Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Rhea telling Ranbir that the lady who did incorrect with me, you can’t listen some thing towards her. She says first she snatched my dad and then you definitely. She says then she snatched my husband too and ruined my the whole lot. She says you made your self busy in commercial enterprise and asks what I shall do, in which will I go? She says you didn’t reflect onconsideration on me. She says you’re egocentric and because of you, my lifestyles is getting ruined. She says I notion that I will make a brand new begin, however what did I get? She says I am mad to assume that and says my buddies are higher than you all.

She says you humans don’t see my ache and asks why am I staying right here, and says all and sundry is betraying me, now no longer simply Sid and Prachi. She says Mom and Dad are in coma, and also you all are in confusion, Prachi is in Sid’s embrace, then why I am right here on this world. She says I shall now no longer stay and closes the door. They ask her to open the door. Rhea smiles and closes her ears. Dida says in case you do some thing then own circle of relatives may be in problem. Rhea says you’re nevertheless considering own circle of relatives. She asks them to head from there. Vikram and Pallavi insist her to concentrate. Rhea says I will dedicate suicide with the knife saved in my room.

Pallavi says I swear, I will do the whole lot fine. Rhea smiles and sees Ranbir coming to the window and knocking on it. She silently open the window a bit. He attempts to open and it opens. She pretends to shed faux tears and threatens to reduce her wrist. Pallavi involves the window and says don’t do this. She says I usually notion excellent approximately you. Rhea says you humans made my lifestyles as joke. Ranbir asks why are you doing this for a person who isn’t critical for you and says don’t take your lifestyles.

Rhea says why shall I listen you, whilst you don’t need to concentrate to me. She asks him to listen. Ranbir says maintain the knife away, only for me. Vikram attempts to interrupt the door and hurts himself. Pallavi says if Rhea dedicate suicide, then we can visit jail. She says we can all pay for it and tells approximately a person’s own circle of relatives. Rhea smirks. Pallavi asks her to open the door. Dida asks her to speak excellent. Pallavi blames Ranbir and says in case you had heard me that day, then this wouldn’t have happen. A facebook is shown, Pallavi asks Ranbir to marry Rhea. Ranbir refuses. Pallavi says don’t deliver a risk to Sid and Prachi to spoil your lifestyles.

Ranbir says I will now no longer deliver them risk and need to inform her, that my lifestyles were given higher after she went. He says he don’t need to marry anyone. Fb ends. Pallavi says you advised that Prachi didn’t suggest to you and says in case you don’t need to marry, then that means, you continue to have tender nook for Prachi. Ranbir says I don’t need to marry, as I don’t agree with on marriage. Rhea opens the door and says I consider marriage, and heard that the lady is going out at the arthi. She says you’ll both carry my doli or arthi after my death. She says both marry me or simply allow me die. Ranbir is shocked.

Sid says the reality which I understand, you shall additionally understand Prachi. Prachi says I don’t need to listen, the manner you’re telling towards them. She is ready to head. Sid says why you didn’t inform me earlier than, that earlier than your marriage with Ranbir, Rhea and Ranbir changed into approximately to get married. Prachi says while we got here from Bangalore, Mummy refused to allow me input and I notion the whole lot is cleared. Sid says can be my query changed into incorrect and says why didn’t you inform me that Ranbir left Rhea at the mandap and went to marry you towards his own circle of relatives’s will. He says the problem changed into that,

he left Rhea and married you. He says Rhea tried suicide because of this, after which Vikram Chacha and your Dad in no way met, after some thing passed off with Rhea. He says your dad began out hating you and your parents were given separated etc. He says you didn’t inform me this. Prachi says I didn’t understand which you changed into unaware approximately it. She says after I met you and Rhea after your marriage, I didn’t need to intervene for your luckily married lifestyles. Sid says satisfied marriage and says Rhea’s conduct changed into atypical usually. He says that day I known as you from the clinic after which we went to the motel room, then abruptly smoke got here withinside the room, and the door changed into locked. He says then you definitely noticed a person.

Prachi says then we fell unconscious. Sid says we fell at the ground unconscious. He says while we won consciousness, we have been at the mattress and Rhea and Ranbir changed into in the front of us. He says the smoke may have come with the aid of using mistake, however how are we able to be discovered at the mattress together. He says it changed into now no longer unintended and says you attempted to give an explanation for that it changed into a misunderstanding, however it changed into a conspiracy. He says some thing changed into shown, changed into staged. He says whilst you went out of the motel, I went to CCTV room, however couldn’t get any evidence, and noticed a person maintaining eye on us.

He says it changed into a plan to expose our valid relation as illegitimate. He says Kohli own circle of relatives desired to dispose of us and that’s why opted this manner. He says I changed into like their son, however now no longer their son, and also you changed into their bahu, however now no longer their choice. He says I dealt with myself as I got here to understand because it changed into a conspiracy. He says you didn’t meet Ranbir after that, however I met Rhea to clean her the problem. I knew that she changed into assembly her Bangalore buddy and met her withinside the motel lobby.

A facebook is shown, Sid tells Rhea that he simply loves her and doesn’t have any affair with Prachi. Rhea asks him now no longer to be chipku. Sid says while we went to the motel room. Rhea says then abruptly smoke got here and also you fell unconscious. She tells that she didn’t need to marry you, and desired to divorce him, however dropped the concept while she sees Kohlis, as she desired to live with them. Sid says what approximately your sister? Rhea says she is my enemy and snatched my the whole lot from me, however can’t grab my destiny. She says Pallavi aunty appreciated me from the begin and desired me to turn out to be her bahu. She says we have been approximately to get married, however Prachi blackmailed Ranbir and he left me at the mandap to marry Prachi. She says didn’t you be aware why Pallavi aunty used to scold Prachi and used to reward me.

She says I changed into her choice, and she or he desired me to marry Ranbir. She says no person used to love her, at some point Pallavi aunty talked to us, and made a plan to dispose of Prachi. She says Vikram and Ranbir changed into there. She says that female changed into Pallavi aunty, who were given the fueloline leaked after which Ranbir made you each lied down at the mattress, and then you definitely understand. Fb ends.

Prachi says Ranbir’s ache changed into genuine, and it changed into now no longer any drama. Sid says Rhea stated that it changed into drama. Fb once more, Rhea says it changed into deliberate with the aid of using plan and faux as though we were given ache of lifestyles. She says Ranbir stated all the ones matters in order that Prachi shall experience the ache. She says else she wouldn’t have depart the house. She says Pallavi aunty desired Ranbir and I to marry,

as we like every other. She says we used you or even you need to depart the house. She asks him to begin the lifestyles once more and asks if he’ll sign up the divorce papers, or will see Ranbir and her together. Fb ends. Sid says then I understood why Rhea behaves sweetly while Ranbir changed into around. He says I noticed them closer, however changed into blinded with the aid of using Rhea’s love like you.

Precap: Prachi receives vomiting and asks for medicinal drug box. The motel body of workers congratulates Prachi and says you’re pregnant. Ranbir asks Rhea if she can be able to marry him. Rhea says sure and hugs him..


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