Kundali Bhagya

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Karina questions what’s occurring right here, all of them look closer to each different and are involved, sherlin exclaims she feels that karina ought to not get prithvi married to kritika, prithvi’s mom apologizes to sherlin inquiring for that she forgive her, sherlin replies that she did no longer recognise prithvi’s mom could express regret,

karina exclaims she can’t even recognize what is taking place, prithvi replies he’ll give an explanation for due to the fact sherlin is sincerely very hurt and so desired a few sympathy from his mother which she did no longer show but now she has apologized and everything is taken care of out,

sanjana also exclaims that some thing occurred is within the past and now the entirety is nice. Karina announcing to misses luthra exclaims she is aware of sherlin and is truly satisfied that she additionally forgave sherlin,

prithvi leaves with karina and sherlin, sanjana stops misses luthra announcing she just now teased sherlin who compelled her to express regret in front of all people so if she tries whatever of the type once more she will be able to not forgive her. Preeta offers the matters to pandit jee asking if there is some thing else which he needs,

he explains that the varmala is missing, she is going to carry it, dadi seeing her smiles, karina questions what has came about and why is she smiling, dadi replies to karan and preeta have promised rakhi to give this residence an inheritor, karina is likewise excited.

Rishab is standing while karan comes down, he asks where changed into he as all of us had been asking about him, karan explains he is famous so it takes time for him to get prepared besides his spouse become additionally not their to assist him,

rishab explains now he desires her help, asking him to recxall the time whe4n he came and said that preeta jee had snatched his cloth wardrobe, karan asks him to now not tease him, rishab replies it’s far his right.

Karan sees preeta, he replies she will now fall as she is taking walks absolutely speedy, rishab asks him to now not fear, she suggestions due to a few children and is ready to fall, karan seeing her rushes to keep her without even paying attention to rishab, dadi stops him asking why is he interfering,

rishab is stressed, dadi asks him to peer, preeta and karan are both collectively and he’s smiling, preeta sees that dadi is looking so attempts to rise up but he doesnot permit her and locations the varmala, she stands up and that they investigate each other’s eyes, dadi exclaims they had been having romance rishab question considering the fact that when has she commenced speakme like this,

she takes him away without listening to some thing. Karan replies he knew she might fall, preeta explains she additionally knew he would come to save her, she tries to get rid of the varmala but he stops her after which rushes to the pandit jee, she gives him one,

karan says he has the second one which she make him wear, she stops him then giving the varmala to pandit jee asks karan to come together with her, she explains that mahesh papa and raki maa came to the characteristic however she noticed they each have been honestly sad,

she desires him to head and attempt to persuade them due to the fact he’s their son, he asks she need to have just said it and why is she so serious.

Shrishti within the room asks sameer if he honestly loves kritika then why is he permitting the marriage to manifest, she asks him to assist her stop it, sameer replies that he cannot assist her because it manner going in opposition to the complete family which she can’t do, shristhi asks if he forgot who the actual threat to this circle of relatives is,

they each are nevertheless roaming in the residence, sameer asks if she recalls how di9d the primary marriage quit, preeta bhabhi even had the proof but no one become ready to accept as true with her,

the wedding only ended due to the fact akshay refused, he can not let whatever like this take place so would no longer help her, she shouts at him ordering him to prevent, sameer wakes her up asking what the problem is as he’s standing proper beside her, she asks if he left however he says he become along with her, she explains they have to use some different way to get what they prefer.

Rishab and karan achieving the room see that their mother and father are stated, they both attempt to cheer them up asking them to be a part of the marriage as it’s miles a moment of pleasure and in the event that they do no longer be given then how would they have amusing, mahesh exclaims he doesnot feel like it, they could name them when it time to offer the advantages,

rishab explains he is nevertheless young, kritika getting into the room asks if they will additionally now not come for her. Sameer asks what she is talking approximately the idioms as he isn’t understanding, shristhi replies that she became seeking to take out ghee, but it got here out whilst she twisted her finger, sameer asks wherein is it hurting,

shristhi replies in her belly so asks him to take her to the sanatorium wherein sherlin went for her test-up, he agrees, she thinks that she might question dr roshni so then sameer could find the truth.

Kritika explains that considering the fact that childhood each person used to say rakhi seemed more like her mother even if karina lived with them, she used to care for her all the time, mahesh is her uncle but he has constantly been their as a father so she desires his father to be found in every and each ritual, mahesh standing says she doesnot need to request,

he even asks rakhi who comes pronouncing she is calling lovely. Kritika is with rishab and karan who both exclaim she has made a communicate convincing them, each however what approximately them, kritika replies he loves them both and they may be the excellent brothers, karan says she would have were given the idea from, him, kritika replies he wants all the credit score however it became the idea of preeta bhabhi,

she explains while preeta got here to satisfy her she cautioned her to move and talk with mahesh and rakhi as they had been tensed on the function, she must pass and convince them subsequently it’s miles proved that preeta bhabhi is continually right, rishab replies he become announcing it from the start. Karina asks preeta to deliver kritika,

in addition they question approximately mahesh and rakhi, the family is happy to peer rakhi and all of us else coming with kritika, she sits in the mandap,

sarla asks janki wherein she is or even asks her to call shristhi. Shristhi hurriedly walks towards the reception asking about dr roshni, sameer asks if there may be a person else to be had as she has a belly-ache, shristhi says that she might look ahead to dr roshni, reception asks her to make clear that dr roshni is a maternity health practitioner.

She acts as though she is hurting and so when she gets a name, he takes the mobi8le and it is janki, she asks where she is, he mentions she is pregnant.

The pandit asks them each to place the varmala on each different, mahira comes to the residence, sherlin seeing her she takes mahira to the room, karina sees them or even prithvi’s mom spots them so they both observe them. Shristhi asks who become the only calling,

sameer replies it was janki aunti, he asks who her boyfriend is but she doesnot solution and leaves after seeing dr roshni, he another time query about the father of the kid, she takes the call of prithvi which shocks him, she asks him to come as they don’t have a great deal time.
She pulls him. Sarla asks if she contacted shristhi and wherein she is, janki is about to show the fact but replies she is out of doors and is going to come inside.

Sherlin pushes mahira into the room asking what’s she doing right here, she tried to homicide her baby, mahira replies that she ruined her lifestyles so she got here returned to damage their lives, sherlin explains she still has the letter which she wrote when she attempted to act as though she can carry out the suicide due to the fact she knew girls like her can supply their lives and also take them.

Mahira pushes sherlin, she falls ion the bed, she is able to area her cell underneath the mat after putting it for recording. Sherlin stands, prithvi’s mom opens the door.

Precap: precap: doctor tells the own family that sherlin had come to her for pregnancy take a look at up. When she requested father call, sherlin took prithvi’s call. Everybody is bowled over.


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