Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 1st December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Rhea telling Shaina that she by no means desired to marry Sid, and whoever she desired to marry, is getting married to him now. Shaina asks then why did you marry Sid earlier than? Rhea says Ranbir had married my sister Prachi earlier than. Dida hears her and asks her to inform fully. Rhea introduces Shaina to Dida and says she got here from Bangalore. She says I felt which you are burdened and says I will inform fully. She says Ranbir and Prachi used to like every other, and that’s why he were given married to her. Shaina says I felt that Prachi has snatched Ranbir from Rhea. Dida says contrary issue has befell and says this Rhea has snatched Ranbir from Prachi. Rhea asks mehendi clothier to use mehendi to her pal and springs to Dida. She asks Dida what’s your problem? Dida asks didn’t you recognise? Rhea says you simply hate me. Dida asks her to return back to the factor and asks why are you gambling games? She says incorrect issue have befell with Prachi on this residence. Rhea says you may now no longer agree that incorrect issue have befell with me as Prachi has crammed your ears towards me. Dida says I changed into towards you from day 1 and is aware of the whole lot approximately you. She says I don’t recognise to do conspiracy towards you, else I wouldn’t have permit this take place. She says there could be a few answer for our conspiracies, and whilst this happens, then your actual face will come infront of anybody. Rhea says I must get mehendi observe on my hands, of Ranbir’s name. She says whilst the colour is carried out on my hand, I will display you as I heard that saas and husband love me the most. Dida says Pallavi loves Ranbir plenty and that’s why stored you on head and says the day you fall could be very hurt, and that day you shall get haldi carried out too, it’s going to paintings for the healing. Rhea says as soon as the wedding receives executed, we could see who receives to get haldi carried out. Dida feels helpless and says I recognise who has executed conspiracy and who were given betrayed and punished. She says I am helpless, perform a little miracle, this marriage shall now no longer take place else this residence will break. She says ship someone, don’t get this marriage executed.

Sid asks Sushma, why did you narrow the decision and says I changed into calling Ranbir. Sushma asks which Ranbir, who known as Prachi as characterless, broke his family members together along with her or even threw her out of the residence. She says do you believe you studied that they may be glad to recognise approximately the child, and says Prachi is useless for them. Sid says Ranbir merits to recognise. Sushma says do you believe you studied that he could be glad. Sid says can be. Sushma says if he don’t get glad then what? She says the expectancies are the foundation purpose of all of the issues and I actually have visible her crying all of the time. She says anybody has moved on, however Prachi remains anticipating Ranbir. She says now the final desire is long past and says don’t recognise whom he’s marrying. Sid says with Rhea. Sushma says if he didn’t get another female and says if he has coronary heart or now no longer. Sid says every so often the child unites the parents. Sushma says I don’t need Ranbir’s sympathy as he’ll sympathize together along with her for the child and I don’t need his sympathy for her. She says permit him marry Rhea. Prachi comes there and says the wedding will now no longer take place. She says this child has chill out my anger. She says Mummy ought to have stated this to make Sid angry. Sid says this marriage is confirmed. Prachi says Ranbir will by no means marry Rhea. Sid says I instructed you the whole lot. Prachi says I am returning to Delhi and could now no longer permit this marriage take place. Sushma says Pallavi will now no longer assist you to meet Ranbir or step on her doorstep.

Pallavi asks the Servant to smooth Ranbir’s cabinets and room and asks her to reveal Prachi’s pictures and stuff. The servant says this female is lovely. Prachi threatens to throw her out. Servant says sorry. Pallavi recollects Ranbir leaving the residence for Prachi, after which recollects Rhea’s phrases that they had been at the mattress withinside the lodge room. Ranbir comes there and asks what’s happening? Pallavi says you left us for Prachi. Ranbir says it changed into my life’s largest mistake and I actually have apologized already. Pallavi hugs him and asks him now no longer to depart her for anyone. The Servant reveals prachi’s % withinside the cupboard. Pallavi asks her to throw the image out. The Servant is going to throw it. Ranbir receives emotional. Pallavi says I requested her to throw the whole lot associated with Prachi and says I don’t need you to get even her thought. He says I don’t pass over her. Ranbir says you acquire the room wiped clean after she went, can be you didn’t locate this % earlier than. She asks him to discover ways to be glad and is going. He recollects Prachi’s phrases that the whole lot is best in life, etc.

Sid says Sushma aunty is right, anybody is towards you. He says I instructed what Rhea, Ranbir and Pallavi aunty have executed with you. Prachi says you instructed me. Sushma asks in the event that they have executed lodge drama, to kick you out and says what form of human beings they are. Prachi says Sid haven’t heard Ranbir announcing this, and takes his side, and says he can’t do that with any female. She says he could be glad listening to my pregnancy. She says permit me cross. Sushma says they’ve despatched divorce papers and desires to put off you, and Ranbir doesn’t need to look your face and also you sense that he’ll prevent the wedding seeing you. Prachi says yes, he has 3 dreams, one our marriage, 2d child and 0.33 his begin up. Sushma says his most effective dream is money. Prachi says he loves this child even earlier than it got here. She says I don’t need to deprive my child from his father’s love. She says I won’t permit the equal issue take place with my child, and says my coronary heart says that he’ll take delivery of me. Sushma says I actually have long past to their residence and instructed them which you don’t need to have relation with them, and asks her to assume what her phrases could be valued. Prachi says my child’s stay is extra than your phrases. Sushma says you’re speaking like Priyanka and says Pragya is on this condition. She says I don’t need to lose the 0.33 daughter and says in case you depart from here, then will lose me forever. She says you need to pick out both Ranbir or me. She says in case you cross from here, then all our relation is over. Prachi says you like me. Sushma says love will by no means end, however relation will. She says I will now no longer prevent my car, in case you meet me accidentally. I will make myself understand, however will now no longer maintain relation with you. She asks her to decide, whom she can be able to pick out, maayka or sasural. Prachi says something you’ve got got executed for me, will can’t be executed with the aid of using anyone. She says I must visit Ranbir for my child. Sushma asks her to don’t forget that they may by no means have relation. Prachi says Badi Maa. Sushma calls off her relation with Prachi and asks her to depart. Prachi says sorry and is ready to depart.

Precap: Rhea tells Sushma that she had heard lengthy earlier than that your Kumkum Bhagya is written to your kundali on the time of the birth. She says Prachi feels that her future has Ranbir in it, however now no longer in my future, however I actually have modified that future. Prachi involves Kohli’s residence. The ornament flower falls down. Ranbir holds them and appears at Prachi.


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