Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The whole crowd congratulations mr saluja, they exclaim that he has made it a opposition, they are saying they have got by no means seen a opposition like this of their life, abhi replies that he feels there should continually be a competition and now it’s time to celebrate.

Pragya receives a name from gautam, she asks what did he heard, she questions what does he suggest, he replies she offered the belongings from him announcing it changed into really essential but now is attempting to promote it, pragya replies that she has informed sushma however doesnot sense critical to speak about it with everybody else,

gautam wonders why is he now not angry with her, she is rude and cussed but even then he doesnot sense indignant, she even blamed him calling him a thief yet he’s nevertheless not mad, he thinks it’s miles while they’re in love.

Abhi is with the bidders when they are congratulating him, the secretary is with a person who says that he doesnot seem like mr saluja, she replies that it is due to the fact that is his first public sale, now and again the bidders tend to ship their proxy at the auction. Pragya comes to congratulate mr saluja, he shakes his hand and even kisses her, he setting out the hat, pragya is shocked to see that it is abhi, she questions why is he nonetheless following her, he disguised as mr saluja,

he has yet again deceived her, he replies he is not deceiver however whilst someone offers him a lecture he pays no heed but if he’s challenged he wins the assignment without any trouble, pragya replies he has not modified and remains a deceiver, abhi replies she has additionally not modified, she turned into demanding before however the distinction is that she makes him feel irritated due to her revenge however what’s the motive, sushma jee says he must no longer force her to post his pictures everywhere so her guards forestall him, abhi replies to take his autograph, she is honestly frustrated,

he mentions she might additionally like him after seeing his challenge for pragya, sushma jee replies it could by no means occur, abhi replies she challenged him to earn the money and buy again the property but it simplest took a restore with which he turned into able to prevent the auction. Abhi warns them to not venture him any time, he is constantly equipped to win any sort of competition, sushma replies she might continually keep in mind him.

Abhi responds she need to don’t forget his call abhishek prem mehra and no longer his paintings, it’s far due to the prem in his call that he is like this, if she ever desires to defeat him she ought to use the energy of affection, he doesnot have whatever worthwhile in his life that’s why he doesnot work as he feels there is no want however whilst he’s going to once more find the love, he might truly be capable of damage her complete plan with none trouble.

Abhi mentions he has the whole thing besides love, sushma jee calls the safety ordering them to throw him out of the residence, he but signs and symptoms his hand bringing up it’s far his call, he turns returned advising pragya to as a minimum take his name once in a day, if she takes his name ten instances then might started out talking in a well mannered manner, he explains they have to start with something sincere so starting off the jacket asks her to present it to mr saluja, he turns to leave which honestly angers pragya.

Prachi walks closer to the door, ranbir says that it would be the launderer, prachi mentions that she is aware of it’s far the supervisor, ranbir exclaims why do people always have a tendency to purpose trouble, he receives a name from sid, ranbir immediately questions why does he usually name prachi because he used to feel that they had been pals, sid mentions that he is simply calling for paintings, prachi taking the cell explains she has given the papers to the manager and ends the call, prachi goes into the kitchen, ranbir exclaims that it is his area but prachi replies they may be a couple so each are responsible, she mentions she would make mix greens for them, ranbir asks her to train him a way to kneed the flour.

Sushma jee says to pragya that she must not think about him, pragya replies it isn’t always that, however she has in the beyond years misplaced just one and he has yet again ruined her complete life, the supervisor comes with the papers asking where is mr saluja as he had to sign the papers, mr saluja comes exclaiming what sort of a poor control is this as he turned into locked in the rest room for a long term, pragya calls the guards ordering that if the character involves the house they all should tell her, sushma jee orders the supervisor to all over again deliver the time of 6 pm for the auction, supervisor replies it may not be viable for every body to be again, sushma jee explains all of them loved the property so could simply come returned.

Aliya and tanu both get out of the automobile, tanu fingers the motive force the cash asking him to hold the change but he asks her to pay the whole amount, she questions why are they still inside the residence, tanu and aliya exclaim they would no longer let pragya advantage shape their house, aliya replies that when the house turned into taken from them due to the court case it became given to thapar however she can no longer permit pragya to make the most of it.

Prachi is showing ranbir the way to kneed the flour, she indicates they ought to pour in a little water otherwise it will become rubbery, ranbir replies it’s far higher as they each might be glued together, they’re actually near while the neighbour comes asking for sugar however she turns bringing up it would a incorrect time, ranbir coming to prachi exclaims he’s bored to death with the interference in their lives as he feels that everybody is an enemy of his romance, he can’t accept it, he advises they have to go to a place where there may be no interference, prachi taunts him saying they are able to go to the jungle, wherein the jaguar and money may be their neighbours.

Sushma jee apologizes to everybody, she explains that dev could another time start the bidding, while the auction starts sushma jee says that everyone has come lower back because all of them favored the house but the only character who would get is the one who bids the highest quantity. Tanu questions aliya in which her secretary is, aliya replies she has ended the call so could be arriving honestly soon, aliya gets a call from juhi so asks if the whole lot is the identical with papers, she comes to a decision to head inner.

The public sale is progressing and sushma jee says that it is the for the pleasant due to the fact the quantity has crossed 250 crores, however now it’s going to also cross three hundred crores, aliya and tanu enter exclaiming the auction cannot occur, dev questions who are they due to the fact they have been not invited, tanu replies they are no longer right here due to the invitation, pragya questions while did she get the bail, tanu and aliya turn to peer pragya, sushma jee is likewise shocked to see tanu.


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