Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 21th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Prachi asking Sid to stroll properly. Sid says the trolley is heavy. Prachi teases him for having his sight someplace. He says our Manali assembly is cancelled and it’s far now in Delhi. He says there’s a surprise, the mission in that you have labored a lot, it were given approved. Prachi does hifive and hugs him. She congratulates him. She asks if Ranbir is aware of approximately it? Sid says no. Rhea thinks why is she getting a lot happy, and receives an concept to kick her out from Ranbir’s existence. She thinks this time you’ll exit from Ranbir’s existence as Sid will assist me. Ranbir brings the auto. They load the stuff withinside the automobile decky and sit.

Gaurav tells Aaliya and Tanu that they shall recognize his frustration level. He says he has an excellent plan. Aaliya asks what’s the plan? He says it will likely be suitable for us, however awful for Pragya. He says Pragya has locked all my profits source, and this plan is the important thing to that lock. Tanu asks him to speak in easy language. He says we can goal Pragya’s pharma employer, will hold unlawful stuff in her manufacturing facility after which will burn them. It may be unfold withinside the marketplace that she had saved unlawful stuff after which burnt the manufacturing facility to cowl it up. Tanu says she is Pragya. Gaurav says her employer may be closed and our employer will paintings and could have profit. He says she can be able to have loss and prison battles.

Sushma asks Pragya why she is upset? Pragya says I am upset, as some thing occurs usually on every occasion you aren’t around, you’re my existence savior and fortunate appeal too. Sushma says Aww, tells that she wishes to wait the assembly, else wouldn’t have move. She says even I am concerned for you when you consider that Tanu and Aaliya got here here, they’re unpredictable and might do something. She says once I notion approximately Abhi, then I notion I shall now no longer worry. Pragya says he doesn’t take care of me and is hiding some thing large from me. Sushma says he might also additionally have a few motives and asks her now no longer to decide him together along with his behavior. She says whilst you went out of the residence, he went at the back of you and taken you home. She says he cares for you tons and he doesn’t express, his assist is enough. She asks her now no longer to combat with him. Sushma says ok, while he fights then cease the problem proper there. He usually attempts to assist you, and asks her to attempt to assist him as well. Pragya says you’re praising him a lot. Sushma says he cares for you a lot.

Abhi involves the workplace to fulfill Gaurav. Watchman stops him and asks his name. Abhi says Sudhir. He calls Gaurav. Gaurav says who’s Sudhir, I am busy withinside the assembly. Abhi says it’s far your fault, you ought to have instructed Sudhir sir. Abhi diverts his interest and runs. Watchman runs at the back of him. Pragya says how will he keep himself from Aaliya? She is his actual sister, and his enemy. She additionally does some thing after which apologize, and he forgives her. She hopes he sees her fact together along with his eyes. Aaliya says Pragya couldn’t endure this loss and could must warfare to get lower back to track. He involves Gaurav’s cabin and sees simply him.

Sushma says I will go away and asks her to take care. Abhi asks in which is Aaliya? Gaurav says who’s Aaliya? He says he known as her mistakenly. He says she don’t paintings with me. He recollects getting watchman’s name and seeing Abhi on CCTV cam. He informs Aaliya and Tanu. Aaliya says how did he realize that we’re here. He asks them to undergo window. Fb ends. Abhi says you ought to have known as her, as a substitute coming here. He says hero access occurs in films, in which he attempts to realize if villain affair is together along with his sister. Abhi grabs his collar. Gaurav says villain is hero in films. Abhi asks him to live farfar from Pragya and Aaliya. He says you shall realize what a hero does with the villain, do you recognize what occurs if the guitar is held upside lower back. He threatens him. Gaurav thinks my goal is your whole family.

Pragya asks Shagun approximately Abhi. Shagun says he went someplace in auto. Pragya asks in which had been you, seeing Aaliya and Tanu. She says your telecellsmartphone become ringing and asks from in which you each are coming. Tanu asks did we ask you anytime? Pragya says that is my residence and as I actually have given you permission to live here, I will ask you. Tanu says it’s far an insult. Pragya says why are you taking it in your ego, and says I don’t agree with you. She tells Aaliya that I am letting you live here, even after understanding what you’re doing with Gaurav. She says you shall inform me, why Gaurav is looking you. Tanu asks Aaliya to reply her. Pragya asks Tanu to stop. Tanu says I will now no longer provide you with any answer. Pragya asks her to depart the residence. She says in case you can’t stay in line with my rules, then go away now itself. Tanu says in case you inquire from me to depart, then I will take abhi with me. Pragya says you don’t have any concept, what I will do, demanding situations her to pressure her go away with out him. She says my residence, my rules. Aaliya says I had went to dentist. Tanu says Aaliya become feeling scared and that’s why I went with her.

Soni opens the door and unearths Ranbir-Prachi, Sid-Rhea standing. Ranbir says we got here early. Pallavi asks why did you return back so soon. Rhea says that motel become now no longer suitable. I didn’t need to live there. Sid says we talked to Ranbir and he stated ok, we could move lower back together. Rhea says Rajeshwari aunty did this for her friend’s exposure and you’ve despatched us there to your PR. She says the trip’s begin become awful. She says while we started, the auto stopped because the petrol become over. She says my temper become upset, after which while we reached motel, greater temper spoiled. She says it become now no longer my form of place. Sid asks her to peer who’s standing. He says I just like the place. Rhea says you ought to have stayed lower back and made a few memories. She goes. Prachi asks Pallavi now no longer to experience awful approximately Rhea. She says it become now no longer awful, and we enjoyed. Pallavi says while did Rhea say this, you’re calling her awful. Sid says she is protecting her sister. Pallavi says you’re protecting her. Ranbir says we neglected you and tells approximately the flower there. He says we can have some thing unique together.

Gaurav calls Pragya and asks his driving force to power safely. Pragya says you don’t have braveness to speak to me directly. He tells that her husband got here to workplace for secret agent and to reveal his hero giri. Pragya says he has best threatened you, and says he breaks such people’s mouth. He says I actually have left him. Pragya says you shall speak to him with respect, he had left you and is sort of a God to you. Gaurav asks what is going to you do, if something awful occurs both with one in all you. Pragya says your circumstance may be very awful and asks him now no longer to name her, says she don’t want to invite him in which her husband goes. Gaurav thinks one’s tongue works speedy and one’s hands. He thinks to offer them an answer.

Precap: Pragya tells Abhi that awful matters occurs with suitable people and asks why are you so suitable. Prachi tells Sid that she can be able to move and take a look at on Ranbir. Sid asks her to take a seat down with him. Rhea takes their pic. Abhi tells Pragya that because of his mistakes, his relation is such. Pragya asks how is our relation. Abhi says we do have the relation, however no emotions..


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