Kundali Bhagya

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Prithvi asks why are all of them quiet, if they do no longer want to recognise why mahira tried to take the existence of the daughter in law of the luthra residence, sarla asks why might mahira do something like this, they all know she is a actual near friend of sherlin so why might she try to damage sherlin, prithvi exhibits that she is only a deceiver and has ruined the existence of sherlin. Rishab asks what is she announcing, he warns prithvi that if it turns out to be a lie, he could no longer spare her, mahira turns to rishab asking him to simply concentrate to her due to the fact she has quite a few secretes to show, she exclaims that the largest key’s his closeness with shelrin, prithvi replies she will be able to inform the reality, she desires to mention that he has an affair with sherlin, prithvi mentions she is simply seeking to spice the state of affairs, he mentions he might show she is the one who attempted to kill sherlin,

prithvi replies they all recognize he stored sherlin a few days in the past whilst she turned into having breathing issues however now she has come to be his friend, prithvi warns that she would lose if she attempts to reveal him, he exclaims he has the proof and it’s miles the cctv pictures of the vicinity wherein they are able to see her pushing shelrin and additionally the truck is present their, he asks ganesh to carry the pc after which exclaims he’ll display the video which proves mahira is the real perpetrator. Prithvi shows that mahira driven sherlin, rishab asks what’s the which means of this as it could be without a doubt visible that she pushed sherlin, mahesh also questions why did she break the residence which furnished her with roof in which she can stay in, mahira exclaims that she isn’t at fault, it’s miles all of the plan of prithvi due to the fact he is aware of she is aware about his plan so is making an attempt to throw her out of the residence because she is aware of the reality about him, rakhi slaps mahira earlier than she can say something else. Warning that she ought to no longer try and justify herself,

sherlin exclaims she has killed her toddler, rishab helps her come to all of them then exclaims that mahira started out hating the own family whilst karan were given married to preeta, she told her loads of instances that she would take revenge from all of them, but she did not think that mahira could kill her toddler due to the fact they all started out loving the child and have been watching for his delivery however she ruined the desires of each person and has destroyed her life, she sits down crying, rishab without being attentive to any explanation asks her to go away the residence, he even orders ganesh to deliver her luggage, mahira turning to karan asks if he additionally doesnot consider her even when she is his childhood pal, karan replies he doesnot agree with whatever that sherlin and prithvi say but what approximately the video which he saw with his very own eyes, sarla asks him to now not believe her because mahira said that she loves karan and when she met her on the mall, mahira exclaimed she might do whatever to get karan. She feels that it is time for mahira to depart.

Sanjana additionally says they ought to throw mahira out of the residence, she is a killer who has taken the lifestyles of her grandchild,

mahira need to go away the house in any other case if she remains then shelrin would now not stay with them, dadi asks why is she trying to take sherlin with them whilst she is their daughter in law, the best individual to depart could be mahira, they’ve found out her reality so she ought to no longer live anymore, sarla exclaims she got here to the residence as a visitor and they’re most effective appropriate to stay if they live for a small time, when the live is extended it has a tendency to purpose hassle she ought to therefore go away now, mahira shouts at her asking why does she have to talk in her topics, karan exclaims she is his mother so has every proper, he asks her to go away the residence with her self-worth otherwise the own family might name the police, mahira turns, prithvi also alerts her to leave the house.

Kritika standing appreciates prithvi for revealing the genuine face of mahira, prithvi replies what’s she thanking him whilst he considers them to be his own family and might do something to safeguard their pursuits, mahira become developing troubles inside the house, she could wreck the residence, he will now not permit everyone harm the circle of relatives, kritika hugs him saying that he is a truely satisfactory individual.

Rishab additionally sits in front of rakhi who’s crying, sherlin exclaims she knows they all are simply tensed about what has occurred and knows they won’t be happy however there is a way, they must get prithvi and kritika married as it is the only manner, dadi additionally agrees with sherlin, she referring to sanjana and sarla mentions that rakhi desired to individually come and give them the cards however became now not capable of, she asks preeta to bring the playing cards from the room, she can additionally see it and supply them each the cards.

Preeta is strolling within the corridor, mahira comes saying she would be honestly happy to see mahira is leaving, preeta replies that she doesnot have any time to combat together with her so preeta mentions she doesnot understand what is the reason prithvi and sherlin went in opposition to her but if she has genuinely killed the unborn child of sherlin, she ought to be happy they are just throwing her out of the residence due to the fact had it been any other family she could be in jail, mahira vows to come lower back and take revenge from each and every one, preeta questions why is she still speakme of taking the revenge whilst she could no longer be allowed to come again to the house, mahira vows to damage the lives of shelrin and prithvi and then she might goal preeta, shristhi coming asks why is she threatening her and need to do what she feels, mahira turns to depart, shristhi makes her fall, she then facilitates mahira stand exclaiming that she could come returned.

Mahira reaches the balcony and is asking while crying, prithvi coming from at the back of says that he warned he could spoil her goals after what she has done to sherlin, mahira exclaims it isn’t the end and she or he will come back to smash their lives, prithvi asks if she nonetheless doesnot remember the fact that they are destruction in themselves she cannot do whatever incorrect with them, mahira replies that not anything has changed as she is still associated with them, she can destroy their lives, prithvi advises her to take her bag and cross downstairs as he ahs referred to as an vehicle for her, mahira turns to go away wondering her story isn’t always finished, she can go back to destroy the lives of prithvi and sherlin.


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