Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 12th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Prachi approximately to stroll out of the motel. Ranbir involves her and asks if she don’t experience ashamed to be stuck purple handed, after which displaying him mind-set and on foot out. Prachi says you didn’t depart some thing. He asks shall I ignore? Prachi says you accused me wrongly and asks in which did his love gone?

She asks why he used to enhance approximately his love. He says love is sided, however my love turned into one sided, it turned into foolishness, you used to idiot me. He says there has been no question among Sid and you, and asks if she don’t love Sid till now and says I agree with 0.33 character will are available your life. She shouts Ranbir. He says you’re uncovered and stuck via way of means of me, asks her now no longer to behave to be good. He asks why is she feeling bad, as she is stuck and he’s speakme approximately her lover.

Prachi says lover, and says you’re blinded via way of means of doubt and says some thing I say, you’ll suppose me incorrect and I will now no longer deliver any clarification. She says the manner you’re looking at me, this is incorrect and I will now no longer endure, as I am now no longer incorrect. She says we are able to communicate whilst this anger is going. Ranbir says whilst relation isn’t always left then what we are able to communicate. He asks what I will do after seeing my spouse at the mattress with my brother and asks will I preserve my relation with you.

He says I were given betrayal and understood that man or woman is wanted for marriage and now no longer love. He says Rhea turned into right, you’ve got got ruined her house. He says while you couldn’t be unswerving for your sister, then how you may be unswerving to me. Prachi says whilst best the husband is accusing her, then their relation isn’t always left.

Ranbir says I stuffed kumkum to your maang, however you disrespected it and went to fulfill Siddharth. Prachi says marriage is a obligation and each husband and spouse satisfy their responsibilities. She says husband’s responsibility is to satisfy spouse’s needs, deliver her recognize and love and says whilst husband disrespect his very own spouse then not anything is left, in which one sided choice is taken. She says it is incorrect to take a choice with out understanding the fact and says you may’t say that Siddharth and I even have an affair. Ranbir says I turned into blinded considering that 2 years, and says I turned into ignoring your and Sid’s illegitimate relation. Prachi says whilst the fact comes out, you may’t forgive yourself.

He says fact is out, even supposing I attempt to raise you, then additionally you may’t attain me. He says her tears are fake. Prachi says that is my actual tears. Ranbir asks her to simply accept her mistake and she or he will experience light. He says in case you agree then can be I can….He says I don’t need to speak to you, and don’t need to preserve relation with you, and says why am I announcing this? Prachi says due to the fact you like me. Ranbir recollects seeing them at the mattress, and says I don’t need to peer your face.

Prachi says I will now no longer make clear and could now no longer plead infront of you, and could now no longer plead for what I haven’t done. She says my accept as true with is damaged, however now no longer my self recognize. She says you by no means cherished me, and turned into locating methods to depart me like your Mom and dad. He says don’t convey my mother and dad. Prachi says I didn’t say while you introduced Rhea among us. She says I don’t love you or even you don’t love me. Ranbir asks why you didn’t inform me before.

She says once I informed that there’s not anything among Sid and me, you didn’t agree, however once I stated that I don’t love you, you agreed. He says I hate bewafa girl like you, and asks her to head farfar from his life, very far. Prachi says I am feeling very pain, as my dream broke these days. She says I desire we wouldn’t have meet, I desire I had now no longer fallen in love with you, I desire we wouldn’t are becoming married. Sad tune plays….Rhea is happy. Sid walks out.

Aaliya comes out of the room and symptoms and symptoms Rhea. Rhea smiles. Siddharth tells Ranbir that he’s doing incorrect. Ranbir hits him and says don’t say some thing. Sid asks him to conquer him and says your phrases are hurting me than your beating. Ranbir beats him more. Prachi appears on taken aback. Sid says beat me, however don’t say some thing to Prachi, she is innocent. He says we’ve come right here. Ranbir says to sleep right here and asks what a female and man do in motel room. Prachi says I can’t endure some thing towards my man or woman.

Ranbir asks them to live collectively and depart him. Rhea smiles. Ranbir asks them to marry so they live collectively and asks them now no longer to return back to the motel room. Prachi receives irritated and slaps Ranbir. Ranbir says that is our remaining meet, I will by no means neglect about your betrayal and slap. He says don’t contact me from now onwards, as there’s not anything among us. Sid asks if he’s mad? Ranbir beats him more. Rhea enjoys the sight. Prachi is status in shock.

The human beings come there and prevent Ranbir from beating him further. He says Prachi, its over. Prachi says it is right which you stated, else I might have stated. She walks farfar from the motel with tears in her eys. Rhea smiles happily. Ranbir walks in the back of Prachi. Song plays….Ranbir says I will curse the day all my life, I met you. She receives taken aback and appears at him as he is going in his vehicle. She shouts No.

Ranbir stops the auto and recollects seeing them at the mattress. Prachi is going for walks on the street. Ranbir receives out of his vehicle and recollects her phrases. She sits down on the street shattered and crying. Ranbir is likewise shattered and cries, asking why did you try this with me? Prachi says you’ve got got betrayed me, why did you doubt?

In the motel, the physician exams Sid and asks him to go to the hospital. The supervisor asks him to get the take a look at up done. Sid says I am fine. He asks Manager to take him to CCTV room, and asks him to expose the CCTV. Manager says yes. Aaliya hears them, and remains there.

Rhea comes domestic and hugs Prachi, gambling her emotional cards. Pallavi asks what happened? Rhea says Sid betrayed me and having an affair with Sid. She says I knew and informed Ranbir, however he had blind religion on Prachi. But these days he noticed them collectively in motel room collectively at the mattress. She acts and cries. She says Ranbir were given very irritated and damaged his relation with Prachi. She says I will damage my relation with Sid, and can’t depart with that betrayal Sid. She says that betrayal Prachi. Prachi comes there.

Precap: Rhea tells Prachi that each mom and daughter are same. She says one has ruined my domestic and your mother has ruined my dad’s domestic. Prachi is taken aback and slaps Rhea. Pallavi shouts at Prachi and asks her to take her stuff and depart from this house.


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