Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 16th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Pihu is gambling withinside the residence, Sonakshi preventing her advises her to move directly to her Preeta ma, she concurs so runs away, Pihu goes out of the residence while Rishab stops her, he asks wherein is she going, she replies Mama has known as her so runs away, Sonakshi coming from in the back of additionally acts of calling her, explaining she is mendacity due to the fact Preeta has now no longer known as her but she goes in the back of her as Pihu is younger so a person have to be together along with her, all of them agree while Dadi asks why are they status right here due to the fact they have to additionally hearthplace the crackers, but Rishab replies no person might mild any while Karina explains what she supposed changed into that they have to hearthplace the ones of Shugun, Mahesh exclaims why does she want to hearthplace them as she herself is cracker, Dadi exclaims he might usually communicate dirty, Mahesh questions what is inaccurate with it, she replies that she is his mom, Karan mentions she is a bomb, all of them leave, Rakhi additionally asks Kritika to accompany them.

Shristhi is lighting fixtures the Diya’s while Sameer attempts to help, she but ignores him while he questions why is she appearing like this, Shristhi asks if she has hit him or attempted to damage him, Sameer exclaims it’s far that she has now no longer performed whatever with him even at the day of Diwali, he requests her to now no longer live indignant with him anymore as he doesnot like it, Shristhi replies if he thinks she is feeling glad via way of means of staying indignant and now no longer speaking with him however she doesnot have any chance, she leaves with the thali while Sameer attempts to request her asking if it’s far important to combat on every and each matter.

Shristhi exclaims it’s far important due to the fact if she doesnot combat then he’ll stroll round her with an mind-set however now the position has reversed due to the fact he is making an attempt to make it as much as her, and now no longer aggravate her, he is making an attempt to cheer her up as she is indignant, does he recognise how she feels now, he asks while she replies she feels certainly nice, much like a princess, he asks if she is extreme while she assures, he mentions this indicates she changed into appearing of being indignant with him, he attempts to go away while she questions why is getting so indignant due to the fact she has simply taken a number of his attention, Sameer asks if she has any concept how he changed into feeling due to the fact morning, she changed into now no longer speaking with him and changed into passing taunts, he turns to go away while she at once hugs him tightly, she begins offevolved getting embarrassed after understanding what she has performed, he turns in the direction of her, she feels certainly embarrassed, begins offevolved to smile, she apologizes, he additionally accepts it, she says she has to move again to domestic due to the fact Maa and Janki aunti are by myself so she has to go away due to the pooja, Sameer requests her to live for a few time, but she leaves panicking.

Preeta on foot stops Pihu, asking wherein is she going strolling, Pihu exclaims she has crackers, Preeta asks her to expose what form of crackers does she have, Sonakshi coming from in the back of asks her to now no longer fear approximately Pihu as she can be able to usually live together along with her, so she will be able to mild her Diya, Preeta replies she has lit them while Sonakshi exclaims she will be able to perform a little different work, Preeta sees the own circle of relatives arriving, she instructs Pihu to mild the small crackers and now no longer the large ones.

Preeta going apart calls Karan, Sonakshi turns to peer them each, Sonakshi feels involved due to the fact her lie might be caught, she asks Pihu to live right here even as she herself runs away, Pihu feels involved status there.

Preeta takes the hand of Karan, asking him to return back together along with her. Sonakshi comes again to Pihu explaining due to the fact all and sundry is coming outdoor so she have to deliver the crackers to her and arms Pihu the opposite kind, Pihu laughs in excitement.

Preeta pulling karan why does she experience he’s indignant together along with her, karan asks what it subjects if he’s indignant together along with her. Pihu strolling to Rishab asks him to peer the crackers which she can be able to mild. Preeta requests Karan to now no longer be indignant together along with her, he replies eh might be mad, Preeta explains that existence is simply too quick for the fights as who is aware of what is going to manifest next, she explains that as time progresses they have to now no longer be involved considering the beyond after they each cherished every different and will have given every different their love however had been now no longer capable of, karan replies if she talks approximately some other emotional thing, he might get so indignant together along with her that he might now no longer even pay attention to her if she attempts to persuade her, he turns to go away while she hugs him, he additionally feels emotional, Sonakshi but status on the again isn’t always capable of endure the sight, she begins offevolved getting frustrated, karan and Preeta each nevertheless hug every different, karan additionally smiles, they each get away, Karan assures he’s not indignant together along with her, Preeta holds his face with a smile, they each are taking part in the presence of every different, Preeta rests her head on his chest, she corrects her jewellery, Sonakshi doesnot consider what she is seeing.

Pihu is taking part in lighting fixtures the crackers, Sonakshi sees her so she thinks what can she do as all and sundry is certainly taking part in, she sees the large crackers at the table, speeding to them she lighting fixtures them beside Pihu who at once covers her ears crying for help, each member of the Luthra own circle of relatives are taken aback even as Pihu is crying for help, Sonakshi begins offevolved crying for help, karan and Preeta rush to her even as Pihu falls, all of them select out her up, Preeta pushes the dupatta, Sonakshi exclaims she has gotten subconscious so everyone have to name the medical doctor, the complete Luthra own circle of relatives is beside her, Rishab alternatives her up in his palms, all of them rush with Pihu in the Luthra mansion.

Preeta is conserving Pihu in her palms even as the medical doctor is making use of the medicine, Karina comes assuring that Mahesh is great and Kritika is looking after her, Dadi asks the medical doctor if Pihu is great, he replies that via way of means of searching at her it doesnot appear she ever were given harm due to the fact she has even taken his stethoscope and is gambling with it, Preeta requests him to do some other check-up, Sonakshi additionally insists that the medical doctor do some other check-up, the medical doctor feels as though she is the actual mom while Rishab explains that Preeta jee is her actual mom, the medical doctor leaves.

Sonakshi exclaims she can be able to take Pihu to her room while she acts as though her hand is burned, she thinks of she inflicted the burn so she may be capable of get the reward from the Luthra own circle of relatives as now Preeta might be scolded, Sonakshi exclaims she is happy that Pihu is great, Rishab asks Sherlin to take Pihu to her room while Preeta refuses however Dadi advises her to take Pihu as she needs to speak with Preeta.
Dadi asks Preeta why changed into she now no longer capin a position to attend to Pihu due to the fact she claims to be her mom but she nevertheless changed into so irresponsible together along with her obligation as a mom, Karina additionally scolds Preeta bringing up she has in truth failed as a mom, Rishab attempts to request all of them to now no longer say whatever incorrect as it’s far Diwali, however they do now no longer pay attention to him so he requests Rakhi to mention some thing however she additionally replies that some thing incorrect took place, while Karina questions why is she even now announcing it so politely, she another time scolds Preeta which angers karan who asks all of them to live quiet because it is inaccurate, no person cares approximately pihu greater then him and Preeta as they’re her dad and mom but Dadi asks him stay quiet, she thank you Sonakshi as due to her caution they controlled to get to pihu in time, she orders Preeta to visit her room.

Sonakshi status withinside the corridor thinks how Preeta notion this will be the first Diwali of Pihu, however she has controlled to damage it for her so that everybody is now praising her, she is taken aback to peer Sherlin status in the back of however she leaves with out announcing whatever.

Preeta enters her room, she cries taking into consideration how Pihu changed into calling for help, she sitting down thank you god that not anything took place however exclaims if whatever took place to Pihu tonight, she won’t had been capable of forgive herself as Pihu gave her a brand new existence, Karan comes asking what took place, Preeta replies asking approximately what took place, karan exclaims it changed into a small coincidence and she or he have to now no longer take what Dadi and Karina said, Preeta replies she in no way issues approximately what they are saying as they’re the elders and might scold her however what may have took place as she is a small child, karan exclaims it might most effective fear her if she continues on wondering what may have took place, she have to be happy that not anything took place. It changed into only a ordinary coincidence or even Pihu is great, he hugs Preeta looking to console her, he exclaims she is a certainly suitable mom due to the fact she is so involved wondering what may have took place to Pihu, Preeta replies she doesnot experience suitable wondering what may have took place, karan exclaims Pihu might usually stay her daughter much like he’s of Rakhi, he advises her to move and meet Pihu, she concurs while Karan mentions he additionally desires to meet her. They each another time hug every different.

Precap: Karan and Preeta each are approximately to go away while Preeta is set to faint, Karan sees the burn on her hand. Sherlin needs Prithvi glad Diwali withinside the jail, Sonakshi data their conversation. Karan calls Rishab even as bringing Preeta in his palms.


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