Kundali Bhagya

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Shristhi exclaims the entirety befell for the good as now one of the chapters is closed, preeta asks what she way, shristhi exclaims she can’t understand what has befell as why might prithvi need to expose the fact about mahira due to the fact she changed into the pal of sherlin and prithvi, she is happy that mahira went from their lives, she has usually wronged preeta and attempted to create problems in her relationship with karan. Shristhi exclaims now they would be capable of focus on their first undertaking, preeta questions what she approach, shristhi replies that mahira just came into their lives, and they have to show the fact about prithvi because if he receives married with kritika it might destroy the lives of no longer simplest kritika however the whole luthra family, shristhi asks why preeta is not announcing something, preeta replies shristhi is also saying the equal aspect.

Preeta reveals that she doesnot need to fight with prithvi and sherlin due to the fact they constantly play at some other degree, every time they are trying to show them, it reasons troubles for themselves, she doesnot need to experience terrible in the front of the circle of relatives, she might no longer try to expose all and sundry as she has left it to bhagwan, shrishti asks what is she pronouncing, preeta additionally advises her to not do anything of the type, shristhi was no longer present within the house and did now not see how rakhi became crying inside the baby’s room and turned into also crying after coming back toi her very own room and in that state of distress she most effective said one thing that best the marriage of prithvi and kritika can mend their emotions, she additionally has to appearance after her family and can not create a experience of anxiety, after they tried to expose the fact to kritika she threatened each rishab and karan,

she has to take care of the relation and will depart the whole lot to bhagwan.

Shristhi status asks if she would leave her foes to the will of bhagwan, preeta exclaims they have got tried to show the truth, but it in no way benefited them, so she simply wants to cope with the family and cognizance on her family members. Mahesh asks rishab if sameer delivered the drugs, rishab replies the medicine became no longer to be had at the shop so he went to find it somewhere else,

it’d make the effort, sherlin says to rakhi that she isn’t always feeling looking for permission to move lower back to her room, rakhi offers to take her but kritika stopping her gives to assist sherlin alternatively. Preeta comes downstairs with the invitation playing cards, she palms them to dadi who offers them to sarla and sanjana, dadi exclaims they both need to be gift at the wedding because the daughters are a way to enroll in two households so now all of them are a single own family, she asks janki why is she still quiet, janki replies what can she say because they got here to inquire about the health of shelrin and meet with rakhi jee, however she is satisfied that one of the enemy has left their residence as now preeta can live without any issues.

Mahesh stands up saying it’s time for his medicine so he need to depart, prithvi also consoles rakhi jee, rishab leaves the corridor going upstairs, dadi exclaims if the marriage of prithvi and kritika brings happiness to the family then they will maintain the wedding the next day, she exclaims that prithvi has proved to be a son of the luthra family as he usually cares for absolutely everyone or even attempts to take care of every body, sarla attempts to depart saying she could certainly be present at the marriage.

Rishab is sitting alone, karan involves him thinking what has occurred however rishab attempts to deny whatever has happened, rishab hugging karan exclaims he can disguise it from himself however not karan, rishab explains that he might be a horrific man or woman, karan asks who stated it to him, rishab replies that he’s crying however now not feeling some thing, he’s feeling awful for sherlin but not having the emotions of a father, mahesh hears their communique from in the back of the doors,

so comes and both karan and rishab are stunned, mahesh replies that he heard the whole lot and now knows there is nothing incorrect with what rishab is feeling due to the fact he is of the same intuition, he explains that when rishab changed into born he did no longer feel anything however felt the sense of fatherhood while rakhi located him in his hand, and he can see how their relation has been as a father and son, he is sure that rishab could be a tremendous father, rishab hugs mahesh exclaiming that he has eliminated plenty of gilt from his heart.

Sherlin is in her room, prithvi coming inner takes her hand, she mentions he has demonstrated he certainly loves and may do some thing for her, prithvi replies he can even give his very own existence, she asks if he can take a life for her,

prithvi consents, he sits to mention that sherlin has stated which turned into no longer predicted of her with the aid of announcing that people who supply happiness additionally have the proper to be happy and he need to be married to the daughter of the house that is virtually wonderful, sherlin replies it is due to the fact she has come to understand that their hearts are still linked despite the fact that they may be married to exceptional human beings, kritika enters the door,

prithvi right now hides, she asks sherlin who was she speaking to, sherlin replies she was speakme to her love, kritika thinks that she won’t have forgotten her infant, she sitting explains what sherlin has suffered is beyond the suffering which a girls can undergo but what has befell is within the beyond and her love is likewise cherished by way of every person within the circle of relatives,

she need to now not fear about the past because she can surely pray that sherlin get what she merits however for now needs to relaxation as she is honestly susceptible, sherlin thinks kritika is right as because of her prithvi will always be inside the luthra mansion however if he starts offevolved being high-quality because of her polite communicate, kritika becomes her largest enemy and would now not be capable of live peacefully.

Preeta sitting with rakhi exclaims she is aware of this ache is absolutely large but like the elders say that after each ache the happiness always comes, rakhi accepts she could now not be capable of forgive herself due to the fact she changed into now not capable of be a pleasant mother in law, preeta mentions she ought to now not experience like this because she is the mother of her daughter in regulation and now not simply the mom of her sons,

rakhi exclaims she might have made a mistake as if she had taken exact care of sherlin when she was at her seven month being pregnant, rakhi asks with what cause changed into mahira staying in her house, she turned into present due to her friendship with ramona but she have to no longer have stayed within the residence.

Preeta requests rakhi to no longer suppose like this due to the fact it’d handiest cause greater sorrow, rakhi replies that she always knew mahira turned into trying to create differences inside the relation of preeta and karan and had she no longer permit mahira stay matters would have been distinctive, she tried to ship her away, however mahira insisted that she would depart when her studies were entire.

Preeta replies that sooner or later in her existence she turned into now not capable of live and even an afternoon felt like months, people used to say that preeta is simply robust and adamant but in fact, she was broken then sarla at some point advised her that much like the good time of her lifestyles went away, so will those times of pain, she must continue to be strong.

Rakhi replies that preeta is proper because it simply takes a small healthy to light the beacon of hope and for their circle of relatives it’s miles the marriage of kritika and prithvi with a view to over again cause happiness in their lives, kritika standing on the door is weeping, she exclaims that the whole thing might be ideal just like rakhi goals.

Precap: preeta is on a chair with a garland. Youngsters are jogging and that they hit the chair. Preeta loses her balance and the garland goes flying. Karan runs and catches her in his palms and the garland falls on him. He smiles searching at her.
Prithvi is getting prepared as a groom. He sees himself in a mirror and says, you should be very satisfied nowadays. You’re marrying this residence’s daughter.
Different hand, srishti plans to forestall prithvi’s marriage.


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