Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 19th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Ranbir mendacity at the mattress and reminisces Prachi at the mattress smiling at him. He feels harm. ya rabba plays…..Prachi additionally imagines Ranbir on her mattress and switches at the lighting fixtures happily. They couldn’t sleep and stand up. He takes out his boxing gloves and punches at the punching bag.

Prachi involves the window and appears remorseful. Ranbir thinks of his moments with Prachi and says I don’t need to reflect onconsideration on her, she isn’t always really well worth it. Soni’s sister involves Prachi’s room and unearths her misplaced. She facts her video and thinks Rhea gets glad today. Sushma comes there, calling Prachi. Prachi comes out of the trance. Sushma says I became awaiting you.

Prachi says sorry. Sushma says don’t say sorry, you haven’t performed whatever wrong, don’t say sorry. She says shall we cross and feature breakfast. Prachi says I am now no longer hungry. Soni’s sister tells that she can be able to serve meals. Sushma asks Prachi to have meals in someday and says I will visit workplace and driving force will come lower back earlier than the temple time. She thinks a way to cope with Prachi, and thinks Pragya hears, however doesn’t say and Prachi say and don’t pay attention and live alone. She asks Soni’s sister Gita to % her lunch bag and says I will now no longer do breakfast. Gita is going. Sushma is going to Pragya and Abhi’s room.

They are nevertheless in coma and at the ventilator support. Sushma cries seeing Pragya and says that’s why I didn’t need you to return back to India. She says my worry became of a mother, who misplaced one daughter and don’t need to lose every other daughter. She says you gave me new lifestyles, I concept God despatched you on Priyanka’s place. She says your love delivered you for your husband, I might have well-known him, however couldn’t recognize him.

She involves Abhi and asks in case you are her husband, then why don’t you guard her, why she has to stand the issues after assembly you, then you definitely she stood with the aid of using you and were given you freed of all of your terrible habits. She says I even have despatched Pragya to shop your lifestyles and you’ve taken her a ways from me. She says you have to have taken her as a husband and now no longer like this. She says stand up Abhi and get in touch with Pragya. She says Pragya will stand up listening to you, she is any such spouse who fights with Yamraj for you. She then asks Pragya to stand up and says I can’t stay with out you. She cries.

Lawyer involves Sushma’s residence and says he desires to meet Prachi. Gita involves Prachi and says a person got here to satisfy you. Rhea is restless. Pallavi involves her and asks why are you nervous? Rhea says what do you suspect that Lawyer have reached Prachi’s residence with the aid of using now with the divorce papers. Prachi involves the Lawyer. Lawyer introduces himself as Ranbir’s attorney. Rhea says don’t understand how Prachi will react seeing the divorce papers. The attorney tells Prachi that Ranbir Kohli has despatched divorce papers for her and desires her sign up it. Prachi is bowled over.

Pallavi says Prachi desires to understand first, if Ranbir has signed on it. When she sees his signal then her ego could be harm and he or she will signal to expose that she isn’t always harm. Rhea asks her to speak in low tone and says Ranbir may pay attention. She closes the door. Pallavi says whilst he don’t have time to speak to us, why will he pay attention us.

She says you’ve got got copied Ranbir’s signal very well, and it looks as if Ranbir’s signal. The attorney offers the papers in her hand and asks her to signal anyplace Ranbir has signed. Prachi recollects Ranbir’s phrases and receives emotional. She drops the document at the ground and runs in the residence, recalling his phrases. Sushma comes out from Abhi and Pragya’s room. Prachi collides together along with her and once more runs, recalling Ranbir’s phrases. Sushma is bowled over to look her country and is going in the back of Prachi.

Prachi locks the door. Sushma involves the door. Rhea says Ranbir gets free of Prachi today. Pallavi says now no longer so easy, she can be able to ask alimony from Ranbir. Rhea says how lots she can be able to ask, and says we are able to deliver her some thing she demands. She says while you communicate to Ranbir, how he’s going to react?

Vikram says marriage will appear whilst the divorce happens? He asks why are you each tensed? Pallavi says till whilst we are able to see our son in tension. Vikram asks approximately whom you’re speakme? Pallavi says I am speakme approximately Ranbir. Vikram says Ranbir is doing amazing and says he has now no longer simply dealt with our company, however took it to pinnacle position. he says he have to have performed this earlier than, however couldn’t do because of that Prachi.

He says earlier than speakme approximately his marriage with Rhea, you shall communicate to him approximately divorce. He says in case you communicate to him without delay approximately marriage, then he’s going to now no longer respond positively. Rhea says we’ve began out the divorce papers and despatched them to Prachi. Vikram asks if Prachi signed? Pallavi says Prachi will signal seeing Ranbir’s symptoms and symptoms on it. Vikram asks Ranbir signed and says he….pallavi says you need all of the solutions now. Vikram says you’re telling me the entirety in installments. Pallavi says we concept to split him from Prachi, after which will communicate to him approximately his marriage with Rhea.

She says we’ve solid his signatures. Vikram says Ranbir’s faux signatures. Pallavi says don’t worry, no person will understand. She says Prachi will sign up it after which we are able to display it to Ranbir. Vikram asks if Ranbir will now no longer ask, how his symptoms and symptoms got here at the papers. Rhea says Ranbir will now no longer ask, he loves Prachi a lot and whilst he sees the papers, then he’s going to get irritated on Prachi. Vikram says his anger will loosen up after which will ask how his signal got here at the papers. Pallavi says I will inform him that he became under the influence of alcohol after celebration and had signed at the papers. Vikram says you’re mendacity for your son.

Pallavi says we need to make that eclipse Prachi pass from his lifestyles and that’s why I am geared up to do whatever. Vikram says I am geared up to do whatever for my son’s happiness. Rhea says it’s miles stated right, wait fruit is good and says they’re doing as I need. She says as soon as Prachi symptoms and symptoms, then Ranbir could be mine. She smiles.

Sushma asks Prachi to open the door. Prachi runs to the toilet and stands below the shower. She cries badly.

Precap could be brought later.


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