Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Rhea threatening to dedicate suicide and continues knife on her wrist. Pallavi and Vikram asks her now no longer to try this. Ranbir attempts to forestall her. Rhea says don’t you dare say something. Dida says you’re cussed and taking benefit of our goodness. Rhea receives angry. Pallavi says don’t say something. Vikram asks her to be quiet. Rhea asks Dida to live away and says I can’t be by myself, and says if I live by myself then people’s mind may be proved rights, that Prachi and Sid betrayed us and left. Dida says who says this? Rhea says my pals say. Dida says depart such pals. Rhea says shall I die.

She tells Ranbir that he stored Prachi in his coronary heart, however she loves Sid and now no longer you. She says Prachi is dwelling with Sid and you’re dwelling in her memories. She asks what I shall do? She says you don’t need to transport on, and now no longer letting me flow on. She says why are you preventing me to stay the lifestyles? She says I am now no longer killing myself, you’re forcing me to die.

Ranbir attempts to grab the knife from her hand and says we can cause them to recognise that they can’t damage our lives, and we can be satisfied with out them. She says we can now no longer do what society asks us to do? Rhea says if he’s going to now no longer marry me. She says I realize you may now no longer marry me and need to offer a robust message to Prachi and Sid. She says I will now no longer alternate my choice and could die. Ranbir snatches knife from her hand and throws it. She selections it again. Ranbir bends down on his knees and proposes her for marriage.

Rhea drops the knife and says yes, I will marry you. She holds his hand and hugs him. Pallavi and Vikram are satisfied. Dida is shocked. Ranbir says make the preparations for marriage and is going. Dida says Ranbir…you. Ranbir is going out, even as unhappy track plays. Rhea says I am sorry Daddy. Pallavi says its ok. Vikram says we need the whole lot to be exceptional. Rhea says you’re excellent parents, thank you for saving me. Dida is going to speak to Ranbir.

Prachi refuses to agree with Sid and says Rhea lied to you. Sid says Pallavi Chachi favored Rhea usually and rhea cherished Ranbir, and that’s why they made the plan, to oust us from their lives. He says I got here to speak to you, however Sushma aunty stopped me. He says then I went to Bangalore, after which attempted to referred to as you, however it became changed. He says I couldn’t let you know that Ranbir became now no longer like he appears. Prachi says Rhea lied to you and says that incident became unfortunate, and Ranbir couldn’t think about this even in his dreams. She says if he’s going to try this to split from me.

She says I would possibly agree that Pallavi aunty would possibly group up with Rhea, however Ranbir can’t try this. She says his coronary heart became broken, and I felt his ache in his eyes. She says my Ranbir can’t try this. Sid says we will communicate approximately Rhea. He asks didn’t you sense that Rhea has Ranbir in her coronary heart. Prachi recollects the incidents, while she sees Rhea with Ranbir. She says it is probably in Rhea’s eyes and now no longer in Ranbir’s eyes. Sid says neglect about which you cherished Ranbir then you may understand. Prachi says I will now no longer pay attention something towards him. She says I love him nonetheless and he’s my husband nonetheless.

She says he loves me similarly and could inform this himself. She says I am giving him time, as Maa says that point heals the whole lot. She says I realize that the whole lot may be exceptional among us. Sid asks her to sit. Prachi says I am ill and asks him to cross. She asks the motel workforce woman to take her to her room.

Dida involves Ranbir and says don’t try this marriage. She says I didn’t let you know something, and says Prachi and you. He says I don’t need to speak approximately her. Dida says how will you marry her, as she threatened to suicide. She says that is blackmailing, how will you be satisfied. Ranbir says he’s marrying for his parents’ happiness. Dida asks what approximately your happiness. He says it doesn’t matter, I did the whole lot with my choice, what did I get? Dida says happiness became with me, however you misunderstood her.

Ranbir says that is Prachi’s speciality and says we will’t take delivery of what she has done, and says can be it’s miles her magic etc. Dida says anything you’ve got got visible became now no longer proper. Ranbir says neglect about it, and says that became betrayal and that is reality. He says you will be satisfied and I can’t see you unhappy. Dida thinks I wish, I ought to do some thing for you and says I will now no longer agree that Prachi has betrayed you.

Sushma talks on name and says she is in Bangalore. Prachi asks motel workforce member to take her to her Badi Maa’s room. Prachi runs to bathroom. The workforce member asks if she shall name the medical doctor and tells approximately the medication box. Prachi asks wherein it’s miles? The workforce member says it’s miles withinside the drawer. Prachi says she is exceptional and asks her to cross. The workforce member is going.

Rhea involves her room thankfully and recollects Ranbir’s proposal. She thinks I am getting married to the affection of my lifestyles, and says she is getting married to Ranbir, it’s miles her dream to emerge as Mrs. Ranbir Kohli. She asks if it’s miles dream and dances. Pallavi comes there and says its ok. She says I realize you’re very satisfied and you’ve got all of the proper to deserve this happiness, you’ve got got sacrificed much.

She says I am very satisfied for you and says the whole lot is taking place as I desired a few years ago, and says lifestyles is beginning earlier than Prachi had are available our lives. She says I referred to as Pandit ji and he stated that the following day’s mahurat is right after which after a month. She says marriage will show up the following day. Rhea recollects speakme to Pandit ji and bribing him on name to inform that the mahurat date is the following day. Pandit ji says there’s no mahurat the following day.

Rhea asks him to inform Pallavi that mahurat is right and says he’s going to get double dakshini. Pandit ji says I in no way lied. Rhea says Lakshmi mata is coming in your own home and asks him to inform Pallavi that the following day is the fine day. Pallavi says I referred to as the fashion dressmaker and asks her to pick her wedding ceremony dress. Rhea says thanks so much, you usually supported me and brought care of me, however I emotionally harm you.

She emotionally blackmails Pallavi. Pallavi says I can understand. Rhea says you’ve got got sorted me like your daughter, aleven though my personal mom don’t need my happiness. She says you’re my genuine mom, and says we can have mom and daughter relation among us. Pallavi says works perfectly, and says you’re already my daughter and says your and Ranbir’s marriage is necessary.

She says I am satisfied for you both. She says I shall cross and make assertion of your marriage and shall inform all of us that Ranbir is marrying with the lady of my choice. She says she can be able to inform Sid, after which Prachi will realize eventually. She says she can be able to inform them that her kids may be satisfied usually after marriage. She is going to name Sid. Rhea receives worried.

Prachi receives stressed and walks withinside the room. The workforce woman offers her lemonade and is going to the washroom. She selections up the matters stored there and says congratulations Maa, you’re pregnant. She indicates her being pregnant detection strip.

The episode ends.


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