Kundali Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya 13th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Karan is greatly surprised to look Sonakshi, he apologizes pronouncing that he did now no longer recognize it, Sonakshi exclaims he loves her loads so did he now no longer recognize that she became now no longer her, Karan says that he concept she became Preeta due to the get dressed, Sonakshi exclaims that a person talented her the get dressed however she is now going to move and inform her to hold him in test due to the fact he hugged his 1/2 of spouse, Karan worryingly questions what does she mean, she replies she considers Preeta as her sister so he’s her Jiju however he ought to in no way consider her because the 1/2 of spouse, Karan leaves apologizing whilst Sonakshi exclaims she isn’t always sorry as that is for the primary time that he hugged her, she is happy that she became capable of divert his thoughts for a while.

Karan enters the birthday birthday celebration whilst he sees Preeta on foot down the stairs, he wonders why she is sporting this get dressed, Preeta additionally thinks why is he irritated due to the fact she is sporting the identical get dressed which he decided on for her, Sonakshi thinks why is karan so irritated due to the fact she is sporting the get dressed that he likes and is his love so he ought to begin searching at her, she then exclaims Preeta is sporting the get dressed which she talented him, she is aware of Karan doesnot just like the get dressed in any respect as he discovered it on the fay earlier than her wedding ceremony with Rajat, she requested if Preeta doesnot recognize he doesnot in reality like that unique colour, even then she is sporting it, and now no longer the get dressed which he talented her.
Preeta whilst speaking with the visitors wonders why is Karan so irritated even if she is sporting the get dressed that he talented her, she comes to a decision to move and communicate with him whilst Sonakshi stops her withinside the middle, asking how is that this get dressed searching on her, Preeta replies she is calling in reality top and it feels the get dressed became made only for her, Karan wonders what has passed off to Preeta, he comes to a decision to speak together along with her whilst Rishab coming from in the back of takes Karan away after greeting each Preeta and Sonakshi, glad Diwali. Sonakshi purposefully thank you Preeta for the present, Karan turns again in surprise earlier than leaving.

Preeta asks what she is pronouncing she did now no longer present her this get dressed, Sonakshi consents pronouncing she forgot approximately it, Preeta mentions what’s the want to be sorry due to the fact errors can appear, Sonakshi then asks how this get dressed appears on her, Preeta mentions it’s miles searching in reality pretty.

Rishab is on foot with Karan whilst Pihu preventing her asks to return back and spot that she goes to burn the cracker whilst Rishab explains this now no longer known as a cracker however is a pencil, she will be able to burn all that she needs however whilst a person is gift together along with her, she will be able to name her father or Dadu however in the event that they don’t come then he may be together along with her, Pihu but exclaims she isn’t always younger however in reality smart however Rishab explains that he is aware of she is younger, Karan additionally says the identical so Pihu getting irritated is going to Kritika explaining that all of them are pronouncing she is younger, Kritika questions what’s Pihu pronouncing as she is thew maximum smart withinside the residence, Pihu questions Rishab to look who replies that she certainly is the maximum smart individual withinside the residence, Preeta coming to Kritika requests her to now no longer be so irritated as she has now no longer accomplished whatever incorrect however herself has been wronged and he or she ought to attempt to pass forward, Kritika apologizes pronouncing that she did now no longer pay attention to all of us after they attempted to warn her approximately Prithvi, Rishab attempts to console her, Karan mentions he might now no longer have agreed had she now no longer threatened to devote suicide, Preeta stops him pronouncing these days is Diwali in order that they ought to simply awareness on celebrating the event.

Dadi calls all of them to return back for the pooja, Shristhi additionally comes dashing a[apologizing for being late, Sameer asks if she has forgiven him however she as an alternative actions away, the pooja begins offevolved and anyone begins offevolved acting it one at a time whilst Karan actions beforehand, Sonakshi without delay attempts to go together with him but Preeta preventing her exclaims this Pooja is simplest finished with the aid of using the couples, Sonakshi receives jealous status by myself, she exclaims how she can be able to very quickly take the vicinity of Preeta now no longer simplest withinside the lifestyles of Karan however additionally this residence and could then make Preeta pay for all that she has accomplished, she can be able to ensure Preeta sees hell on this residence, Sameer and Shrishti additionally begin acting the pooja by myself whilst Sonakshi involves take it but Shristhi fingers it to Kritika who plays the pooja together with Sonakshi,. Kritika is in reality tensed, the Arti in the end ends whilst the Pandit jee advises them to mild all the Diya’s withinside the residence, Pihu is in reality excited to hearthplace the crackers, Rakhi asks each Shristhi to move and assist Pihu alternate her clothes.

Shristhi goes with Pihu and Sameer whilst Pihu exclaims that she doesnot recognize the Arti, Shristhi questions why might god punish her, Pihu exclaims all of them had been making a song the Arti due to the fact they have got discovered it however she doesnot recognize it, Sameer exclaims she can be able to in no way be punished but Sonakshi on foot in the back of them mentions how she may be punished, Sameer informs Pihu that she is cherished with the aid of using god so he’ll now no longer punish her, they each ask Pihu what prayer did she ask for, Pihu replies that her pal has sisters so she prayed to god that she additionally has a sister, Shristhi exclaims that once in a while what isn’t always withinside the destiny has a tendency to appear with the aid of using the prayers of the children, they each get excited exclaiming how she can be able to certainly look ahead to a miracle to appear, Shrishti mentions Pihu is in reality mischievous toddler and that they ought to alternate the clothes, but Pihu says she doesnot need any assist and could do it herself, she forcefully sends Shristhi away, Sonakshi status outdoor the door assume that she can be able to make this Diwali the worst for Preeta and make her pay.

Preeta is lights the Diya’s at the rooftop whilst she takes the thali, the Diya’s are approximately to cease whilst karan without delay involves assist her, she thank you him however doesnot recognize why he’s irritated, she then asks what does he consider her get dressed, he pulling her nearer exclaims she appears goof in each get dressed which she wears, Karan explains ti takes a while for him to get normal, Preeta questions then why is he irritated, he doesnot provide an explanation for whatever to her, however whilst she insists he is ready to show the news, the visitors come calling them each in order that they get separated, they continuously appearance a every different.

Pihu is in her room whilst Sonakshi comes, Pihu asks her to go away as she desires to alternate her clothes, but Sonakshi asks what’s the want on account that she appears in reality lovely but Pihu replies that she desires to alternate due to the fact that is what her Grandmother said, Sonakshi replies now Preeta doesnot need her to alternate, she even suggests her the present which she introduced for her so advises her to move and mild the crackers, she facilitates her put on the suggests earlier than on foot out the room.

Mahesh is with Rishab whilst Karan brings a guest, Mahesh greets him then questions wherein his spouse is, he runs away exclaiming that he forgot to ask her inside, Mahesh advises him to run in any other case she can be able to beat him, Mahesh hugs each Karan and Rishab bringing up they’re his lions whilst Karan exclaims, he’s the actual lion. Karina and Dadi come wondering what goes on, Mahesh asks why she now no longer instructed him approximately the happiness that a father feels together along with his son and the way it pains him loads extra if his sons are in trouble. Dadi calls him a silly individual pronouncing this sense is felt and now no longer some thing that’s instructed, Mahesh exclaims he felt it that’s why he is looking her why she now no longer instructed him approximately it earlier than, Karina worryingly appears at Kritika, Mahesh questions what passed off, she asks all of them to look how Kritika is so torn, she can’t watch her in this type of condition. Rishab hugging her asks her to now no longer be involved on account that they’ll usually contend with her, Karina prays that not anything incorrect ever takes place to her loving family.

Precap: Preeta mentions lifestyles is just too quick for the quarrels and ache so whilst the lifestyles actions beforehand they ought to now no longer be involved considering the instant wherein they might have showered every different with massive love, she hugs him whilst Sonakshi receives in reality jealous seeing them from the corner.


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