Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 9th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Sushma jee actual income for her is her happiness while the loss is her disappointment, she will be able to get monetary gain however it isn’t always worth more then her happiness, she wants to deliver her the peace which she is trying to find, sushma je recalls how pragya went in the room and turned into crying, she exclaims that she heard whilst pragya stated that he loves her, she can not permit her harm herself, she in the years have made herself sturdy enough to say it virtually in his eyes, sushma jee replies then she cried loads which turned into more then what she said, sushma jee exclaims she could not let her break herself and she or he have to stay strong, sushma jee is of the same opinion to give up the auction pronouncing if she unearths the robust pragya on the auction table best then will she name off the agreement, and pragya can make it her 2nd home in india in which she can live every time she comes, she sends pragya to sleep wondering she can ensure those who’ve ruined her lifestyles are stressed.

Tanu dreams approximately pragya and wakes up screaming, absolutely everyone additionally wakes up asking what has took place, she leaves pronouncing she will be able to look for abhi, mitali bhabhi asks why did she need to wake them up and will have long gone to fulfill abhi in secret, mitali bhabhi replies she first thought tanu had seen a ghost but now knows she noticed abhi and pragya together so ran away, aliya asks her to no longer say something which she seems like, aliya thinks mitali bhabhi is proper and he or she might have to speak with tanu. Abhi is drowsing remembering pragya, he is smiling, tanu comes and is greatly surprised to see why is she smiling, she runs lower back after hearing the dogs barking, pragya is also napping evenly in her room, sushma jee enters the room, protecting pragya thinks she could awaken from fear of the past incidents, she might however always be there for her, she closes the door but doesnot understand why preeta is snoozing so calmly as you may best sleep like this whilst they’re surrounded with the aid of their cherished ones, abhi wakes up in the morning when the employees reason the noise, he alternatives the headband questioning who does it belong to, he exclaims now he is the new proprietor of it, preeta also sees the black headband so is tensed questioning who does it belong to, she is shocked after seeing the time disturbing how can she sleep for goodbye.

Abhi sits on the bed, he is angry that he awoke so early. Pallavi us speaking on the cellphone scolding her motive force, prachi sees her so straight away rushes to assist her, pallavi is taken aback to see prachi, the motive force comes out and apologizes to them each, he exclaims prachi is a true saviour as she no longer best stored him however as a substitute his family, pallavi exclaims he isn’t always that smart and must recognize that individuals who appear like a saviour are every now and then the motive of their destruction, she warns the person to hold a driving force if he can not pressure and must as a substitute tour in a taxi, the motive force leaves, pallavi takes out a money pronouncing that it’s miles due to the fact she saved her, prachi exclaims that they do no longer take the money from their mother, pallavi exclaims that she isn’t her mother, prachi mentions she is her mother as according to the law, pallavi exclaims she will be able to now not get the blessings as she best care for money, pallavi turns to go away while a lady exclaims prachi is crying whilst pallavi gave her the money, so pallavi replies it is due to the fact she preferred extra money which she can not provide, she asks prachi to no longer worry because the girl doesnot even understand how to talk, prachi asks her to not speak like this due to the fact she is hurt. Prachi gets a name from ranbir he asks if she is ok, she questions if he reached his residence, he replies his residence is the only wherein she lives with him but he came to check on his father and the help instructed him that his mom and dida aren’t inside the house, she questions how did he call her, he replies it’s far due to the fact he was lacking her, she receives a name from sid so ends the call, ranbir exclaims that she is in reality busy even still he loves her loads.

The vegetable supplier calls within the chawl, aliya and mitali bhabhi stop him, mitali bhabhi exclaims that they are never clean, he replies he is likewise now not asking for the marketplace charge, they ask for the cauliflower fee, he says it’s far twenty rupees, mitali bhabhi whispers in aliya’s ears that the whole own family can devour in 1 kg but he says that it’s far 250 grams for twenty rupees, a neighbor comes protecting the seller pronouncing he earns the food and isn’t like aliya due to the fact if she had lived fortuitously with her husband then would be buying the gold, they each get in a combat, aliya and tanu each combat along with her, she says that she cannot bear them in their society, they even begin fighting with the alternative neighbour ,mitali bhabhi tries to calm them each asking why are they combating with anybody. Sushma jee is working, pragya comes so she says that she might join her later as she has to make a few calls, pragya leaves so she asks the employee if she positioned some thing to devour for pragya, she replies she has placed a few culmination. Prachi reaches the house, she sees the computer has some pics so seeing the photo asks ranbir what’s it, he replies that they may be the photographs of women, she asks what’s he doing, he replies he’s trying to find a girls who may be misses kohli, prachi asks what does he mean, he replies that he’s looking a woman for sid, prachi asks why does he not say it truely, he replies that he asked sid about marriage while he turned into not leaving even at 11 in the night. Ranbir remembers whilst sid became operating in the house, he become seeking to pressurize sid to marry someone,

however sid exclaims that he can not get a woman like prachi due to the fact he does now not like several ladies, prachi ultimately asks if it’s far what they had been speaking about. Mitali bhabhi and aliya are making lunch, dadi asks abhi to come and take a seat as she brought the newspaper from the neighbors, aliya receives mad asking why she always brings it while abhi doesnot even read it, mitali bhabhi exclaims that it’s miles for the satisfactory due to the fact she uses them all inside the kitchen, or even wipes off the stains with them. Abhi reads the upload regarding the mehra mansion so gets really tensed.

Precap: abhi and pragya each come to see the mehra mansion.


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