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State Bank of India (SBI) customers of the government bank should get their bank account KYC done as soon as possible so that subsidy money can come in their account on time. If customers do not do so, their subsidy may get stuck. SBI has also spread this information to its customers through twitter.

KYC mandatory for SBI customers

From March 1, it will be mandatory for SBI customers to get their KYC done. Customers who will not do this work, the amount of government schemes like subsidy will not be deposited in their accounts. The country’s largest bank has already issued an order in this regard.

The credit card issuing company initially issues a card with a lower credit limit to new card applicants. Later, the cardholder offers to increase the credit limit considering the record of payment and increase in income.

However, there is a fear of falling into the debt trap after spending more than accepting higher credit limit offers. Let us know the advantages and disadvantages of increasing the credit limit.

Three benefits of increasing the card limit
1. The credit bureau looks at the ratio of your credit card limit and the amount used when calculating your credit score. This ratio is the ratio of the total credit limit used by a card holder. Credit card companies generally consider the credit utilization ratio (CUR) to be more than 30 per cent as a sign of debt. Therefore, increasing the credit limit can improve your credit score. At the same time, spending more than 30 percent can also damage your credit score.

2. Ease of dealing with financial crisis It is easy to deal with financial crisis when the
credit card limit increases. It can work as an emergency fund due to financial crisis such as job loss, illness, accident, disability etc. A card with a high credit limit protects you from a lack of liquidity in the event of a financial crisis. At the same time, you also avoid paying high interest by converting the amount spent later to EMI.

3. Possibility of getting a bigger loan
An increased credit limit can get you more loans. This limit is generally accepted in lieu of the credit cardholder’s credit limit. Loans are usually pre-approved in lieu of credit card. That is, you do not have to face trouble in taking a loan from the bank.

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There is also the possibility of three losses

1. Fear of getting stuck in debt trap
You can spend more after an increased credit card limit, but if you do not use it wisely, you can get stuck in debt trap. As the credit limit increases, many other companies also offer you cards. In such a situation your dependence on credit card will increase which can cause financial loss.

2. Interest burden may increase

The increase in credit card limit increases the possibility that you will not be able to pay the entire bill in free cycle. In such a situation you may have to pay more interest on the outstanding amount. Therefore, always increase your credit card limit and be aware of its usage.

3. The major disadvantage to losing or fraud
may have big limit credit card is lost or pick up big losses on the fraud her. So always use credit card carefully.

These four rules have changed from today, know what will be the effect of these changes on you

Many important changes related to banking, education and health sector will be implemented in the country from March 1. These will have a direct impact on the common life. Let’s look at these changes-

The elderly and the sick will get the Kovid-19 vaccine
, under the third phase corona vaccination starting from March 1, all the elderly over 60 years and 45 people suffering from serious diseases will also be vaccinated. Vaccination will be done in government hospitals as well as private hospitals. However, it will not be free in private hospitals. The elderly and sick will get the facility to register by reaching the vaccination center in addition to other apps including Co-Win.

The new IFC code will come into force

From Monday, the old IFSC codes of Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank will not work. Customers will have to resort to the new IFSC code for banking transactions. In fact, in the year 2019, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank merged into Bank of Baroda. After this merger, people associated with both banks have become customers of Bank of Baroda. Check book with new MICR code can be acquired from Bank of Baroda by 31 March 2021.

Private insurance companies are offering huge discounts on renewal premium

KYC mandatory for SBI customers

From March 1, it will be mandatory for SBI customers to get their KYC done. Customers who will not do this work, the amount of government schemes like subsidy will not be deposited in their accounts. The country’s largest bank has issued the first order in this regard.

Deadline extended to ‘Dispute to Confidence Scheme’ The
Income Tax Department has extended the deadline for giving details under Direct Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme ‘Dispute to Confidence’ scheme to March 31. At the same time, it has been decided to give an extension till April 30 for payment of additional tax amount. Earlier, the last date for making declaration under the ‘Dispute to Confidence’ scheme was 28 February, while a period of 31 March was fixed for payment of disputed tax amount.

Primary schools will open in three states

Primary schools will be fully opened in the three states of the country from March 1. In Uttar Pradesh and Bihar where the government has decided to restore all classes from class one to five. At the same time, regular classes for classes one and two will also start in Haryana. Schools have already been opened for students of classes three to five in the state. Schools had been closed since March 2020 due to the Corona infection.


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