Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Ranbir approximately to exit to forestall Prachi. Rhea says they may pass a long way right here and live, they may live collectively with none regulations and fear. They desired this, ruined our residence and set their very own residence. Prachi falls down at the door, simply as she is ready to leave. Vikram, Pallavi and Dida examine her. Prachi receives up and appears at them. She receives hit via way of means of the door and steps out of the residence. Rhea comes close to Ranbir.

Pallavi tells Dida that she has come to be Gandhari and become blinded because of Ranbir. She curses Prachi by no means to be glad and says I will by no means forgive her for one hundred births. She says she can be able to get cursed via way of means of a mother, I will curse her every day in order that she cry every day and get punished every day. Dida says Prachi isn’t like this. Pallavi says do you observed that she is harmless and says she went from right here silently and Ranbir didn’t forestall her either. She says he’s preventing his tears and says this could come to be the ache for lifetime. Ranbir is going out from the room. Rhea smirks evilly and walks out in the back of him.

Prachi remembers Ranbir’s phrases and taking walks on the street. She stumbles recalling his phrases. She runs on the street and is ready to get hit via way of means of the auto. She stops. Song plays….She faints and falls down on the street. Sushma is withinside the vehicle and springs out. She holds her and asks what befell?

Pallavi tells Rhea and Ranbir that they each are chargeable for anything befell. She says you have been approximately to get married, however Ranbir married Prachi. She says Rhea you permit that marriage take place and these days the future added you on the identical area while you each have been separated. She says while your adventure is identical, then why the manner will be special. She says I need you each to get collectively and says I am getting you each married. Dida and Vikram are shocked. Ranbir is shocked. Rhea smiles and hides her smiles. Pallavi says this become destined.

One Month Later (New Delhi)

Ranbir receives down from a black vehicle and is asking special from his regular appears. The newshounds come to him and asks if he need to crack a huge deal of Kohli Industries. Ranbir says I see the deal as a challenge. The reporter asks Ranbir if he sold the motel with lots cash than required. Ranbir says I gave 50 percentage greater and says if that hotelier desired, I might have sold it for a double price. They ask why he desired to shop for that motel. Ranbir says because of my stubbornness. Rhea smiles searching at his interview. She switches off the TV. Pallavi tells that considering the fact that Prachi left from his residence,

Shani went from his lifestyles, he’s doing so nicely for himself and says his picturegraph comes withinside the newspaper and his interviews are available magazine. He is doing so accurate for himself and she or he feels happy with him. She says considering the fact that Sid left the commercial enterprise, Ranbir took the commercial enterprise to the following stage and says his call is taken as commercial enterprise tycoon. She says this will have befell earlier than, if that center elegance Prachi become now no longer in his lifestyles, and says my son back to his residence past due. Rhea says he back domestic, however didn’t come to me.

She says I am ready to marry him, however he’s busy and asks while will he marry me? Pallavi says he’ll marry you, however earlier than that, he has to make himself come to be sturdy to overlook Prachi fully. She says human beings take special way to triumph over breakup and says he has placed himself in coal mine and doing brilliant in his commercial enterprise. The man asks Ranbir if he shall set up the birthday birthday celebration and says I knew that you’ll get the deal. Ranbir says I don’t do birthday birthday celebration. The customer tells that they prefer birthday birthday celebration. Ranbir says you could preserve the birthday birthday celebration, however don’t name me.

The worker tells the customers that he’s like that only, now no longer understandable. Ranbir calls the worker and asks him why he got here past due these days and says in case you come past due then might be fired. The worker says I recognise you’ll now no longer hearthplace me, as my brother become your university buddy and you like me. Ranbir says I don’t, I love your paintings.

Rhea tells Ranbir that if he remains busy then will he overlook Prachi. She says I am concerned and says you’re preserving him farfar from prachi however now no longer from her memories. She says Ranbir loves Prachi plenty and says in the event that they meet once more then he’ll pass returned to Prachi.

She says our Servant Soni’s sister Gita went to Prachi and advised that she felt awful for her, for anything befell with Prachi. She says Prachi employed Gita and says Gita doesn’t paintings for Prachi, however for me. She says Gita despatched me this video these days. She suggests the video wherein Prachi is asking distressed. She says if Ranbir sees this video then he’ll soften for her.

At the visitors signal. Ranbir is in his vehicle, even as Prachi is in different vehicle with Sushma. She is misplaced in thoughts. The vendor knocks at the window and asks her to shop for the pen. Prachi continues to be misplaced. The female vendor knocks on Ranbir’s vehicle window and asks him to shop for the pen, as her children are hungry. Ranbir offers her 500 Rs and buys the pen. He asks her to preserve the pen.

Rhea tells Pallavi that Ranbir will now no longer suppose that she is on this condition, that her reality is out and her appreciate is long past and she or he couldn’t overlook him. She says he’ll suppose that Prachi is on this condition, as she went farfar from him. She says if he sees her, then will hug her and their pictures will come withinside the newspaper. Ranbir attempts to examine Prachi as her pallu flies out of the auto. Signal frees and he drives off. Prachi attempts to examine him. Sushma additionally drives the auto and says he kicked you out of your lifestyles and also you couldn’t throw him out out of your mind, it isn’t accurate to consider him all of the time. Pallavi says Ranbir will by no means meet Prachi.

Rhea says you had stated this, while our marriage become fixed, however he went to Prachi. She asks what’s the assure that this can now no longer take place once more. Pallavi says I am the assure and says that’s why I am getting you each married. Rhea says new residence door will open while vintage residence door closes. Pallavi says I gets his divorce done. Rhea says while you talked to him approximately divorce, he didn’t go back domestic for lots days. Pallavi says however he didn’t visit Prachi either, as he hates her. She says I recognise and recognize that he’s taking time to join up the divorce papers. She says we are able to get Prachi’s signal first and says I am sending divorce papers to Prachi tomorrow.

Prachi is withinside the room and is devastated. She appears at Ranbir’s percent withinside the newspaper because the a success businessman. She remembers their moments and maintains returned the newspaper. His phrases echo in her ears and she or he receives afraid and cries. Ranbir comes domestic and takes out his garments from it. He thinks there may be no area for her even in his imagination. Prachi cries and lies down at the bed. Ranbir additionally lies down on his bed. Jaanisar tune plays….

Precap: Pallavi tells Rhea that her signal looks as if Ranbir’s signal. Rhea smiles. Lawyer involves Prachi and asks her to signal, anyplace Ranbir has signed. Prachi appears on the divorce papers and throws it in shock. She runs withinside the residence. Pallavi says we will get the Prachi’s grahan from Ranbir’s lifestyles and I can do some thing for it.


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