Kumkum Bhagya

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The Episode begins offevolved with lodge body of workers taking Rhea and Sid to their room and asks them to name room carrier in the event that they want something. Sid offers cash to him. He is going. Sid tells that it’s miles beautiful. Rhea asks what’s beautiful, I don’t suppose something is unique. He asks do you need to extrade the resort? Rhea says no. Sid says if she don’t like this room. She says there are numerous matters, which isn’t always appreciated through us,

however we need to adjust. She says Ranbir is right here, then why we are able to cross everywhere else. Sid says we got here right here for excursion and want to have a great time, in case you don’t need then we are able to extrade it. She says I got here with Ranbir and could cross again with him. Sid asks why are you taking Ranbir’s name? Rhea says I don’t want to provide an explanation for small matters to you. She says she desires to clean up and is going. Sid thinks if she is the identical. He blames himself and thinks issues commenced earlier than honeymoon.

Tanu confronts Aaliya and says you stated which you don’t have any reference to Pragya’s daughters, however simply now I heard you speaking to Rhea. Aaliya says you could’t come among Rhea and me. She says she is like my daughter and become withinside the scenario wherein I become in identical scenario, and simplest I can help.

Tanu says you could inform me, and I went via the identical scenario. Aaliya says you don’t love Bhai, however desired his cash. Tanu says even Purab become your stubbornness, and likewise, Ranbir is Rhea’s stubbornness. Aaliya shouts Tanu. Tanu says she has proven her replicate and asks her why she is getting angry, and asks her to pay attention the truth. She says love is love, its feelings may be different, and asks her now no longer to lecture her that her love is straightforward than her.

Sid comes out and tells Rhea that she got here alone. She says she isn’t always a bit lady and is going to take a seat down at the table. She thinks wherein is Ranbir? Sid says sorry, honestly petrol become over. He says I recognise you’re disenchanted with me because of this. Rhea asks him to name Ranbir and Prachi.

Sid says it appears your temper may be excellent after they come. She says no doubt, and says you’ll get such solution for stupid question. He calls them. Ranbir and Prachi come there. Rhea hugs Prachi and Ranbir. Ranbir is surprised. Rhea asks wherein become you, why you got here overdue. Prachi asks Sid, what’s he searching at? She says they were given overdue because of Ranbir.

Sid says really. Prachi tells Ranbir that she become complaining to Sid approximately him. Ranbir says we’re on honeymoon and holds her hand. She holds his hand and says we’re on honeymoon. Ranbir asks Sid and Rhea to take a seat down together, and preserve every other’s hand. Prachi says that’s why I don’t need to return back. Ranbir says you’re formally married and may do something, atleast can preserve the hand. Rhea says how will you see this Ranbir,

how can I preserve a person else’s hand. She says if I do this, then won’t you sense bad? Prachi laughs and says you scared Ranbir. She says she become joking? Ranbir says I requested you, however she responded. He says I become wondering why you stated this. Prachi falls. Ranbir kisses on her cheeks and says we’re on honeymoon. Prachi says you notion I will scold you, no. We are on honeymoon. Rhea receives jealous seeing Ranbir and Prachi’s romance and throws the fork at the floor. She then says sorry.

Manager comes there and thank you the visitors for giving them excellent reviews. He says we’ve unique preparations for today. He brings guitar and asks Ranbir to sing. He says I showed together along with your wife. Ranbir says no. Prachi says please Ranbir. Ranbir says I will sing a hundred songs, and dedicates his track to Prachi. He sings track….fundamental agar kahun…. for Prachi. Prachi enjoys the track, even as Rhea seems jealous and angry. Ranbir involves Prachi and takes her to stage. Prachi sings and dances with him. Sid performs the guitar.

Aaliya is disenchanted and tells that Pragya can extrade, however Bhai will now no longer extrade. All global is in the beginning side, and Pragya at the other. She says he got here to take revenge and displaying faithfulness. She thinks neither my husband nor my son don’t want me. She says simplest Rhea topics in her life.

Rhea thinks of Ranbir and Prachi’s romance. She collides with a man and scolds him. Aaliya calls Rhea and asks how is everything? Rhea says horrible. She says not anything is occurring as I notion, I shouldn’t have come right here, after which Ranbir and Prachi wouldn’t have come. She says they may be romancing as though they were given married the previous day and says my blood is boiling. Aaliya says I had advised you an idea. Rhea says Ranbir is behaving as though he’s expecting this present day when you consider that 2 days, and tells that she didn’t come to look this. She says I need him to mention that I am excellent and attractive. Aaliya asks her to close up.

She says you don’t have time to draw him, then you’ll visit room and get closer. She says it’s miles waste of time. She asks her to return back to point, asks her to take Ranbir to room and get towards him. Rhea asks what to do, to divert his mind. She says a way to take him to my room, it’s miles too difficult. Aaliya asks her to get him drunk. She tells that Prachi’s impact will leave while he’s drunk. She says she can be able to ee-e book a room there, and asks her to take him there. she asks are you getting my point. Rhea says ee-e book the room, I will make preparations of drinks. She calls waiter and asks if he desires to earn more cash. He smiles. She smiles. Prachi asks Rhea wherein did she cross, and tells that Ranbir sang nicely and absolutely each person clapped for him. He tells that Prachi additionally danced nicely.

Rhea tells that she has ordered dinner. Ranbir says I am very hungry. He asks Sid if he desires to consume some thing else. Sid says no. Rhea says I ordered meals of absolutely each person’s choice. The waiter comes there whom Rhea has bribed. Rhea takes the drink and offers to Prachi, pronouncing tender drink. The waiter symptoms and symptoms Rhea. Rhea takes the glass and recollects including pill in it. She offers the spiked drink to Ranbir and smiles.

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