Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 24rd July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The episode starts with rhea going in the room. Prachi is going in the back of her and receives emotional seeing her. Rhea appears at prachi and takes to the air her earrings. Prachi thinks of rhea’s cope with her and then confronting her for romancing with ranbir.

She allows rhea take off vegetation from her head. Later ranbir asks prachi what did rhea say? Prachi says she couldn’t speak to her, changed into uncomfortable. She says she had thought to talk to her and kind out the whole thing. He says rhea ought to have talked to you.

Prachi says she didn’t talk to her seeing her unusual behavior, and says she behaved as if they may be strangers and says she didn’t show if she has any recollections or not. Sid tells rhea that pallavi chachi might be very disillusioned with me. He asks rhea to tell something. He says i can’t say that my family will take delivery of you quickly and says deliver them someday. He says he must have notion about pallavi.

Ranbir calls sid and says he got morning flight tickets. Sid tells rhea that they are going in morning. Pallavi opens the door and sees ranbir and prachi. She asks what are they doing here? Ranbir says sid and asks her to peer herself. Sid and veiled rhea comes there. Pallavi receives angry, recalling her words. Beeji asks sid, did you get married.

Pallavi signs beeji to forestall and says sorry, you humans came on incorrect deal with. Sid says chacha ji please. Pallavi asks him no longer to dare calling her chachi. Sid asks her to understand. Pallavi asks did you overlook why we threw ranbir out of residence? She says we had told you when you got here right here. A facebook is shown, vikram tells sid that ranbir is our blood, but he changed its shade.

He says i was like his pal, however he set his existence on my own. He says we gave her freedom to marry, and favored her too, but that female betrayed us and married him. Beeji says they have come here for marriage. Pallavi asks her not to take ranbir’s facet and says he might have married with our choice. She tells sid that he’ll stay right here as their son and no longer as nephew. She says in the event that they did mistake, by trusting him. She asks if he will move towards them. Sid hugs her and promises to marry along with her desire. Facebook ends.

Pallavi asks did you ask us before marrying this lady, did this female turned into my choice, did i really like her? Ranbir says it isn’t always sid’s mistake. Pallavi asks him to close up and says you are justifying his mistake. You are defending him as he did the equal mistake as you. She tells sid that he can’t justify his act. Ranbir asks her to listen. Pallavi says i am status on the same vicinity as before, in a nation of surprise and completed betrayed.

She says just female and boy are modified, betrayal face is modified, but i’m identical. She says she will neglect their errors, but can’t forget that betrayal. She says she has kicked them out as she don’t need to peer prachi’s face. She tells prachi if she remembers what she said.

A facebook is proven, pallavi tells that she isn’t her bahu. Facebook ends. Pallavi says i had informed you to stay far from my son, however don’t understand what did you do this he went to marry you, leaving his mandap. She says what i felt, you couldn’t understand, as you are not a mom.

She says you desired to marry, haven’t notion approximately us, approximately our home with a view to smash. She says you married in a temple and have celebration and took blessings of people. She says we heard name callings from people for months, whom i used to inform that ranbir become mamma’s boy, and some humans notion that i’m not a great mom.

She says they thought that i don’t love ranbir, however i understand how an awful lot i really like him. She says that is because of you prachi, you came and destroy my own family and global in only one jerk. She says she doesn’t want to look her face as her face reminds her of the whole lot. She says you changed my son before your marriage.

Prachi says i in no way concept about this. Pallavi asks didn’t you observed how we are able to feel, if you’ll marry him. She says i told you really that i don’t such as you. She asks didn’t i tell you? She says this means you consider simply your self and haven’t notion approximately a mom, due to whom ranbir is born. She says you didn’t see that mother’s nine months and says not just nine months, i endure pain for lots months, doctor had requested me to take care, however i used to take him in my lap and used to roam all day. She reminisces his birth and says he changed into my life and happiness, my everything.

She gets teary eyes and says you came and changed the entirety. She says i need you to end up a mother, and equal aspect shall manifest with you, which took place with me. She says your son shall leave you for someone else after which you may apprehend. Beeji asks her to stop it and says you shall now not speak such things. Pallavi says why, she gave pain to me, she shall recognize about my hatred for her.

Prachi says sorry and says she didn’t do deliberately. Ranbir says anybody knows which you don’t like her, and asks her now not to say this. Pallavi asks then why did you bring her here? Sid says i requested them to come here. Pallavi asks what did you watched that i’m able to be given your bride if she asks me. She says if she will’t hug her son, as she is infront of him, and he don’t seems to be like her son.

Vikram comes there. Sid calls him chachu. Pallavi asks him to prevent and says i can not change my choice, falling in feelings. Vikram asks beeji to stop pallavi. Beeji says good enough and asks him to come to room. Sid tries to talk. Pallavi asks him to stop and says either family individuals or the servants are a part of the house now. Prachi says i’m able to understand your ache, as i am no longer a mother, but a daughter of a mother.

She says my seven vows aren’t large than your 9 months. She says you thinks that i’ve snatched your son, but you have got greater right on him than me. She says he stays with me in any other residence, however his coronary heart is here. She says we are staying away on account that 2 years, however he recollects you every day. She says ranbir continually recollects your food, papa’s scoldings and so forth.

She says in case your ache is extra than ranbir’s ache is also now not less. She says he’s dwelling lives, with you in beyond and with me in present. She says we can make the destiny better and asks her to turn out to be the purpose and forgive ranbir and sid. Pallavi says this may’t occur, even in case you talk candy and display your self as innocent and accurate values girl, however your image can’t change infront of me.

Precap: abhi beats gautam. Pragya asks him to leave him. Abhi says this guy and this vicinity isn’t proper. Pragya says it is my existence and i’m able to meet whoever i want, asks who’s he to forestall her. She says it’s far none of your enterprise.


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