Kunal Khemu made a tattoo of daughter Inaya's name, said- she will always be a part of me

Inaya Naumi Khemu, daughter of Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan, is quite cute. Inaya’s photos are quite viral on social media. Kunal is very much in love with his daughter and has recently done a tattoo of Inaya’s name. Kunal shared the tattoo photo. While sharing the photo, Kunal wrote, ‘This tattoo is very special for me.

My innings will always be a part of me. Her name is Inaya Beach and her middle name Naumi which means Goddess Durga is depicted with red dot. With this, tridents are made on both ends. I like it very much. ‘

Explain that during an interview a few days ago, Kunal talked about Inaya. He had said that being the father of Inaya is the best thing in my life. Kunal had said, ‘Every day she brings a lot of positivity and happiness to Soha and my life. This is what has helped me live in this lockdown in the most positive way. Inaya has improved our habits. ‘

Kunal had said, Inaya wakes up early, so we also have to get up early. Because of that we have become more disciplined. ‘

Kunal further said, Inaya is too young to understand this epidemic but she knows that something is not right. So when I asked him why we can’t go out, he responded by saying that Pappa is a coronavirus.


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