Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins with Pragya emerging from the house and seeing no one out and about. She thinks this is the contrast among Mumbai and Delhi, that individuals dozes here ahead of schedule. She thinks on the off chance that he will come here looking through me. She figures he won’t ever come to take her. Abhi looks for his jug and gets it. All of a sudden somebody thumps on the entryway. He says she has returned, her self image is no more. He opens the entryway and requests that she say sorry. Dadi says sorry and asks where is Pragya? Abhi says she isn’t here.

Dadi says I shouldn’t have given you the means to have wine. Abhi says Pragya had done sorcery on Daljeet and made spot in her heart with her flatters and afterward Dadi made spot in my heart for her. He says then you likewise said that I love Pragya, yet presently all impact is no more. Dadi says it is love impact and won’t ever go. She asks where is Pragya? Abhi says she is scrubbing down. Dadi says who scrubs down in night. Abhi says it is reasonable individuals’ strategies. Dadi says we didn’t do this previously, and requests that he send Pragya to her room when she comes. Abhi requests that Dadi rest and thinks 30 mins have passed, she ought to have stopped at this point, she ought to have understood her mix-up at this point. He figures she may come in the first part of the day.

Tanu comes to Aaliya wearing the night outfit and tells that she has purchased everything expensive. She says I need to cause him to understand that I was with him, in his great and terrible stage. She says people tell that they will see individuals’ sincere goal, however they check out the magnificence, which I have. Aaliya inquires as to whether you love him even presently. Tanu says even I don’t see, however it is dread of misfortune, and I need him to be mine. Aaliya grins and requests that she center around her work. Tanu goes. Aaliya checks out the record.

Pragya is strolling out and about and sitting tight for Abhi. The thugs bother her and call her moon. Pragya requests that they go to their home and reproves him, telling that she realizes how to deal with such men. The hooligan says I need to wed you. Pragya asks him not to wed anybody, as marriage is a difficulty and so forth and says you can’t keep your significant other glad being an alcoholic. Other thug points firearm at Pragya while the hooligan holds her hand.

Pragya requests that he leave her hand. Abhi comes there and gets down from the vehicle. He requests that the hooligans take the twilight from his vehicle’s spotlights. The thugs request that he leave and not to become legend. Abhi says he was saint previously, presently a Servant. Pragya requests that Abhi go and says she will deal with the hooligans. Abhi affronts the hooligans and inquires as to whether they heard Chacha Chaudhary’s name. He then, at that point, contends with Pragya for turning out in night. Pragya says she abhors wine. Abhi says you are telling as though she is your sautan. Pragya says it is more regrettable than sautan. Abhi contends with him. The thugs say it appears they are a couple.

Abhi and Pragya tell that they are a couple. The hooligan requests that he go and says he will wed her. Abhi says even presently you need to wed her, is going to go. Pragya requests that he come. Abhi inquires as to whether she will say thanks to him. Pragya says yes. He brings his wine bottle and requests that they drink and meet glamorous lady in creative mind. Abhi grabs their weapon and focuses on them. Pragya says he will shoot you. The thugs tell that the weapon is vacant and they call different hooligans. Abhi tells that they were prodding her and makes the weapon tumbles down. He requests that Pragya run. He battles with the hooligans.

Other thug holds Pragya’s hand. Abhi is going to go to her, when the thugs hold his hand. The thug goes for the belt and strolls towards Abhi to beat him. Pragya beats and kicks the thug, then, at that point, beats him with a similar belt. She asks how could you to contact him. Abhi is shocked seeing her battling. He battles with the others and requests that Pragya quit beating the thug. The hooligan is going to run, however Abhi takes wine bottle from his hand and they sit in the vehicle.

Rhea returns home, reviewing Aaliya’s words. She thinks they were my family previously, Dida used to call Dad as her senior child, Pallavi aunt used to call father and used to say gladly that Abhi and Vikram are old buddies. She thinks Vikram never made her miss Dad when he was separated from everyone else, and thinks once Prachi came there, everything was demolished. She asks Prachi, for what reason did you come in our life. Prachi asks what are you saying? Rhea says don’t even think about giving me that phony grin, and I am worn out on imagining that you are so acceptable. Prachi inquires as to whether she is kidding. Rhea says as a result of you, Mehra and Kohli family are isolated, and their kinship broken. I lost my affection because of you. She faults her. Prachi says why out of nowhere you got harshness against me.

Rhea says it was my weakness, says I was glad when we were isolated and fate united us and made me your jethani. She says I am so drained and can’t imagine that Prachi is acceptable. Ranbir asks what occurred and inquires as to whether everybody alright? Rhea says would you truly like to know or will agree with your significant other’s position. Ranbir asks what was the deal? Rhea asks what do you feel that I will fail to remember whatever you have done on me. Ranbir asks how did I respond? Rhea says you undermined me, deceived me. Dida requests that Rhea stop it. Pallavi says this isn’t the best approach to talk. Vikram says you ought to have come to us with your concern. Rhea says everybody realizes what’s going on here and says you would have contemplated to be PC, or would have given political answer. She inquires as to why Dad and you are not companions now? She inquires as to why your fellowship broken? Vikram says because of business.

Rhea requests that he come clean. Vikram says because of Prachi. He says Ranbir and you were going to wed, however he got hitched to Prachi and her mother upheld her. She says there was strain between us. Pallavi requests that Rhea ask her and says however you are correct, and says no one will come clean with you. She says I will simply come clean with you, regardless of whether others don’t care for it. She says we need to make you as our bahu, when your mother got Ranbir hitched to Prachi, we felt sold out and embarrassed. She says Ranbir may cherish Prachi, however we can’t get him hitched to any young lady. She says love can occur with anybody, yet marriage can occur with great family young lady.

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