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It has now come to light that more than 150 policemen intercepted a female IPS officer who had come to lodge a complaint about a special DGP who had sexually harassed her.

The next afternoon (February 22), the victim, an IPS officer, rushed to Chennai and lodged a complaint with DGP JK Tripathi and the Home Secretary. Two days later, the Home Secretary announced that Rajesh Das would be removed from the post of Special DGP (Law and Order) and added to the waiting list. Meanwhile, the Tamil Nadu government has officially announced that it has set up a committee to investigate Rajeshdas based on a sexual complaint lodged by a female IPS officer.

Responding to media queries on the complaint, Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy said, “Nothing has been proved so far. A proper investigation is underway. ” Said.

When contacted by The Indian Express, Das said the complaint was “politically motivated”.

“It simply came to our notice then. In this, do you not know that there is politics? An investigation is underway. Why not wait until the end? You do not have to write about this case. ”

However, the Indian Express newspaper contacted several senior police officials regarding the matter. They said they were aware of some of the key moments reported in the complaint and approached the details.

The responses of the senior police officers indicate that the female officer on duty was targeted by the superior and the police failed to protect the female officer.

The incident took place on the Trichy-Chennai highway at around 10 pm last Sunday when the Chief Minister’s security vehicle left the Kongu region after completing its election tour. Special DGP Rajesh Das, who had gone for the Chief Minister’s security mission, was returning to Chennai. The young IPS officer (complainant) was also waiting to welcome Rajeshdas, subject to regulations at the district boundaries.

“Mostly, high officials are saluted. Then, the high official must accompany the security vehicle. However, the IPS officer was called to board the vehicle. But there is nothing unusual about it, ”said a senior official.

About 40 minutes after the vehicle left, it began to stop at another location. There, IGP (Northern Zone) K Shankar, DIG M Pandian and IPS officer Ziaul Haq were waiting to welcome Rajesh Das.

As soon as the vehicle was stopped, the female officer got out of the right side of the car and started running. In fact, a vehicle belonging to a female IPS officer, who may have run 15-20 meters, was parked in the back. The female officer, who looked nervous, began to request Ziaul Haq to hand over the vehicle. Why does a female officer do this? None of the officials there heard about it properly, ”sources said.

IGP Shankar declined to comment when contacted by the Indian Express newspaper. DIG Pandian could not be reached for comment. “It simply came to our notice then. I do not wish to comment. IPS officer Ziaul Haq said.

The next morning (Monday), Rajesh allegedly tried to contact a female officer and sought the help of an IG officer. “It simply came to our notice then. A few hours later, Rajesh Das came to know that the victim officer had rushed to Chennai. Soon, Villupuram district authorities were ordered to immediately intercept his vehicle. However, his vehicle had already crossed the customs post and was found by the Chennai Villupuram authorities, ”said a senior official.

In Chengalpattu district next to Chennai, SP to intercept the car. D. Kannan and ordered the police team.

The SP, who had parked the car at Chengalpattu, started requesting the female officer to speak to the senior officer. The SP was reportedly accompanied by about 150 guards. Knowing that there was a threatening situation, the female officer continued her journey.

“Following the assurance of the female officer that she (SBD Kannan) will also register her role in her complaint, SB backed away and allowed the vehicle,” the sources said.

When contacted by The Indian Express, Kannan did not deny the incident outright. But he tried to deny only the number of guards who were with him. “The number is not so much I do not want to talk about this anymore. I have already talked about it, ”he said.

Kannan had already told reporters that he was not aware of the complaint and had simply multiplied the orders.


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