Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Ranbir and Prachi dancing collectively taking part in the rain, tujhme khoya rahun most important plays…..Rhea seems at them angrily and throws vase out, however they don’t pay attention to the sound and are busy romancing beneathneath rain. Rhea takes umbrella and is derived out. Ranbir kisses Prachi’s hand. Rhea shouts asking them to prevent dance. Ranbir and Prachi appearance on stunned. Mitali tells that she heard Abhi telling Pragya that he isn’t troubled and he or she can pass anywhere, he’s the king of his wish. She says he may have informed that, however he’s wife’s slave. She tells that she informed this through mistake. Tanu says you shall have expertise what to mention what? Mitali says I informed fact through mistake. Tanu asks her to close up for sometime.

Rhea says Mummy is looking you and stated that you’ll get unwell. She says she may be very angry. Ranbir asks her to move and says your sister made me love the rain, and made me found out that it’s so beautiful. He says first rain is like actual love rain and I am doing this, with the affection of my lifestyles, I am feeling each drop of rain and inform Mummy that I will now no longer come. Prachi tells Rhea, don’t inform whatever to Mummy, she can be able to get angry. Ranbir refuses. Prachi takes him inside. Rhea thinks you shall maintain my hand and it’s going to appear soon, and after you maintain my hand, I will revel in all lifestyles moments and rain with you.

Tanu says Pragya shouldn’t have talked to us like that and will be polite. Aaliya says Bhai went to carry her returned and that indicates that he’s worried for her. Mitali says she desired to inform this and says she has a sense that their incomplete love tale goes to rekindled, love for her and regulations for us. She says we will express regret to Pragya to live here. Aaliya asks Mitali to move from there. Mitali says sorry, I am telling fact. Tanu makes her exit and locks the door. She says if Abhi keeps to do that then? Just then Pragya knocks at the door. Tanu opens the door. Pragya says I actually have knocked the door and haven’t come inside. She says you may have understood what I need to mention, as you’ve got got performed making plans and plotting all of your lifestyles.

She asks Tanu to live farfar from Abhi. Tanu says you’re asking me to live a long way from Abhi, I gave you my appreciate on lease and asks her now no longer to think about grabbing him, says he’s my husband. Pragya says I knew you’ll say such matters. She says we are able to begin the tale from in which it started. She says Aaliya had informed Sushma ji while we signed the contract, really our divorce haven’t befell, so marriage befell and its affidavit is likewise there, so your marriage is unlawful and now no longer mine. She says you are attempting to make plot on unlawful land and asks her now no longer to reply her returned, and don’t come to her room with terrible intentions.

Tanu asks what do you mean? Pragya says I don’t want to make you understand. Tanu says if Abhi became your husband then why did you supply cash to me. I didn’t see silly female like you. Pragya says I didn’t need to expose my rights, and the sport which may be received with a small card, I didn’t need to waste the massive card, looks as if time has come to expose my rights. She says you obtain sufficient liberty, my policies and guidelines will paintings from tomorrow. Aaliya asks what policies. Pragya says I will inform tomorrow, every body will be gift at breakfast desk at eight:30 am sharp. She says excellent night time and is going. Aaliya and Tanu get thinking.

Ranbir involves the room and says he modified his get dressed outside. Prachi asks him to take a seat down and wipes his hair, asking how became the primary rain with me? Ranbir sneezes. She asks why did you get sopping wet while you’ll get bloodless. Ranbir says I could be fine, bloodless will pass, however this second could be for lifetime.

He says you became with me and stated I love you infront of every body. Prachi says you are making me say whatever infront of every body. Ranbir sneezes. Prachi says bless you and asks why you didn’t just like the rain before? Ranbir says there could be visitors jam, and muddy pits etc. He says I cherished rain, once I noticed a female dancing in rain and the water droplets became just like the bouquet falling on her.

He says that became the primary day, once I get down from my automobile and went to her. Prachi asks who became that female, who made you like the rain? Ranbir factors his finger at her and kisses her withinside the mirror. Prachi asks me? Ranbir says did you don’t forget, I went to drop you domestic and also you stopped seeing the rain and danced withinside the rain. Prachi says you became there. Ranbir says I didn’t recognize which you becomes rain of my lifestyles and bathe on me. Prachi receives emotional and hugs him. Main tera banjawunga plays……..

Ranbir tells Prachi that he’s frightened of thunderstorm and asks her to preserve preserving him. Prachi asks him to be silent and says excellent night time, as she is going to bed. Ranbir additionally involves the bed. Rhea thinks of Ranbir and Prachi’s moments. Shaina calls Rhea and says I can’t trust that it’s miles you.

Rhea says yes. Shaina says she attempted to touch her to ask her for the marriage and says once I got here to recognize approximately you being in Delhi and Kohli’s bahu, I referred to as you. She hears resort personnel knocking and asks them now no longer to disturb. Rhea says you’re withinside the resort. Shaina says she had a combat together along with her husband and shifted to the resort. They restoration the meeting. Rhea says she has flight to capture which were given delayed.

Pragya involves the eating desk. Aanchal tells that Shagun requested her now no longer to make meals, so she didn’t make. Sushma comes domestic with Dadi. Pragya asks in which did you pass? Sushma says she felt excellent travelling temple with Dadi. Dadi says I had long gone in your room to express regret to you. Pragya asks her now no longer to express regret. Aaliya, Tanu, Mitali, and Tai ji come to the eating desk. Tanu asks what’s withinside the breakfast? Shagun says nothing. Aaliya says atleast you will have made tea etc. Mitali says you referred to as us for breakfast now.

Pragya says breakfast is served at 9:30 am. Taiji asks if she woke them as much as preserve hungry. Dadi asks them now no longer to combat and says Tanu added you all on this residence. Tanu says I? Dadi says yes. Pragya says I need peace withinside the residence early morning and requested them now no longer to make meals, as every body have troubles with their cooking. They keep in mind taunting the cooks. Pragya says Mitali Bhabhi will make breakfast on this residence from these days itself. Mitali asks if she is joking? Pragya says they may be having meals made through you for the reason that years and that’s why in case you make meals then they’ll now no longer have problem.

Mitali says I don’t recognize in which are the matters kept? Pragya says Aanchal and Shagun will inform you. Mitali thinks to cause them to cook. Pragya asks them now no longer to cook. Mitali tells Tanu that she must have constant her profits to make meals. She says I must make meals for eight humans here. Shagun says we too, 10 humans. Tai ji says Pragya may question me to scrub the utensils. Aaliya and Tanu ask Mitali to make breakfast and contact them.

Rhea thinks she has flight at 2 pm and thinks to speak to Aaliya. She calls Aaliya. Rhea says the whole lot is adequate and outstanding fantabulous. She says I referred to as to tell you something. Aaliya says you’re happy. Rhea says she goes with Ranbir to Bangalore and could spend a few excellent time with him.

She says I don’t recognize what to do, and that’s why referred to as you. Aaliya says you despatched me tickets, however didn’t inform me that Prachi allow him pass. Rhea says Prachi herself requested him to move. Aaliya says Prachi will inform after few days, pass and stay your lifestyles with my husband. Rhea smiles thankfully and appears at Prachi packing (her)clothes. Rhea’s smile vanishes.

Precap: Dida tells Rhea that she will be able to without a doubt see her sight, the manner she seems at Ranbir and asks her now no longer to idiot her. She asks Rhea now no longer to project her experience, says I shall speak to Sid and shall ask him to go away together along with his wife. Pragya says in the event that they must live here, then must mend their ways, else they’ll get punishment and now no longer the lesson, and the punishment which they’ll don’t forget all their lives.


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