Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Shahana asking Prachi what is she making? Prachi says she is making pooran puri, it is Mumbai’s #1 dish. Shahana requests that she make chole kulche/batura. Prachi says she is making this for Maa, as she had informed that she used to like it when she was in Mumbai. She says it is a pressure buster and feel better, Maa is pushed. Shahana requests that she offer it to her to eat. Prachi says everybody will have it together. Shahana prods her taking Ranbir’s name and tells that flour is all over and assuming he was here, would have embraced her. Prachi asks her not to margarine her and tells that she won’t offer it to her first. Entryway ringer rings. Prachi opens the entryway and discovers Ranbir standing. Ranbir takes a gander at her. Tune Plays Jaanisar… .They take a gander at one another.

Prachi inquires as to why you have come here, you was going to go to shopping with Rhea. Ranbir thinks she realizes how to ruin his state of mind and asks where is her mom? Prachi asks what is the work? Ranbir inquires as to whether she is her secretary and gets inside, searching for Pragya. Prachi says I am her girl and slams into him, as he turns. They have an eye lock. He cleans the floor from her face. She gets enthusiastic. Jaanisar melody keeps on playing… ..Shahana goes to her. Prachi asks her not to say anything. Ranbir comes to Pragya and says I need to converse with you about something significant. He says he was unable to rest throughout the evening and was thinking on the off chance that we have any confirmations against Tanu. He advises that he needs to demonstrate to the general public that assuming a young lady is charging a person for something, that doesn’t imply that she is saying truth. He advises that he will do everything to demonstrate that Tanu has charged Chief wrongly and shows the Doctor’s authentication, that Chief’s psychological state was that of a kid and he could either feel kinship or contempt when Tanu was guaranteed that she was assaulted.

Pragya says she has something different as well and that Tanu’s admission that she was not assaulted. Tanu completes her make up by the make up artiste and advises that she needs to look defenseless infront of judge. She tells that she will look so powerless that will stun the appointed authority. Pragya tells that she didn’t have the foggiest idea how the account happened when she had gone to Singhania’s office. She tells that admission was recorded coincidentally. Prachi says when did you know? Pragya says when Inspector called her to tell about Ranbir and Prachi’s capture, she discovered a few accounts and when checked, she discovered this chronicle. She causes everybody to hear it. She tells that she suffers a heart attack, who will tell that the voice in the chronicle was of Tanu, who is a voice trained professional. He will give an assertion in court. Shahana says it is a major confirmation. Pragya says this is a decent answer to Tanu and she will go to prison from court. Prachi likes her and advises that she will go to prison and Papa will get back home, we will win. Ranbir inquires as to for what reason did you remain quiet when she disclosed to you that? Pragya says I know Tanu in the event that she had thought about the confirmation which we have, that she would have accomplished something, advises that she needs her to be careless and needs to refute that she is. Shahana asks where is she going? Pragya tells that she will meet Raghuvir, so he will get ready for the case. They come some place and see Tanu opening the vehicle entryway. Ranbir stops the vehicle. She says sorry. Ranbir inquires as to for what reason would you say you are advising her sorry? Tanu says Pragya realizes that she will lose. Pragya stays quiet. Tanu goes. Pragya reveals to Ranbir that our triumph will be a smack all over. They go to Raghuvir’s home and inform him concerning the voice confirmations of Tanu and furthermore Doctor’s declaration. Raghuvir says this is acceptable. Ranbir requests that he record a maligning case on Tanu. Pragya says so Tanu doesn’t do this with anybody.

Mitali, Aaliya and Dadi are in the court. Mitali asks Dadi not to stress and says she is sure about case, as Pragya may be attempting to get him out of prison. Aaliya says I simply wish Bhai gets liberated. Dadi acclaims Pragya. Pragya comes there in the vehicle and takes Dadi’s endowments. Dadi says she was stressed over Abhi and says she was figuring how did she respond? Pragya guarantees her that she will get back with Abhi, and says Raghuvir ji has numerous evidences against Tanu. Mitali hears her and reveals to Aaliya that she confides in Pragya and inquires as to whether she confides in her?

Aaliya sees Tanu and goes. Dadi discloses to Pragya that no one got the legal counselor, not even Aaliya, however she got the attorney. Pragya says reality will win. Dadi says Abhi came. Aaliya comes to Tanu. Tanu inquires as to whether she came to say sorry. Aaliya says she came to disclose to her familiar axioms of Dadi. She says Dadi had informed that the snake stays a snake, regardless of whether it is taken care of with much milk, as it has toxin in it, and says you are that snake Tanu. Tanu says Dadi probably instructed you to restrict your tongue, else you would have known with whom to wreck you or not. Aaliya says assuming I was shrewd, wouldn’t be your companion. She says you are a snake on the off chance that you are feeling terrible. Tanu says you are a snake to have nibbled your own better half’s satisfaction. She says there is no contrast between you and me, you had carried me to get me hitched to Abhi for your childish reasons and your family is in a difficult situation because of you. Mitali says there is a contrast among Aaliya and you, says Aaliya can never ponder Abhi, and you… who professes to cherish Abhi needs to destroy him and says I didn’t see a self centered lady like you. Tanu giggles and says you are pendulum, brinjal in plate in your language. She grins and discloses to Aaliya that this hostility will end up being expensive for her.

Precap: Tanu discloses to Pragya that she got somebody (might be legal advisor) killed by her agreement executioner, as he had her admission sound, which he needed to be heard in court. Pragya is stunned. Tanu discloses to Abhi that your better half had my admission sound, however now it is gone, erased.


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