Kunal Ghosh: Why Trinamool’s Special Attention In East Midnapore? Kunalei Why Trust?: Currently, there is no one at the organizational level of Trinamool in such a position. Why such responsibility only in East Medinipur? And why was Kunal Ghosh chosen?

East Medinipur: Special attention of Trinamool (TMC) in Purba Medinipur district ahead of panchayat polls and Haldiapur elections. Trinamool state secretary Kunal Ghosh has been given special responsibility in Shuvendu-Garh. According to party sources, he is responsible for coordination between district and block committees. Kunal has already reached East Medinipur district after taking charge. There are currently no announced observer posts in the Trinamool Party. The responsible leaders of the district manage the organization of the district. In that case, Kunal Ghosh’s coordinating role is a bit like that of an observer. Why was Kunal Ghosh chosen for this responsibility? Trinamool Congress is afraid of Subhendu Adhikari? Kunal Ghosh, however, completely refuted such a theory. His clear statement, “There is nothing to fear. Who is Shuvendu?”

Incidentally, at present, there is no one at the organizational level of the Trinamool. Why such responsibility only in East Medinipur? And why was Kunal Ghosh chosen?

Why the extra responsibility? What is Kunal saying?

Kunal Ghosh also explained why Kunal Ghosh was given this responsibility. He said, “There are some areas, where lies, power, money, conspiracy… Some are trying to do these a little more to protect their existence. Such is Shuvendu. Our organizers are doing very well in that area. The top leadership asked me to cooperate with all of them. To give a little extra time. I will carry out the instructions given to me by Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee with responsibility.”

Why Kunal? What is district leadership?

Why was Kunal Ghosh chosen? In the words of District Youth Trinamool President Suprakash Giri, “Haldia by-elections, panchayat elections are held next day. The leadership felt that if an experienced person could be retained, to increase the motivation of the workers, Kunalbabu was sent in charge of this district. He has good communication with district leaders. He has come many times before or after assembly elections.”

He also highlighted the experience of Kunal Ghosh. He said Kunal Babu is an experienced person. He was an MP. Now the spokesperson of the party. State Trinamool Congress Secretary. Mamata was associated with Banerjee for a long time either through journalistic sources or political sources. Sent here to utilize his experience.”

Apart from this, Suprakash gave another example. Shuvendur said without naming, “One has left to escape from the CBI-ED out of fear. An attempt was also made to frame Kunal Babu. But he did not sell the headstone. He worked from team to team. So Kunal Babu’s experience is being utilized. We want one of our leaders from Kolkata to come and take care of the organization.”

Acceptance is unquestionable, says Suprakash

What does the district leadership think about Kunal Ghosh’s role in this bridging work at the district level of the party in the coming days? Will the organization be stronger this time? District Youth Trinamool President Suprakash Giri said, “The experienced leadership of Kolkata has sent him the responsibility to take care of the organization of East Medinipur district. Also for coordination between leaders and workers. When Mamata Banerjee sends someone in charge, there is no question of his acceptance. We are delighted to have acquired such experienced leadership to further strengthen the organization.”

Will Kunal’s bridge resolve the conflict within the district?

It is to be noted that an atmosphere of conflict has been created in the East Medinipur district within the Trinamool several times recently. Will Kunal Ghosh’s bridging solve that problem? In response to TV Nine Bangla’s question, Suprakash Giri said, “Definitely he will try in this regard.” But this district was leased by one. Without his words, without the words of his family, the Trinamool Congress workers in this district could not have any say. But he fell out with the party. There have been some temporary problems because they have been doing this kind of work in groups for a long time in this district. I wouldn’t call that a clan conflict. Kunal Babu is associated with politics for a long time, a veteran journalist has long experience. Certainly, with that in mind, our main goal is to make the team more organized.”

The district organization is in the hands of the Giri family in the end.

Apart from the political arena, the personal relationship of the Giri family with Kunal Ghosh is also quite good. In that case, what will be the additional benefits for the Giri family? In that case, will the Giri family be in charge of the organization in the district? However, Suprakash Giri completely dismissed such a possibility. He does not want to mix personal relationships and politics together. He said, “When I do politics in the field of politics, he will judge the good and bad for sure. We will all fight together. Our main fight is against the BJP.”

Akhil says no problem

TV Nine Bangla also contacted Akhil Giri, the state minister and one of the main mouthpieces of the East Medinipur district Trinamool, about the additional responsibilities of Kunal Ghosh. He said, “He has come to many programs in the East Medinipur district before. I don’t think there will be any problem. But it is also the responsibility of our district organization to support Kunal Ghosh. Discuss and decide on organizational matters about him.”

Akhil claims that district leaders will handle the election

He further said, “Panchayat elections will be conducted by local senior leaders. So that there is no difficulty between them, so that there is consensus, he has been given the responsibility. He will not go to every village panchayat. Panchayat elections should be seen by the district leadership. The state leadership has taken this organizational step to monitor from above.”

Subhendu’s tone of annoyance

Meanwhile, on the Trinamool giving additional responsibility to Kunal on behalf of Shuvendu Adhikari, the opposition leader said, “Such an inferior person, whose face should be cleaned with bleaching phenyl immediately. A man was in jail for three and a half years for theft. established thief Why tell me about him? I have no average. I am an Indian, I believe in traditional culture. India is my average. I don’t have a specific average.”


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