Kumkum Bhagya And Kasauti Zindagi Ke

Kumkum Bhagya 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Gaurav telling Aaliya and Tanu that he needs the sort of commercial enterprise so one can supply him a large sum of cash, which took years to count. He says Pragya will supply me this commercial enterprise. Aaliya asks why Pragya will provide you with this commercial enterprise. Gaurav says as I actually have the proofs which proves Abhi’s innocence, and says Pragya will do cope with me and I gets my needs fulfilled, I won’t allow something manifest on your brother. Tanu says Pragya will become Devi for Abhi and could now no longer beg infront of you, she can be able to take out her different palms like Maa Durga and could kill you want a rakshas and could grasp Abhi from you.

Purab says this evil thoughts will show steeply-priced for her. The attorney informs Pragya that the bail software is rejection because the prosecution attorney gave motives that if he’s bailed out, then can threaten the own circle of relatives contributors of the deceased persons, or can purchase the contractor to extrade his statement. He says else you may ship your husband some distance from India being so rich. He says decide rejected the bail plea listening to this.

Pragya says why can we do this? He says anybody does this. Pragya says I will now no longer do this, and agree with regulation and its procedures. The attorney tells that the regulation works on proofs, six humans are dead, and media will hype such case. Pragya thinks of Gaurav’s phrases. She is going from there.

Abhi thinks of Pragya’s phrases. Benaam Rishta plays….Pragya involves Abhi. She asks while you went to satisfy contractor, if Gaurav became there. Abhi says no, he became now no longer there. Pragya says I am seeking to enquire. Abhi asks if Gaurav is at the back of this. Pragya blames herself. Abhi says he need to have executed this, as I had crushed him. He asks her now no longer guilty herself. Pragya tells him that Gaurav referred to as and presented assist.

Abhi says no want to take his assist, I am getting bail. Pragya says bail is rejected. She says she can be able to now no longer simplest take him out, however can even convey out the reality infront of anybody. He asks her to concentrate and says you stated that you’re feeling terrible to peer me here, you obtain this sense after an extended time. He says even I actually have felt some thing and ignored the sort of feeling, and says I am liking to peer you with me, and is aware of that a person is status with me. He says I won’t take the name, however I actually have a few reference to her, and feature many complains too. He asks her to go. She says I will go back soon. He asks her now no longer to cry. She is going.

Gaurav hears the door bell and says all at once I have become crucial for anybody. He opens the door and unearths Pragya. He says he were given lucky, and notion that she can be able to come to satisfy him withinside the morning itself. Pragya says she desires to recognize the reality and asks why he has executed this? Gaurav says what’s crucial for you is to get your husband out, and now no longer the way to get me jailed. He says why Tanu and Aaliya haven’t recognize that your lifestyles is caught in Abhi’s lifestyles. He says you is aware of properly that I can store him, and additionally is aware of that bail is rejected. He says you desired to roam being sati savitri. She asks how he can assist him?

Gaurav says I actually have evidence that he’s harmless and also you shall supply the price. She asks what do you need? He says Marcus company’s one hundred percentage shares, all factories of East Delhi, and additionally your occasion commercial enterprise. Pragya says you’ll get, however what’s the proofs? He says I actually have the recording wherein Abhi has advised really to Contractor that he don’t need him to interrupt East aspect wall, as he don’t need to position everyone’s lives in danger. He says he desired to renovate all of the workplace, so that everybody remains safe. Pragya says so that is executed with the aid of using you. He says you’ve got got solved the thriller and asks once I am getting my amount. Pragya says now you need to pay for it. He targets gun at her and snatches her phone. He deletes the recording. Pragya says she can be able to show his lie and walks farfar from there.

Gaurav says you need to go back to me, and shall supply me some thing I am asking. He says you shall go back to me, I am getting angry. Pragya is going to Contractor’s home. Contractor receives tensed and opens the door. Pragya asks Contractor, how lots he’s paid for his lie? Contractor says I don’t recognize who’s Gaurav. Pragya asks him to inform the reality in courtroom docket and says 6 humans are dead. She says Gaurav has admitted the reality. Contractor says why shall I inform that I am guilty? Pragya says you’ll get punishment, and asks him to call the cash on his children, because it can be beneficial for them whilst he is going to jail.

Ranbir asks Pallavi approximately Vikram. Pallavi says he had meals early. She says you shall visit Teji’s residence and convey Dida again after 3-four days. She is assisting her withinside the decoration. Rhea comes there and sits at the eating table. Pallavi asks wherein is Prachi? Rhea says she need to be with Sid. If he’s in workplace, then she is in workplace, if he’s in canteen or have a look at room, then she can be there. Pallavi says I heard that she is doing a little challenge with Siddharth, she doesn’t do housework, atleast she does a few workplace paintings. She says she is ideal in it. Rhea asks who stated this? Pallavi says Vikram stated this, she is green in workplace paintings. She says she doesn’t appear like standard workplace going women, however properly at it and also you appear like workplace going woman, however green in residence paintings. Rhea receives upset. Pallavi asks Ranbir to include him, as she has to perform a little paper paintings of foundation.

Aaliya is on foot withinside the residence. Tanu asks if she is considering marrying Gaurav? Aaliya asks what is ideal approximately him? She asks in case you are fine? Tanu says Disha and Purab were given separated because of you. She says you’ve got got executed terrible and is asking him terrible. She says Abhi loves Dadi a lot. She says some thing you’ve got got executed is on your egocentric motives. Aaliya says I constantly cherished Bhai and Rhea, I can do something for them. Tanu says you’re terrible for Prachi. Rhea says I by no means ordinary her. She says Gaurav will now no longer supply proofs, as Pragya will by no means supply him some thing he demands, and Sushma aunty will refuse her. Tanu says Pragya loves Abhi a lot. Aaliya says even I love Purab, however will now no longer supply difficult earned cash to everyone for him. She says Gaurav referred to as and stated that Pragya refused. Rhea thinks of Pallavi’s phrases and receives tensed.

Precap: Aaliya sits down in the front of Pragya and asks her to store her brother’s lifestyles. She says Gaurab has proves that may show Bhai’s innocence. Prachi tells Ranbir that she is feeling at coronary heart and he or she feels that some thing terrible goes to manifest. She says Rhea is behaving strange. Abhi tells Pragya that he’s satisfied to pay attention that he’s the cause for her success, however can’t endure to peer your destruction.


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