Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Prachi locks herself in a bathroom. She activates the bathe and cries, recalling her and Ranbir’s early and latest moments. Other hand, Ranbir is operating on his laptop. He places his finger in warm tea with the aid of using mistake and recollects how comparable befell earlier than while he become with Prachi. He calls the peon and receives mad at him asking why tea is warm.

Sushma asks Prachi to open the door. Prachi opens it. Sushma asks what befell? Prachi says Ranbir despatched divorce papers. I took the blame for what I didn’t do. How can I take this? What’s my mistake? Sushma tells her now no longer to cry, it’s now no longer your mistake. It’s Ranbir who failed. He couldn’t love you, he couldn’t believe you, he couldn’t satisfy husband’s responsibilities. Prachi says, I failed, I am failing. I can’t do whatever. I couldn’t see how without difficulty he signed the divorce papers. I will by no means be capable of neglect about him. Sushma hugs and consoles her.

Vikram advices Rhea to attempt to win Dida’s heart. If you live properly with her, then it will likely be higher on your and Ranbir’s relation. Pallavi interrupts announcing, if Dida has any area in her heart, then Rhea might be capable of win. She handiest has area for Prachi in her heart. Since they kicked Prachi out,

Dida has stopped ingesting or speaking with them. Doorbell rings. Pallavi assumes it’s Dida. Vikram wonders why she again so early. Pallavi scoffs that her prayers aren’t heard, so she doesn’t have a choice. Rhea joins in announcing how her prayers might be heard as she’s praying for a incorrect person. It’s Sushma who has come. She says that she desires to speak to Ranbir. She has come right here as Prachi’s guardian. Rhea asks, why did you return back right here? Sushma says, I didn’t communicate to you. Pallavi asks, what do you want from Ranbir? Sushma says that I will communicate handiest with him. Pallavi says, with this attitude, nobody will communicate to you.

Rhea tells Pallavi that she can be able to cope with Sushma. She asks Sushma to inform her what she desires to inform to Ranbir and he or she will byskip her message. Sushma tells Rhea to live out of this. Pallavi tells Suhma that she can’t communicate like that with Rhea, she is daughter-in-regulation of that residence. Sushma tells her, then educate her now no longer to intervene while elders are speaking. Now Vikram asks Sushma with what proper she got here there to speak to Ranbir. Sushma says, I simply stated that I got here as Prachi’s guardian.

Abhi and Pragya stay with me as a family, like the way you used to stay and also you must thoroughly recognise what relation is that. Pragya is like my daughter and I don’t want to inform you what rights I actually have on Pragya’s daughters. Rhea says, Pragya calls you aunty, proper? Sushma says, neglect about approximately Pragya. Prachi calls me “Badi Maa”. If you can’t name me that, then close up and stand there quietly.

Pallavi tells Sushma to return back to the point. If you got here right here to speak from Prachi’s side, then we aren’t interested. We have already despatched her divorce papers. Rhea says, it’ll be properly if she symptoms and symptoms them as quickly as possible. End the relation absolutely and unfastened Ranbir. Sushma throws the divorce papers and says, right here’s Ranbir’s freedom. Pallavi assessments the papers and says, they don’t have Prachi’s signal. Sushma says why she might signal? They didn’t get married with the aid of using signing papers. You all don’t suggest whatever in Prachi’s life.

Flashback: Prachi tells Sushma, I can’t signal the divorce papers. Sushma tells her now no longer to signal then. I will solution them why you won’t signal the papers.

Present: Rhea says, if we suggest nothing, then why doesn’t she signal and cut loose us? Sushma asks did you ship the divorce papers? Rhea says, I am speaking approximately Ranbir. Sushma says, permit him communicate then. Ranbir broke his relation with Prachi. You all kicked her out of the residence. Then why a lot of these formalities? Pallavi says, in order that Prachi doesn’t come back. Sushma furiously says, she won’t come back. She doesn’t need whatever from this residence, so spare her. Rhea says, we are able to spare her, however will she spare us? What if her thoughts modifications tomorrow? And she involves take revenge.

Sushma says, she is my daughter. There need to be a few distinction among you and her. You’re her sister, however nonetheless I recognise her higher than you do. She’s Pragya’s shadow. She will do what Pragya will say. Right now Pragya is in coma, however Prachi will pay attention what I say. It’s properly that she controlled to get out of this residence. She had no appreciate right here. If she doesn’t live farfar from this residence, then I recognise the way to do that. I will do all it takes, however I won’t permit her come close to this residence.

She tells Pallavi, simply to address Ranbir. Ranbir kicked Prachi out of his life, now I will ensure Prachi erases Ranbir’s call absolutely from her life. She may even neglect about his face. Rhea receives satisfied. Sushna continues, you all additionally neglect about that Prachi got here on this residence. Don’t attempt to touch her, although it’s concerning the divorce. It’s throughout from our side. Sushma leaves.

Rhea, Pallavi, Vikram get satisfied as Sushma solved their trouble and he or she won’t permit Prachi come close to their residence or Ranbir. Pallavi and Vikram leave. Rhea thinks, it looks like even the God doesn’t need Prachi and Ranbir to be together… that’s why this so-referred to as Badi Maa got here in my life. First she stored Pragya farfar from Abhi and now she can be able to hold Prachi farfar from Ranbir.

Prachi is in a temple. She says, as soon as I requested for advantages to win Ranbir. Now handiest I am asking to provide me energy to move farfar from Ranbir, face the truth, and neglect about him. Ranbir comes out of doors the equal temple and forestalls his automobile. His automobile doesn’t begin now. Prachi passes with the aid of using his automobile, however they don’t see every other. He receives off the auto to repair it. He and Prachi experience some thing atypical and that they pause.

Precap: Sushma tells Prachi that Pragya had a dream task which I need you to finish now. If her daughter doesn’t entire the task, then who else will? Rhea tells Ranbir, you forgot your wallet. Ranbir says, I don’t need all and sundry to do matters that Prachi used to do. Sushma receives inspired seeing Prachi’s new look, much like Pragya. Prachi is visible strolling optimistically withinside the office.


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