them, she become the only who stood with the aid of using him and engaged him, he exclaims that is insanity. Sherlin twisting his hand asks if that is the insanity that he become giving plants to Kritika, Prithvi pushing her away slaps her, she in go back additionally slaps him.

Prithvi explains handiest she is the only who can slap him, she exclaims she is even greater lethal and might wreck his hand, Prithvi asks her to suppose it as then she can be able to should lie with him with a unmarried hand, Sherlin asks him to now no longer smash her mood, Prithvi explains he handiest gave Kritika the flower due to the fact she discovered the plan due to which they’ve received today, she should now no longer be concerned because it has all been carried out, Sherlin exclaims he need to in no way consider harming her ever again, she exclaims if she falls then might additionally take him together along with her, Prithvi questions if she is threatening him however she replies it’s far only a caution for him to be careful.

Sarla is going to the door, she asks Shristhi to watch for a while whilst she exclaims they’ve come to drop her, Sameer takes the advantages of Sarla, even Karan and Preeta take her advantages, Sarla requests all of them to return back inner due to the fact she simply preferred to be with them, Preeta but refuses pronouncing Pihu is on my own withinside the residence, Sarla asks them to now no longer be concerned due to the fact she talked with Pihu who’s busy in doing her project, she forces so all of them come inner, Sarla attempts to go away however Karan requests her to return back and take a seat down as all of them want her support.

Sarla asks all of them to now no longer be so unhappy due to the fact she is aware of Rishab is in prison however they’ll without a doubt discover a manner out of this problem, Sarla questions Preeta if she forgot what she become taught, Karan even asks approximately the recommendation which he might continually recall, Preeta explains Sarla continually taught her to now no longer be concerned approximately the tensions which come their manner as with desire and dedication they’ll discover a manner, Karan explains that he in no way misplaced desire however Rishab is his brother and if whatever takes place to him, he has a tendency to get concerned, Preeta replies that is what they need to now no longer do, Sarla praises Preeta citing now she appears as her courageous daughter who’s continually prepared to tackle any venture, Karan explains the following day is the listening to of Rishab’ case, Sarla blesses them to head with none worry.

In the morning Rakhi sitting withinside the Mandir prays that the listening to of Rishab is going nicely and he be found out as he did now no longer do whatever incorrect, Preeta coming from in the back of additionally prays to Bhagwan that every one the prayers of Rakhi are regularly occurring due to the fact it’s far Navratri and her prayers need to be regularly occurring, Rakhi turning is surprised to look Preeta so is going to face with the aid of using her,

whilst Preeta ends her prayer Rakhi questions if she additionally requested the same, Preeta assures she additionally prayed that Risahb is free of prison after todays listening to on the courtroom docket, Preeta explains she prayed due to the fact Rakhi is unhappy and due to her the complete own circle of relatives is unhappy. They each depart for the listening to.
Prithvi reaches the courtroom docket in his automobile, he sees Rakhi status so exclaims now the own circle of relatives drama will start, Preeta arrives to face beside Rakhi whilst Prithvi exclaims now she can be able to provide her desire, Sherlin comes so Prithvi explains she can be able to provide them the faux desire.

Rishab additionally arrives withinside the police automobile, Prithvi thinks of assembly Rishab first, he’s taken out of the automobile, Rishab takes her advantages, she even as hugging him begins offevolved to cry, Rishab asks her to now no longer be unhappy as he’ll come lower back due to the fact he’s harmless however if she is weeping he’ll now no longer be capable of stay strong, Rishab requests Preeta to attend to Rakhi, she apologizes to Rishab for now no longer being capable of do whatever even as being his mom, Rishab questions why does she suppose she has now no longer carried out whatever as he’s handiest status due to her, it’s far her teachings which has helped him, that is only a formality which desires to be fulfilled, Rakhi request the law enforcement officials to launch Rishab due to the fact he’s harmless, but the inspector requests Preeta to deal with Rakhi as though they were given past due then it might be a contempt of courtroom docket, Preeta asks him to offer them a few greater time due to the fact that a mom is speakme together along with her son. Rishab asks her to now no longer be concerned due to the fact they should pass inner, Rishab walks away even as Rakhi is crying, Preeta calms her down explaining she desires to stay strong.

The complete own circle of relatives is sitting withinside the courtroom docket room, the choose comes to take a seat down ordering the listening to begin, the defendant and prosecutor introduce themselves and then the case begins, the prosecutor blames Rishab pronouncing that he attempted to kill Sundeep together along with his automobile due to his anger, the defendant exclaims it can not be the fact simply due to the fact he’s pronouncing it, the prosecutor yet again exclaims Rishab is responsible due to the fact he were given grasping and did now no longer pay Sundeep his owed cash, the defence questions why does he suppose it’s far the case due to the fact the quantity become of a meagre a million even as his consumer is a massive call withinside the commercial enterprise network so why will he attempt to do the sort of heinous act, the prosecutor exclaims it’s far due to the fact he would possibly have carried out plenty of such moves withinside the beyond which gave him the braveness to do it yet again withinside the future. The choose refuses to just accept the objection of the defence, prosecutor choose yet again blames Rishab citing that he due to the cash attempted to kill his consumer, due to which Sundeep become so badly injured that he’s nonetheless resting withinside the hospital, the docs aren’t even certain if he might have the ability to stroll again, Preeta stands exclaiming it isn’t always the fact due to the fact that she is herself a physiotherapists and might inform if a person is severely injured, she feels Sundeep has now no longer sustained lifestyles threatening accidents, the courtroom docket orders her to take a seat down down and watch for her chance, the prosecutor exclaims she is a member of the Luthra own circle of relatives so her remarks don’t have any importance, he even name callings the defence citing how he would possibly have transferred the case to a few different attorney.

The prosecutor seeks permission to name the medical doctor of Sundeep, defence questions why he isn’t always calling his consumer as then all of them can see how badly he’s certainly injured; the prosecutor replies that he knew they might increase this query that’s why he has requested his consumer to return back even if he’s tormented by excessive ache.

Doctor involves the stand wherein he’s requested to take the oath of fact with the aid of using putting his hand at the Geeta, the prosecutor asks approximately the situation of Sundeep, he replies his situation is certainly extreme so he is probably capin a position to stroll handiest after the remedy of 5 to 6 months. The prosecutor asks the defence to invite any query, he’s status questions if Sundeep become certainly extreme whilst he become added into the hospital, Doctor seems to Prithvi who indicators him of the outcome it might have on his son, Sundeep exclaims it’s far the fact as Sundeep become truly certainly injured. The defence isn’t always capable of recognize how a person who’s approximately to die, heals after the operation however handiest his legs are harm.

The prosecutor attempts to elevate an objection, however it’s far sustained, he then calls Sundeep, he enters the courtroom docket room withinside the wheelchair, his mom blames Rishab for ruining the lifestyles of her son, he going to the stands exclaims Rishab has ruined his lifestyles and his marriage, Shristhi status questions why is he mendacity after taking the oath to talk the fact, the choose asks he to now no longer disturb the courtroom docket listening to.

The courtroom docket listening to progresses, the prosecutor palms the choose evidence towards Rishab explaining how it’ll display the actual face of Rishab Luthra, the choose after viewing it explains it can not be visible if Rishab certainly attempted to kill Sundeep as his face isn’t always seen however his may be visible, after viewing the proof this courtroom docket unearths Rishab Luthra responsible for try to homicide.

Precap: Sameer explains Karan has long past to Pune, Preeta questions why he left, Karan explains he needed to depart due to a few evidence which would possibly assist them loose Rishab. Rakhi even as crying shouts at Preeta pronouncing she has gotten mad listening to that she is attempting as faux desire and attempts now and again quit the perception which one has, Preeta attempts to provide an explanation for whilst Rakhi orders Preeta to prevent interfering withinside the case of Rishab. Sherlin listening to that Rakhi is mad at Preeta begins offevolved smiling.


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