Iniya Iru Malargal

Kumkum Bhagya 23th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Pallavi requesting that Prachi demonstrate that she is acceptable so others can feel that she is reasonable to be a decent bahu. She says Kohli family name comes after your name, however consider it first. She says you need to intrigue the visitors so they say that Pallavi Kohlis bahu is acceptable and capable. She discloses to Prachi that Soni told that she has doused the chole at the ideal opportunity. She says Rhea will utilize the primary kitchen and Prachi will utilize the extra kitchen. Teji discloses to Prachi that the chole batura must be made with hands and the visitors simply need heavenly chole batura. Dida inquires as to whether she knows cooking, as 2 years back… you didn’t know at any point to make tea. Rhea says indeed, I know cooking. I have learnt commonly in these 2 years. Teji says whoever makes great chole batura, will be announced as best bahu.

Abhi is strolling in the path and crashes into somebody. The person inquires as to whether he is smashed? Abhi beverages and afterward chides the person. Rhea requests that the aide go and advises that she jumps at the chance to do all alone. He says Pallavi Maam requested that he help her. Rhea requests that he leave. Prachi requests that Soni bring a few tomatoes for her. Soni says I can’t help you, as there is a contest going on among Rhea and you. She says. Prachi tells that Rhea is her sister and there is no contest with her, whoever gets the keys, it doesn’t make any difference. Rhea tells that Prachi may be thinking there is no contest between the sisters, yet it has between us. She says I will successfully overcome you. Prachi says we are bahus of a similar family, we will not battle and will remain together. She figures Rhea may be missing Maa and Papa, and figures she will not less her miss her mayka being her sister, and she won’t feel anything missing in her life. Rhea says you have grabbed my Dad and my adoration and likes to see me alone. She says this time I will plan and you will lose, as time has changed. Prachi takes the kadai and finds chole masala less. She goes to ask Rhea, yet she isn’t there. She figures where did she go?

Sushma watches the news where Gaurav is blaming Pragya for attacking him. She is holding the papers and thinks on the off chance that Pragya does this, will emerge from all inconveniences and this Gaurav Thapar will get a befitting answer. She gets some information about Pragya and goes to her room. Pragya is in her room and contemplating Lawyer’s idea. Sushma comes there and says I got the arrangement and tells that Tanu. Pragya says don’t have the foggiest idea how could she to ask me this, yet I would prefer not to converse with her. She says she blows up hearing her name and says I need to call him and asks him how he can remain with her, I can’t remain with her in any event, for 2 mins. Sushma says I was thinking about Lawyer’s recommendation and says this is the best way to emerge from the snare, as told by Tanu. Pragya says you are supporting her and inquires as to whether you think she is correct. Sushma requests that she quiet down and says this is court papers, Gaurav has recorded argument against you. He is compressing you and tells that we have one way, as told by
Tanu and proposed by Lawyer. She says Lawyer advised obviously that we need to take society’s judgment in support of ourselves. She says Judge thinks about the general public’s contemplations. She says Gaurav is demolishing your picture, we need to bring your ex back in your life and do what Tanu is saying. Pragya says she is getting some information about getting him, I can’t go as far as her level. Sushma says Tanu came to you with the arrangement. She says this is an opportunity for you. Pragya says I can’t do this. Sushma inquires as to whether she has any issue to purchase Abhi. Pragya says she doesn’t confide in Tanu. Sushma requests her to think from her benefit and asks did you peruse the papers, did you see what he has composed? She says he has video evidence against you. Pragya says even I will find the opportunity to make my statement. Sushma says the case will go long and individuals will get opportunity to destroy your picture. She says on the off chance that your picture breaks, you will separate. Pragya says I won’t stay silent and will retaliate. She says my mom encouraged me to battle and you instructed not to acknowledge rout. She says I need to get you out from the difficulty and will do whatever I think right. She says I am a mother, and this is a mother’s idea which can’t not be right. She says Tanu is looking at selling her ex and I am looking at getting him.

Prachi goes to Rhea and sees her completing nail treatment and getting pedicure by somebody. She inquires as to whether you didn’t begin work till now. Rhea says she needs to look best completely. Prachi says she needs chole masala and doesn’t have any desire to take in her nonappearance. Rhea requests that she get it and not to be formal. Prachi says alright and tells that Pallavi has a lot of assumption from you. She goes. The cosmetologist discloses to Rhea that she will do the nail treatment after she does cooking. Rhea says she won’t cook and will arrange from a decent inn. She compromises the cosmetologist to give her the most un-rating and reminds that she is lucrative client. She requests that she acclaim her. The cosmetologist thinks you are the most noticeably awful bahu, yet advises you are acceptable paying client. Rhea gets cheerful.

Tanu discloses to Aaliya that she had gone to meet Pragya, as I have old connection with her. Aaliya inquires as to for what reason did you go? Tanu says to help her. She says she went for their benefit, however… it doesn’t work. She says I upheld you for aiding Gaurav, however he didn’t give us any cash. Aaliya asks her to tell for what valid reason she did. Tanu says Abhi said that my tongue and brain don’t work without my benefit. She says I went there to get cash from Pragya. Aaliya inquires as to why Pragya will give you cash. Tanu says I will offer my significant other to her. Sushma inquires as to whether she will purchase Abhi. Pragya gestures no. Sushma says it is a major snare. Pragya says she will battle and will do what Abhimanyu did. Sushma asks did you realize what occurred with him. She says you can now and then postpone the battle.

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