Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode begins with Paravi telling Rhea that love can happen to anyone, but her marriage can happen to a girl in a good family. Dida asks Paravi what he says and says it depends on the girl’s values, not her family. She says they are both daughters of Praga. If Ramville is married to Rhea, she is from a good family, and if she is married to Prachi, why isn’t she from a good family? Paravi says her mother can have many children, but she loves only one. Because for that child, her mother sacrifices the happiness of the other children. She says I’m dissatisfied with Prachi instead of Pragya. She says she knew that Lanville was about to marry Rhea. She would have ended their marriage if she wanted, but she wasn’t thinking of Rhea or this family. this. The friendship between Vikram and Abi collapsed, and Aaliyah joined her. She says it all happened thanks to Platy. Vikram says he can understand Lanville once, but she can marry anyone thanks to Prachi, but she lost her best friend. He says I now believe that some people’s remorse is life-threatening.

What does Dida say you are both talking about? Platinum is now a home buff. Paravi says Rhea is also a house buff and she will get her rights. Lanville says that even if I have the right in this house, I have the right to support her wife. He says you are acting well and trying to lower yourself. He says you said you were wrong with bad platy, but you forgot that we were together thanks to her. She says Prachi asked me many times to come back with her, but I would never have come here again if I were in her place, where I love and respect Not received, but she insisted that I return to my house. It is written that when Prachi came here, you sent her home. She says Prachi wanted you to accept her, but today you dispelled my suspicions. I’m leaving this house now because an insult occurs where it’s unacceptable and I can’t stand your insult. He asks to come to Prachi. Prachi cried. He asks why you are crying because they are not grateful to you. He asks her to look into his eyes to know his value and says we don’t stay here anymore. Rare was surprised.

Lanville takes Prachi’s hand and asks him to come. Rhea shouts for Lanville to stop. She says you scolded everyone, what about me? She says you didn’t listen to me or you told me. He says he saw Prachi’s insults and pain, but what about me? I always crave for you and die, can’t you see it? Lanville and Platy were shocked. Dida, Paravi and Vikram are also surprised. Rhea says everyone here knows I was trying to marry you because I love you so much and this Prachi robbed you of my love. Why does Lanville repeat it when everyone knows everything? He says you want to lower it and you’ve done enough. Rhea says he didn’t talk about the two families, now I talk about yourself, why did I get divorced from you? Platy is called rare. Rhea says I interviewed Lanville instead of you. She says Lanville is just as responsible as you are.

She says my love wasn’t one-sided and you also liked me and suggested to me, but I decided that you first broke Prachi’s heart and accepted your suggestion I agreed. She asks if an agreement has occurred between us. Lanville says I remember everything and he was a kid and a fool. He says I agree with you and I’ve approached Prachi so that I can impress her and make her fall in love with me, but the biggest mistake in my life is mine It was a beautiful mistake in my life. He acted to love her, but says he really loved her. Does she say you asked me why I chose her? She says I had never seen another good girl like her in the world when I approached her. He says I chose her because she isn’t like you, not like you. She’s heading for you, she doesn’t know how to operate, she’s not people with caring people, she doesn’t plan, and she knows only one thing, it’s giving love .. He asks Rhea to understand it. He tells Prachi that he should have told her, he is very sorry.

He says I don’t care about Rhea’s hatred, I only care about you and your love. Prachi says you hated me so much that he used Lanville to come back to me. And now, two years after I got married, you still blame me. She says she doesn’t understand why you hate me so much. I was angry when I thought you changed, but you are the same. Rhea says so, I’m the same as before, I had a sister who robbed me of my love, and my only mother took my father. She says her father can never be satisfied with her mother. Prachi says he doesn’t know what Mar is doing for his dad. She took him home, so she wants to get rid of his drinking habits and save his life, she wants to give him a new life.

Rhea says I know her reality, she made her dad her servant, and now she wants to end his life. Prachi screams enough and says she says against my Ma and says you’ll forget that you’re my true sister, I swear. Rhea asks him to stay quiet. Platinum says you will hear now, and I hear. She says I didn’t take Lanville away from you, you divorced him because you don’t have a heart that anyone can really love, and you know the meaning of true love For example, Lanville would have been with you, she says. .. She says you hate others and know how to make her an enemy. She says you are your own enemy and you will burn yourself someday. She tells me you didn’t control Lanville, but you did. He says you asked me to do something at the expense of my love. Then he will hate me and marry you. She says you play with her emotions as if she were a toy, as if she had no heart. She says you want to use me to break her heart. She says I was quiet because you are in great shape in front of me. Rhea asks him to stop him.

Prachi says Ma’s dad doesn’t want to see happiness and can’t see him really happy. She says you kept my previous state of wanting to divorce them, and she says you can’t see your parents together. Then he says I also forgave you, because you were immature and thought you would improve your way, but people like you can’t change your intentions, they just change colors only. He says you can’t be loyal to someone who isn’t loyal to your own parents. She says God wouldn’t give anyone such a child, and so far she says I broke all my relationships with you. He says I’m breaking my relationship with you because you’ve been swearing at Ma. He says that if I hear the word Ma from you, no one is worse than me. Then he turned to Lanville and said I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you about this agreement.

Mom and dad’s love for me was more important than my own love, so I’ll leave it to you. Lanville asks her not to apologize and asks Rhea if she now understands why she chose Prachi. It is written that Prachi lives for his loved one and you live for yourself. It says that Prachi sacrificed his love for mom and dad, can you do that? He says you don’t think you’re the daughter of the same parents. He says I hate you and ask you not to show your face again. He asks to come to Prachi. Rhea asks Lanville not to leave her and tells him that if you don’t love me, you shouldn’t hate me. Lanville says I hate you a lot. This drama is all like Rare’s imagination.
Rhea asks them to stop. Prachi walks to him and asks what happened. Rhea says she was thinking about something and asks if I said anything. Paravi says you asked someone to quit. Rhea says I’ll be back. She goes to her own room.

She wonders why she imagined it when Lanville and Prachi were gone. Ramville and Prachi are at home, butcher Dida, a strict mother-in-law, a diplomatic father-in-law, and a boring man. He says he doesn’t think he will make a big mistake. She says thank God, I did nothing, and ask me what’s wrong. She says I will be healed in front of Lanville and approach him not far away. I don’t think you can bear your anger. Consider talking to Aaliya.

She calls Aaliyah and says I’m really angry so I can get burned. Aaliyah asks him to tell her the reason for his anger. Rhea says he can’t forget the case where his car driver, Daddy, was driving a car. She asks him to do something. She says Aaliyah shouldn’t have told you, but she should have kept it away from you. She tells you how long you will get angry and she asks you to grow it and make it great to use it in the right place. Rhea asks where to use it. Aaliya says about Pragya, come with us against Pragya. She says you will overcome this anger if you can defeat Praga. She says Pragya needs to break up and asks him to attack her weakness, Prachi. She says that when Prachi is injured, Praga is injured, Prachi leaves Lanville, and Praga breaks. Rhea says I’m successful and will soon see Lanville with me.

In advance: Abhi and Pragya are on the way. Abhi asks Pragya not to do it again because he is not a superman who goes everywhere. He says you won today, but you don’t know where your stubbornness and stubbornness will take you. He says you don’t dare for us, but you are important to someone. Prachi tells Rhea that Lanville’s recent request is to tell her that I love you in front of her mom and everyone. Reamilla.


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