Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 12th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Abhi taking Aaliya out and asks her if she didn’t see who’s the agency, being inquisitive about paintings so a whole lot. Aaliya says Pragya requested me to do paintings. Abhi says if Pragya says then you’ll paintings anywhere, you realize what form of man Gaurav is? Aaliya asks what type? He says in case you don’t understand then pass and ask Tanu, she can be able to say, why I am in Pragya’s house.

Aaliya says you usually take aspect of Pragya and asks did you notice how the agency is, earlier than taking the paintings. Did you notice how Pragya is? She says Pragya is probably mendacity and she or he is seeing her advantage. Abhi says Pragya isn’t mendacity as I became there, then additionally I might have believed Pragya, as she isn’t like Tanu, who raised questions about her personal character. Pragya comes there and hears him taking stand for her. He says I understand Gaurav well, I didn’t see this kind of reasonably-priced guy like Gaurav earlier than,

and that’s why doubting Pragya is out of question. Aaliya says accept as true with her, however don’t have blind faith. He asks her why you didn’t inform me approximately your new process. Aaliya says it has slipped from my mind. She says what’s essential is that I were given a process. Abhi asks her to depart the process. Aaliya says I will now no longer go away the process, I am getting recognize on this process and Gaurav thinks I am capable. Abhi says you. Aaliya says gentle is ready to open, I ought to be on the convention corridor and thank you Pragya for lecturing her to paintings. She says even I am incomes like you, and asks her now no longer to take some thing personally. She is going. Pragya thank you him. Abhi says sorry. He says my sister is running together along with your enemy, sorry for that. Pragya says you’re with me, regardless of your sister with whoever she is running. She says what isn’t essential is what number of humans are towards you, what’s essential is that a person is status with you, the agree with that you has on me, thanks for that. Abhi says you may behave badly with me, however you’re a very good woman. He says shall we pass and spot who were given the gentle. Pragya says you’re in reality satisfying our relation.

Ranbir involves the kitchen and asks Prachi what’s she doing? She says she is making presentation equipped for the assembly tonight. He says I will upload salt. Prachi says I even have already added. Ranbir says I will knead the flour. She says she can be able to do. He says I actually need to assist you, and asks her to peer that he’s going to knead the flour so well, that it’ll be reshmi roti. Prachi asks him to pass. Shaina seems at them. Prachi applies aata on his face and asks him to pass. He says you probably did it deliberately and attempts to pour aata on her, she closes her eyes and says sorry. He kisses on her cheeks. Prachi opens her eyes and sees Shaina. Shaina says I became going to visitor room and got here right here. Prachi tells the manner to visitor room. Ranbir receives a call.

Shaina is going to Rhea’s room. Rhea says now I can walk, has to get fine, as Ranbir and Prachi can be together. Shaina makes her take a seat down and asks her now no longer to do cat walk. She says Ranbir and Prachi aren’t going and you’re satisfied. Rhea says in the event that they have gone, then they’ll be alone, however right here I can manage them, I can’t consider what they are able to do. Shaina says they are able to romance being husband and spouse, I am seeing them romancing withinside the kitchen, Ranbir became supporting Prachi in kitchen and became teasing him. He is this kind of candy husband and might romance his spouse anywhere. She says he romances her withinside the kitchen and he can be a whole lot romantic withinside the bed room. Rhea shouts Shaina. Shaina says that is truth. Rhea says that is brief and the truth can be modified and it’ll be Ranbir and Rhea. Shaina says truth. Rhea says enough. Shaina says you’ve got got made imaginary lifestyles being alone, however the fact is that they may be satisfied together. Shaina says you’re satisfied together along with your husband, after which additionally you’re right here. Shaina says we had a fight, however each husband and spouse have a fight. Rhea asks her to kind out the hassle and live in hotel. Shaina says you may’t extrade and is going.

Gaurav asks Aaliya approximately gentle. Aaliya says you’ll handiest win. Gaurav says I need to peer my victory on Pragya’s face. Pragya and Abhi come there. Gaurav says Pragya ji, equal office, owners. Now you need to wait as you need to have a good time my win. Abhi says pre-birthday party isn’t exact and you may get coronary heart assault. Gaurav tells which you each may have finished coronary heart assault whilst you got here to understand approximately Aaliya running with us. Sushma comes there and congratulates Pragya. Gaurav says gentle isn’t out. Sushma says my studies can in no way pass wrong. Aaliya says I can in no way be wrong. The man comes there and congrats Gaurav for buying the gentle. Abhi says I desired Pragya to win. Pragya says he’s pronouncing as Aaliya instructed him. She says the gentle became approximately to be out at 10 am. Abhi says it’s miles 10 am. The man exams and says your call isn’t withinside the gentle. Gaurav is shocked. Aaliya asks him to test employer call. Abhi asks him to test Marcus employer. The man says Kiara Arora Industries has won. Aaliya asks whose employer is this? Sushma says it’s miles of Pragya. Abhi receives emotional and appears at Pragya, reminiscing Kiara. He hugs Pragya and cries. Pragya additionally cries. Song performs ek tukda. She says we’ve won, this victory of yours, mine and of Kiara.

Pallavi is on call. Prachi brings tea. Pallav sees Ranbir and asks what passed off for your assembly. Ranbir says you had requested me to cancel all of the conferences and that’s why I am right here. Vikram comes there and greets Ranbir. Prachi offers him tea. Vikram sips tea and tells that he may be very satisfied. Ranbir asks what’s the matter? Pallavi says we can’t inform, earlier than it’s miles finished. Vikram says your Dida instructed me and became afraid that Pallavi will scold her. Ranbir asks what’s the coolest news? Vikram says your mummy can be chairman of Rajshri basis soon. Ranbir congrats her. Vikram says Pallavi is deserving. Prachi congrats her. Pallavi says Rajeshwari ji is coming the next day to take my sign, and says I desire you’ll now no longer create any scene, I known as for tea. She says shall I inform all and sundry else. Prachi says I will control and asks her to agree with her. Pallavi says your promise and my fact are facets of the coin. Prachi assures her.

Abhi thank you Pragya and says he’s satisfied as their daughter’s call is hooked up together along with her win. He says he hugged his boss excitedly. He congrats the men and is going. Pragya says Kiara Arora Industries is my employer and tells Gaurav and Aaliya that their studies isn’t successful. Sushma says what did you say, and tells that your Mundan is finished. Pragya says very soon, you’ll now no longer get access on this house, it isn’t important that enemy of enemy may be wonderful to you. She tells Aaliya that she may new boss or process, says one process is vacant at domestic and also you is aware of better. She is going with Sushma. Gaurav asks Aaliya if she is gambling sport with him. Aaliya says she is Pragya’s enemy and doubts Tanu.

Shaina involves Rhea’s room. Rhea asks her to return back and calls her witch. Shaina says your sister may come right here. Rhea asks her now no longer to say. Prachi comes there and asks her to take soup. Rhea says once more soup, I were given harm and didn’t get any surgery. Shaina asks Prachi to take a seat down. Rhea says Prachi has paintings and could go away. Prachi asks her to pay attention exact news. Shaina asks in case you are pregnant? Rhea receives upset.

Precap: Rhea asks Sid, how oftentimes he’s going to ask that if she has troubles with their marriage. Sid says I will now no longer ask once more, you’ll get the divorce papers soon. Rhea meets Aaliya and says if I pass for honeymoon with Sid, then how will I come toward Ranbir. Aaliya says Ranbir and Prachi are going with you for his or her honeymoon, and asks her to create this kind of scene that Ranbir comes for your bed room as opposed to Sid.


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