Kumkum Bhagya

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A man enters the police station, he appears around before taking walks to the inspector, he is along with his lawyer who asks him to sit down, the attorney replies he is the attorney of purab khanna and they’re here for the bail of tanu mehra, inspector asks what’s the career of purab, he replies there isn’t any column, purab replies that he isn’t that famous but the person who got here before him is a rockstar, the inspector is tensed saying that he did now not think that person became rock big name, purab replies he did no longer show off his wealth even if he was a rock big name so how would he take any facets now, the inspector says he lives in a chawl, purab replies that abhi rose from the floor so doesnot worry getting hurt. The constable asks tanu to pop out due to the fact she has were given the bail, tanu replies she knew she would get the bail because she cannot live in an area like this, she exclaims that she changed into once a model with desires to come to be a amazing model but they all had been ruined, the constable replies he also preferred to be an actor but shahrukh khan beat him to mumbai and became a movie star, tanu says he must additionally pass as then one greater fool would move away from the city, tanu comes to the inspector, she thanks him in exhilaration however is stunned to peer purab, he asks her to come with him, she thank you him for purchasing her bail, purab replies he did no longer do something because it changed into abhi, she sees him with the constable, tanu asks if he might prevent consuming as he even commenced with the constable, tanu says to purab that human beings typically hold the fingers of a person so that it will relieve the strain, abhi pick alcohol which ruins even the most respectful humans, constable assures he changed into just status and no longer consuming

abhi recollects how he was thrown out from pragya’s residence, she did now not even concentrate to him, purab sensing there’s a trouble asks what is the matter as now all of the issues were solved, abhi doesnot say some thing explaining tanu might now face the troubles whilst she could have to answer his questions. Tanu seeing the auto is truely excited, questioning she might now get a experience after see you later, she plans to take the longer route so she can relieve the strain, she starts offevolved taking selfies, abhi asks her to come back interior. The automobile drives into the chawl, the complete family is status along with all of the neighbours wondering who may have come, dadi at the side of mitali bhabhi exclaim it might be pragya who would have come to take them with her, the associates additionally exclaim it is probably someone surely wealthy. Mitali asks if she can make dinner, aliya asks her to make it as it isn’t pragya. They step out of the auto, dadi is bowled over to peer purab, he comes to are trying to find the benefits of dadi, mitali is requested to convey water, but she says that she will make tea, the neighbours say that the entire family speaks english but have a whole lot of huge connections. The neighbours say that they felt they could must fight with tanu as now she additionally had come back, aliya begins combating with them, they ask her to step aside from the car, aliya says that he is her husband, the respond that he is her husband that’s why he left her, she is set to slap her but the neighbour stops her, tanu asks aliya to come apart as those human beings are not really worth combating for. Abhi brings the timber bed,

purab sits with abhi having tea, mitali doesnot carry biscuits, while she is requested, mitali says that they’ve completed, purab says there is no want, he insists that abhi come with him to his residence, abhi but replies there may be no need as purab turned into the one who handled all of the instances and paid off the money owed in conjunction with the legal fees, he can not receive any greater favours from him, as he would not be capable of appearance him because of the sense of disgrace, purab replies he turned into an orphan whilst abhi stored him within the house, on account that while did he start feeling disgrace, he then asks dadi however she declines because if she isn’t with abhi he might now not deal with himself, purab says if she would no longer come then abhi could also decline, and if he doesnot come then mitali bhabhi and aunt would additionally no longer come, aliya asks what approximately her as she is his wife and has the primary proper, he but turns to leave after announcing that abhi can come to him whenever he feels, he leaves while tanu asks him to make clear it once and for all, purab replies he is not saying anything due to a cause, aliya demands he clarify it , he replies she makes his lifestyles hell so he can not stay along with her anymore, purab explains that the day while she referred to as disha became the final day in their relation because aliya replies she called disha as she is still in his coronary heart. Ranbir turns however he doesnot see prachi beside, he walks out to peer that she is talking on the cellular, she replies she advised him ranbir would wake up as he is aware of she is not beside him, ranbir mentions he might kill sid,

she asks how does he know, ranbir mentions that he knows it’s miles sid, ranbir starts offevolved scolding sid pronouncing that prachi works from 9 to 5 so why does he have to call in the nighttime, ranbir is continuously scolding him, sid replies that his cellular is on speaker so he preferred to introduce waleed, ranbir asks prachi to bring water, sid replies he might scold him after drinking water, ranbir is constantly saying thing without even paying attention to what sid has to mention, ranbir mentions he turned into additionally the boss of prachi but by no means known as her after hours for work, sid questions how did he get prachi to marry him, ranbir is definitely pissed off however sid is continuously making amusing, prachi ends the decision saying that she might send the quotations, she finalizes the venture, ranbir asks her to no longer be so angry as he knows he gets jealous when sid says he desires to have a spouse like her, ranbir is aware of there is only one couple like him but the other changed into off leader however their cannot be another relation like their, he demands a kiss from her after she slaps him however she asks him to close his eyes, he seems like she became going to kiss him but she asks him to sleep, he starts offevolved teasing her and that they each rejoice at the bed.

Abhi asks mitali bhabhi to shut the door as it is going to be loud, he questions why did they now not tell him that the person whose purse tanu stole, got here to their residence as the inspector instructed him, he additionally located out that the person turned into genuinely pragya, dadi starts offevolved to explain when aliya says she will be able to talk with abhi, he asks her to move aside as dadi can speak and could monitor the reality, dadi explains aliya said his coronary heart become vulnerable due to drinking so that they need to cover the truth about pragya, this is why she insisted he visit the police station as he might eventually find out the fact. Mitali bhabhi and aunt additionally blame aliya pronouncing she asked them to live quiet. Abhi is going to tanu and aliya demanding they talk the fact, aliya attempts to make clear while he insists she assume before talking as if he hears a lie then it’d act the same as oil does in the meals, he doesnot know how he might react after that.

Precap: kartik, ranvir and the lads dance on kuch hai junoon sa….. Chauhan pushes sirat closer to kartik. Their photographs are clicked.


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