Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 4th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Rhea telling Aaliya that very quickly she can be able to see Ranbir with hr and now no longer with Prachi. Aaliya says you’re already on foot at the way, selected for you. Rhea says I were given 1/2 of peace through speaking to you and asks her to maintain her arms always, and says no person can prevent me from accomplishing my aim. She says you become right, mother gets harm whilst her pricey daughter gets harm. She says bye. Aaliya thinks Bhai isn’t similar to you watched and Prachi can’t stay the life, as you wants. She says if I can take a seat down at the time gadget and spot the future, then could have visible Prachi struggling and crying for Ranbir and the way Bhai overseeing your tears.

Abhi is using the automobile. Pragya asks him to sluggish the automobile. He says there may be a restrict of 180. Pragya says you’re inebriated and that’s why I am asking you to pressure sluggish. Abhi says Dadi got here when you went and become regretting now no longer to offer me money. Pragya says you got here to choose me on her insistence. Abhi says Dadi doesn’t understand which you become now no longer at home. He says after Dadi went, I….He stops the automobile. Pragya says she didn’t ask him to prevent. He says I didn’t prevent and asks automobile why did it prevent?

Pragya says I were given it repaired simply now. Abhi receives right all the way down to check. He thinks the whole thing appears to be fine, allow me check. He exams and says diesel is over in it. Pragya asks how? He says it really works on diesel and finished. Pragya says you stated which you are my driving force and must have checked whether or not diesel become there or now no longer. Abhi says did you spot the time, whilst you got here out of house, and spot the environment. Pragya says you must had been cautious that woman goes out in night, however you become busy drinking. He says I will preserve drinking, I am now no longer superman to attain you everywhere and says your stubbornness and foolishness will take you somewhere, and says you don’t take care of others, however a person cares for you.

Pragya asks for whom? She says who gets effected if some thing occurs to me. Abhi says me, after which says Sushma aunty. It begins offevolved raining. He says Sushma aunty. He sees automobile coming and asks driving force if he can assist him with the diesel. Driver offers him diesel. Abhi thank you the driving force and says your proprietor has the massive heart. Pragya smiles searching at Abhi. He pours the diesel withinside the diesel tank. Benaam rishta ho bechain karta jo plays….

They take a seat down withinside the automobile. Abhi drives off. Pragya appears at him and smiles. Rhea goes. Prachi involves her and says what happened? Rhea says nothing. Prachi says I am your sister. Rhea says don’t be dramatic. Prachi says you become behaving strange. Rhea says Sid become behaving strangely. Prachi asks if I shall inform a way to persuade your husband and asks her now no longer to take his hearts on her heart.

She says Sid can’t combat for a tumbler of water, however husbands are like that, they problem their wives. Rhea says Ranbir is taken care of and now no longer like you. Prachi says he issues me plenty and his cutting-edge call for is to inform him I love you infront of every body which include Mummy. She asks her to offer her a few concept to meet his call for. Rhea receives disillusioned and asks her to invite him now no longer to hold such demands. Prachi says I don’t have any option. Rhea says I will suppose some thing. Prachi says you’re very clever and hugs her. They visit have dinner.

Tanu involves Abhi’s room. Aaliya says he would possibly have long gone to chawl. Tanu says he would possibly have long gone to bar and locate wine bottle there. She says it’s far 1/2 of stuffed and says what can prevent him from drinking. Aaliya says wherein is Bhai? Mitali says Abhi has long gone to convey Pragya. Aaliya says impossible. Mitali says she noticed them coming. Pragya comes there and asks what are they doing in her room, so overdue in night.

She asks them to pass. Aaliya says we aren’t chawl people. Tanu says we didn’t come right here to steal. Pragya says you’re so overconfident and asks did you overlook which you went to prison stealing my purse. Tanu asks Aaliya to satisfy Abhi and is going to her room. Mitali additionally is going. Pragya asks Aaliya what you need to speak in your brother? Aaliya says I will communicate to him and is going. Pragya thinks I will now no longer get sleep till I inform them.

At the eating table, Prachi serves him meals and asks why is he now no longer pronouncing anything. Pallavi asks Rhea if Sid called. Rhea says yes, I had long gone to speak to him. He become asking approximately every body. Prachi reads Ranbir’s chit asking her to inform what he desires to listen. Vikram says Sid is running true and employer is having profits. Ranbir says this is in reality true. Ranbir throws every other chit close to Prachi and symptoms and symptoms her. Rhea pretends to choose up the spoon and reads his chit. She offers the chit to Prachi. Prachi reads Ranbir asking her to mention I love you. Dida says it’s far raining and is going to look the rain. Ranbir is going at the back of Dida. Prachi asks Pallavi to name her.

She says Dida turns into a toddler seeing rain. Vikram says I will pass and spot. Prachi tells Rhea that she can be able to inform Ranbir, what he desires to listen. Dida dances withinside the rain. Ranbir comes out conserving umbrella and says you may get bloodless, it’s far first rain. Dida says it’s far a laugh to experience the rain. Ranbir says I don’t get sopping wet in rain, I gets bloodless and sneeze. They experience. Pallavi says come inside. Vikram says allow them to experience rain. Prachi comes out and tells that I love you Ranbir Kohli. Rhea hears them. Ranbir asks her to mention once more. Prachi says once more and says best he can listen her. She sends Dida inside. Ranbir asks Prachi to return back and experience the rain. They dance withinside the rain. Tujhme khoya rahun me plays…..Rhea sees their romance and receives disillusioned.

Precap: Tanu asks Pragya why did you provide me for the component which become yours already. Pragya says that point I didn’t need to reveal my rights and says the sport which may be gained through small card, I don’t need to waste a massive card. She says it appears the time has come to reveal my rights. Rhea involves Prachi and Ranbir and shouts asking them to prevent dancing. Ranbir and Prachi appears at her.


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