Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Rhea presenting drink to Ranbir. Ranbir is set to provide the equal to Sid. Rhea says don’t supply it to Siddharth, he doesn’t like it. She offers different drink to Sid. Ranbir beverages the spiked drink. Sid reveals her conduct extraordinary and appears at her. Ranbir makes Prachi have meals with the spoon. Rhea appears at them. Sid notices her. Ranbir receives drowsy and spills the meals on Prachi’s dress. Prachi is going to smooth the stain. Ranbir feels drowsy, however nonetheless desires to move at the back of her. Rhea asks him to complete the drink and takes Prachi’s cellular from him at the pretext of giving to her. Rhea messages Aaliya that Ranbir is drunk, and asks her to inform the room quantity which has booked for them.

Ranbir asks DJ to play his preferred track and dances at the track. Prachi comes again and appears at Ranbir. Rhea enjoys seeing him dancing. Sid additionally dances with Ranbir. Ranbir holds Prachi’s hand and dances with her. Prachi tells Rhea that Ranbir is drunk. Rhea says while did he drink? I didn’t supply him drink. Prachi says she is disenchanted with him, she don’t like him to drink, he is aware of. She is going farfar from there. Rhea tells Sid that Prachi is disenchanted and asks him to move and speak to her, even as she brings Ranbir. Sid is going.

Rhea dances with Ranbir and holds him to take him to room. Ranbir says I need to have party. Rhea says human beings are dozing and can complain. Rhea involves room no 303 and receives keys from beneathneath the carpet. She thinks distance among us will over on this room. Ranbir asks wherein are you taking me? I need to dance. Rhea says we can dance. She thinks that is our room, and no one will come to look us here. She sees Ranbir fainted and falling down at the mattress. Electricity is going off. She thinks what occurred to the mild and is going out. Manager tells that there’s mild in different rooms, however your room have issues, and asks shall I get your room modified.

Rhea says its ok. He says you’re our unique guests, Rajeshwari ji despatched you. Rhea says I even have booked this room, as I am operating from home. He says she stated that she wishes room, even supposing it’s far strength issue. She says ok. She takes drink from the waiter and beverages. The waiter says it’s far for a few different guests. Rhea says sorry for the visitor and thank you. Waiter says ok. She comes again to room and hugs him, who receives up to move. Rhea continues finger on his lips and says you may now no longer move anywhere, will live with me here. She eliminates his jacket and makes him take a seat down at the mattress. She says there may be no helplessness or distance among us, you may be mine. He falls at the mattress.

In the morning, Rhea wakes up, glad approximately the night time she has spent with Ranbir. She hears bathe noise coming from toilet and receives glad. She hugs his jacket and calls Aaliya. She says your trick is done, and anything I need has occurred, I turned into with Ranbir all of the night time. Aaliya asks in case you awoke now. Rhea says yes, and Ranbir is taking bathe. She thank you her. Aaliya says you need to take subsequent step of keeping apart Prachi from her. Rhea says I will inform Prachi now.

Aaliya says no, then Prachi will confront him and he’ll express regret to her. she says go back home, I will do everything. They all go back home. Pallavi opens the door and tells Rhea that she will by no means idea that she will do this kind of issue. Rhea asks what did I do? Pallavi says you is aware of well. Prachi asks what did Rhea do? Aaliya is already there. Prachi says you’re here, buji. Aaliya hugs her and says so sorry Prachi. Prachi asks what occurred?

Rhea smiles. Aaliya says anything has occurred, have occurred at the back of your again. Prachi says I am very worried. Dida asks if Ranbir and Rhea haven’t advised you some thing. Prachi says they may be behaving atypical and desired to go back home. She says Ranbir turned into enthusiastic about this trip, however desired to go back so we ought to go back.

Vikram says how are you going to do this? Sid asks what did Ranbir do? Aaliya asks Ranbir till while he’ll hide. She says I constantly disliked Prachi and idea her incorrect and idea anything occurred with Rhea is with Prachi, nowadays I got here to realize that inaccurate issue have occurred to you. She says sufferer is Prachi. Prachi says what has occurred? Aaliya says your husband Ranbir and sister Rhea have betrayed you, turned into at the mattress at the back of your again. Sid and Prachi are shocked. Aaliya asks Ranbir to mention and says they had been together, as he couldn’t overlook his old flame and simply as he were given the chance, had spent a night time with Rhea. She says I idea you each are glad together along with your marriage and feature moved on. Pallavi says you shouldn’t have idea this.

Pallavi asks Ranbir and Rhea, how dare they? Dida says this isn’t always our sanskar. Pallavi asks in case you desired to do this, then why did you marry Prachi? Vikram asks him to answer. Prachi tells Aaliya that my Ranbir can’t lie and betray me. She says I accept as true with him and Rhea is my sister. She says a person provoked you. Aaliya says no one provoked me, I had made video name to Rhea, and earlier than she ought to understand, I noticed them together. She says each turned into dozing together.

Ranbir says I did a massive mistake, and couldn’t understand. Sid asks do you like Rhea and desired to marry her. Aaliya asks didn’t you understand some thing and says you’re residing in darkness. Rhea smiles. Aaliya says I idea you advised fact to Sid, and says I idea you’re glad with him, however the day prior to this I realize wherein your happiness lies. She says it is incorrect to betray our loves ones. Ranbir asks her to prevent it, and permit him provide an explanation for to his family.

Prachi says you’ve got got fooled me because 2 years, and also you idea to make it again. He says I turned into in darkish room and couldn’t see. She says you couldn’t realize, however need to have sense, while touched Rhea. She says why you used to mention that you could sense me with closed eyes. Ranbir says I will say that even now, it isn’t always my mistake. Prachi says I am incorrect to accept as true with you, you turned into a one female guy and appears at Rhea. She says I by no means idea that you may have greater marital affair with my sister.

She asks Rhea if she didn’t sense shame, he turned into now no longer in his senses, however you is aware of that he’s my husband. She asks did you misinform me, which you have modified and forgotten your past. She says you’ve got got betrayed me massive and says you’ve got got cheated me massive. Rhea says what approximately your betrayal with me. She says that is the revenge for that, that you did with me a few years ago. Prachi is shocked.

Precap: Prachi tells that accept as true with is step one of each relation, you’ve got got damaged my accept as true with and I am breaking relation with you, from nowadays our relation is over for forever. Ranbir is shocked.


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