Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Abhi exclaims he loves the alternate in her attitude however he doesnot like the angry which she is depicting, earlier than when she used to be indignant it turned into in amusing that is why he named her paughi, pragya replies that she is no longer his pragya and has changed, abhi mentions dadi used to mention that timber generally tend to exchange with the seasons however they honestly continue to be the identical, pragya replies that the considering humans can change, abhi recollects that tanu noted him she has simply come to take revenge from him and has just one purpose of destroying him.

Pragya replies that human beings tend to alternate because while she might no longer live without him earlier than now she doesnot have any feeling other then anger whilst he is round her, abhi replies that he feels he have to had been drunk so he ought to have notion of it as a awful dream, pragya replies she has visible the life destroying in vast sunlight hours, she begins recalling the past moments, she turns abhi asks why is she suppressing the emotions which are looking to come out, pragya replies that he need to go away the house as he has seen it, abhi replies while the financial institution became snatching this residence shape him, he had no hassle leaving due to the fact she turned into neither gift nor turned into dadi however now seeing her, it is surely difficult for him to go away, he requests her to prevent the public sale,

pragya replies that she is aware of every and each memory which they have of the residence has his stunning aspect but the awful memories are all related to her, she explains she might make certain any reminiscence that’s associated with him is removed from her existence, she could sale the residence and make him pay for the movements due to which she suffered. Abhi remembers that he stated the brakes of her vehicle are failed, he might simplest see her useless frame, he exclaims she has come to are seeking for revenge, pragya replies he can suppose she had the equal concept,

she thought whilst she could come back he could be a certainly large enterprise man, having the manage over the complete tune enterprise however it isn’t always the case as he is dwelling the life as a not unusual guy, she deliberate to tug him down from the height of his empire which humans might think is not feasible as she would most effective feel pleasant then however it cannot manifest as he has already stopped so low so how can she break him,

abhi replies she is looking him to peer certainly however she can’t see it, he is standing on the ground however it doesnot mean he can not do it once again, he is the abhishek prem mehra and has sufficient electricity to rise to any top, he mentions his power is his own family but if anyone reasons them pain then he will no longer permit anyone forget, abhi explains he doesnot need the residence to be auctioned off because it’s far the memories which he has, he started out from the chawl, so his roots are strong.

Abhi replies that she has just received the location to spoil him but he then again finished it to gain the heights, he vows to make her pay, he would wreck her aims as he has the ability to spoil her at any given point in time, sushma jee coming asks him to have the capability and buy the belongings from them if he thinks too, she after seeing him feels that he doesnot have the capability to even earn whatever, he must go away the house, abhi replies that he used to very own the house so knows the routes of the residence, he leaves.

Sushma jee asks why she known as him here and what became the want to argue, pragya replies that there has been want as earlier than while she entered the residence, she did now not want to promote it but now after having a assembly with him, she is certain to sell the house, she could make sure the house is auctioned off.

Abhi is taking walks while the secretary is following him, she replies she has been ordered to reveal him the way out of the house, he asks why she is following him due to the fact he knows each corner of the residence, she replies she has been asked to verify, he leaves the house, he asks if she is married, she responds she isn’t, he says that is why she doesnot recognize what the hassle is due to the fact she has no longer suffered the problems within the relationships. Abhi exclaims why does sushma should intervene inside the topics referring to a husband and wife, he but assures he would go away the house.

Pragya asks her if abhi has left she assures that he went out of the house, she is sitting beside sushma jee says that he has left the residence, abhi enters the public sale disguised as mr saluja, he recalls when he was with the secretary, mr saluja came thinking approximately the rest room, he followed him to the room, so wearing his garments he has now entered the public sale.

The auctioneer after presenting the schematics of the house, requests the begin of the bidding, the public sale reaches the quantity of 100 and ninety corers, beginning from the base charge of one hundred crores.

Tanu is scolding the taxi motive force thinking why he isn’t always capable of fix it, the motive force replies it’s far because of the monsoon season, the issues do not come after pronouncing, tanu asks aliya to come back together with her as they will lease every other taxi, the driving force before everything needs his money, aliya concurs to present him the money but they both after hiding input another automobile leaving the motive force, tanu exclaims nobody can mess with them when they are together.

Abhi disguised as mr saluja is continuously bidding, sushma jee mentions she feels he clearly likes the house or would possibly know the actual well worth of the mansion, he’s ultimately able to outbid the other competitor, he is capable of take the ownership of the mansion at the charge of two hundred and fifty crores, everybody who become collaborating starts congratulating him, abhi thinks what type of idiots are they as they’re congratulating him whilst he has once again bought his own house, pragya also says they have to congratulate him so begins on foot in the direction of him now not knowing he’s truly abhi.

Precap: pragya congratulates mr. Saluja and shakes arms. Abhi hides his face. She doubts that it’s abhi. He kisses her hand.


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