Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Pragya attempting to prevent Abhi from drinking. Abhi asks her not to drive him crazy and says he would prefer not to blow up on her. Pragya says I can deal with your indignation, yet not your drinking propensity. Abhi says don’t disclose to me that you care for me, and says individuals really focusing on me went when my great days went, and says they were egotistical. Pragya says might be your days were great as they were a major part of your life. He asks how would you know, you are in Australia and carrying on with great life. Pragya says you says what those individuals advises you. He requests that she tell. Pragya says today isn’t that day. Pragya asks where did you get wine? Abhi reviews Aaliya going to his room and giving him wine. Fb closes. He says I came to help you, however you are not aiding me. He requests that she leave him. fb once more. Tanu discloses to Tai ji that her arrangement fizzled. Tai ji says her words will think about Dadi and she will do dhamaka. Tanu says we can hardly wait till tomorrow, Abhi’s condition is to such an extent that we need to place ghee in the fire. She says we need to do it now and requests that Aaliya offer wine to Abhi. She says we will end up being his adoration ones and we are giving his bliss to him. Aaliya says the individual will win with whom Bhai is standing. Tanu says Abhi will stand where wine is. Aaliya says let her deal with Bhai, I will assault her business and grab her beginning and end. Fb closes.

Pragya inquires as to whether she offered wine to Abhi. Tanu says no, swear on you and won’t give. She says I don’t comprehend that you declined from the get go and afterward consented to get him. I thought you need to save your picture and got him for this, yet you care for his propensities more than your mage. She says first you called Abhi’s companions here for party and presently allowing him to drink, she asks what is the justification for calling him here. Pragya says drinking is completely not permitted. Tanu asks do you cherish Abhi? Pragya goes. Tanu thinks she got angered, in the event that she fell head over heels for Abhi and says this will not occur.

Pragya goes to the lobby and sees him resting on couch. She thinks this is the issue of lush, he will have back issue toward the beginning of the day. Abhi opens his eyes and tells that he gets in his detects when he drinks. Pragya says each lush says this. He says on the off chance that I was smashed, you would have been in my hug. I’m in my faculties and realizes that you disdain me. She says I don’t loathe you. He asks then what do you do, love? Pragya says what occurs among adoration and scorn. He says I will tell and goes close to her. Tune plays… ..He says it is preferring and asks do you like me? He says my companions resemble you, who tells that I like you. He says you are enthusiast of my grin. You are fortunate to see me in your room and requests that she quit avoiding him wine. He goes.

Rhea awakens and figures she didn’t will see Sid’s face following a great deal of days. She figures she will see Ranbir’s face now. She discovers Sid’s letter, that they will offer space to one another, he is going for meeting in Bangalore and afterward will go to Mumbai. Rhea gets cheerful and figures for what reason don’t Prachi go with Sid. She figures she will accomplish something that will make Ranbir and I together. She says Sid has accomplished something great and this letter will bring Ranbir and I closer, and Mummy will help me.

Dida comes and tells that she made aloo matar sabzi for Vikram. Vikram says I needed it, this is dil ka association. Ranbir comes there and tastes the dish. Dida requests that he eat with his mom’s hand. Ranbir says taste will be same. Pallavi figures Ranbir will be cheerful consistently and satisfy us. Ranbir kisses Pallavi and Dida on their cheek and is going to kiss Prachi. Vikram prods him. Ranbir says he was eating bread. Rhea comes there and tells that Sid left me. She shows a little chit wherein he has composed that he is going to Bangalore. Pallavi requests that she determine what was the deal? Rhea says he felt terrible when I didn’t give him water and he was not conversing with me pleasantly, I thought this occurs between couple. She says I revealed to him that my companion’s marriage is there in Bangalore following 2 days, and requested that he take me however he didn’t take me. She says she is wanting to cry, how I will arrive at my companion’s wedding and says she is jumpy with regards to it. Pallavi requests that Ranbir call him. Ranbir says alright. Rhea says no, he will imagine that I am insulting with regards to you. Rhea thinks it was not in my arrangement. Ranbir settles on video decision to Sid. Pallavi asks where right? Sid says he is in Bangalore to meet the customer. Pallavi requests that he apologize to Rhea and offers call to her. Rhea closes the call and professes to converse with him, inquires as to for what reason did you do this, when I said that my companion’s marriage is there. She says I will call him and imagines as though the call isn’t associating. Sid settles on sound decision. Pallavi reveals to Sid that she will send Rhea to Bangalore. He says he will pick her. Pallavi asks him not to conceal a single thing from his significant other and finishes the call. Rhea says how might I go alone, I am claustrophobic and jumpy, and frightened of voyaging alone. Prachi comes to Rhea and asks her not to pass judgment on Sid, he may don’t have any desire to upset you and that is the reason left. She says Sid don’t do this. Rhea says you are talking as your life is acceptable and asks what you would have done if Ranbir had done this. Prachi says Ranbir never focuses on little things. Rhea thinks he is unique and that is the reason mine.

Precap: Prachi inquires as to whether he will give his heart to another person. Ranbir says until you are with me, I won’t take a gander at anybody. Prachi gets passionate and embraces him. Rhea hears them and smiles. Pallavi advises that Rhea needs to go to Bangalore for her companion’s wedding and that is the reason I requested that Ranbir go with her. Rhea grins. Abhi discloses to Pragya that it isn’t hard for him to bring in cash and he will procure and will perceive how she prevents him from drinking.


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