Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 3 July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts with girl constable asking aaliya to head as meeting time is over. Tanu hopes she receives out soon. Abhi asks constable to provide him purse woman’s deal with. Constable says he doesn’t know. Abhi asks from in which i can get her address? Constable says it will likely be in fir check in. Abhi asks him to head and get it, and until then he’s going to distract inspector. Constable says even my life might be like you. Abhi goes to the inspector. Inspector asks do you want to inform something. Abhi asks inspector if he feels good to make his sister cry and says she makes others cry, and also you made her cry. Constable attempts to get the address. Abhi says i’ve four ladies within the house and they will cry.

Inspector asks him to go. Abhi comes out. Constable asks him to test his mobile for cope with. Pragya thinks this is the motive that his birthday information was not in any information and thinks how did it manifest, how can every person fall down so badly from the height. She calls inspector and tells that she needs aaliya mehra’s wide variety. Inspector says he’ll send. He then requests her not to take back the case and tells approximately the drunken power case. He says in case you take returned the fir then tanu will steal again. Pragya says she can no longer take lower back the complaint. She calls aaliya and asks how did this occur? She says you become efficient enough to handle the enterprise.

Aaliya says you are not worried about us. Pragya says she is curious. Aaliya says you might be satisfied to see our situation. Pragya says i will find out the cause in any case. Aaliya asks her why she called her. Pragya says she has the whole thing apart from time. She ends the call. Mitali asks aaliya now not to talk to pragya like this. She blames aaliya for her wrong decisions in enterprise and tells that she is on this circumstance due to her and ass her no longer to show mind-set. Aaliya says if all the error became mine, then vikram and bhai’s friendship wouldn’t have broken.

Abhi involves pragya’s domestic and thinks what to inform. He recollects constable asking him to plead infront of madam to take lower back the case, and tell her that his wife is innocent and asks for forgiveness. He earrings the door bell. Sushma opens the door and says that is my house. Abhi says please pay attention me. Sushma asks how did you understand that i live here. Abhi says i idea that that is a person else house. He tells that his wife has stolen her purse and asks for forgiveness. Sushma says it became now not my purse. Abhi says i got here to the wrong residence. Sushma says that purse changed into of my daughter. Pragya gets a call. Abhi says then i shall talk to her, to take returned the grievance and says i’m able to take just five minutes. Sushma says my daughter is very angry now, and that’s why there is no use of speakme of her. Sushma says if you haven’t helped me then additionally i wouldn’t can help you meet my daughter.

She says you’re a great mechanic. Abhi says mechanic. Sushma says a great man or woman. She says whilst my daughter is indignant, then even i don’t communicate to her. Abhi says your daughter is stubborn. Abhi recalls constable asking him to tell madam that he loves his spouse a lot and tells that she is innocent and did a mistake. He tells sushma that his wife is harmless and he loves her lots. He says we’re like two bodies and one soul and says they may be collectively when you consider that college, says she become idea for him and if she don’t come out then. He says we met after 20 years, and given that she went to prison, i feel like i’m on my own with out my soulmate. He asks her to name her daughter and thinks he shall shed some tears. He says my tears were given dried in view that she went and asks her to call her daughter. Sushma says i’m able to’t assist you, as she can inform that your spouse’s area is in jail. She says sorry.

Abhi says your home is big, but now not your coronary heart. She says sorry. Abhi is set to move. Sushma thinks to talk to pragya once. Prachi thinks of vikram’s phrases. Ranbir comes home. Prachi asks how is dad? If he’s fine? Ranbir says yes. He goes internal. Prachi asks him how is dadi? Ranbir says she is okay. Prachi asks how is mom? Ranbir says he is feeling worn-out and asks how turned into her meeting? Prachi says i talked to dad after many days and tells that they shall return there. She says you’re his simplest son and shall do what a son does for his mother and father. He remembers pallavi’s hatred for prachi and asks why do you need to head, do you want luxurious lifestyles? Prachi receives disenchanted and goes. Abhi thinks what to tell dadi now. He says he didn’t do performing nicely as he has no feelings for tanu.

He hopes that the lady’s daughter comes out. He tells that he has his proprietor’s element and maintains rings on the automobile. Watchmen come there and ask him to go. Abhi asks him to tell his owner about him. They ask who are you? Sushma tells pragya that the mechanic came who helped them. Pragya says she doesn’t want to concentrate. Sushma asks her to listen. Abhi is set to go and sees sushma speaking to her daughter. He doesn’t see pragya’s face. Watchmen take him far from there. Sushma tells pragya that the watchman who repaired their vehicle and the person who stored me from coincidence, is the identical. She says he is that lady’s husband who stole your handbag. Pragya gets emotional.

Precap: sushma says he requested you to take lower back the complaint. Pragya says she got here here to take revenge. She recollects abhi’s words.


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