Kumkum Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya 10th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Pragya asking Abhi to try and win. Abhi says if I win, then you need to obey me for 20 mins. Pragya recollects Abhi failing to hit the bullseye earlier than and asks him to take 24 hours. Abhi takes the dart and throws it at the bullseye. Dadi receives glad and says bullseye in hindi. Pragya prays something. Abhi says she is analyzing mantra and doing cheating. Dadi says allow her read, you may win. Pragya throws the dart and hits the bullseye. Mitali and Tai come there. Dadi says there’s a recreation among Abhi and Pragya. Mitali says they’ll aid Abhi and asks Tai ji to be cheer girl. Tai ji says we can simply clap and cheers for Abhi. Abhi asks Dadi to look and throws the dart, however it falls down. Pragya says it fell withinside the middle.

Shagun and Anchal come there. shagun tells approximately Pragya’s assembly. Pragya says my suit goes on. Shagun says I will aid Abhi, however as there are numerous humans on his side, she can be able to aid Pragya Madam. Pragya throws the dart and it falls down. Abhi laughs. Dadi and Sushma whisper that Abhi is diverted and forgotten that he has come to take wine here. Abhi hits the bullseye once more and praises himself. He says that is Arjun’s target. Sushma asks Pragya to throw dart carefully, and it falls at the floor. Abhi, Tai ji and Mitali chortle and move out. Dadi tells Pragya that she has received and now no longer lost. Aanchal and Shagun ask Pragya now no longer to sense terrible, and inform that they’ll be in Abhi’s crew subsequent time. Pragya tells Sushma that she has hit on her ft and gave him 24 hours. He will make me do some thing now. Abhi, Mitali and Tai ji shout happily. Aaliya says Bhai used to try this in childhood. Abhi and others stroll making teach. Abhi says he has defeated Pragya in the sport. Mitali tells that Abhi hits the bullseye at the dart recreation. ..

Tai ji says we made teach and coming here. He says I will name you subsequent time, while we play recreation. Mitali asks Abhi to return back and says they ought to prevent the teach at the subsequent station. Tanu asks what’s happening, we didn’t come to defeat her in recreation, however in actual lifestyles. Aaliya says Pragya will defeat the following day in fact, she might be greatly surprised to look the character in her office. Tanu asks who’s the character? Aaliya says one terrible information with different, free. Tanu says terrible information for her, wow.

Pallavi says who calls on Landline nowadays. Dida says waste calls come on mobiles, however crucial calls come on Landline. Pallavi choices the decision and hears Rajeshwari ji on the decision. Rajeshwari ji says she has talked to committee participants and all of them need you to be chairperson of the foundation. Pallavi thank you her. Rajeshwari says we can meet as I need a few signatures of yours. Pallavi asks her to return back for tea. She tells Dida that she might be chairperson of the foundation. Dida congratulates her.

Sushma asks Pragya why is she taking the sport seriously. Pragya says how can he win. Sushma says you’ve got got diverted him and that is your victory. Pragya says he’ll torture me for twenty-four hours now. Abhi comes there and asks shall I convey digestion pill for you. He tells Sushma which you have instructed that your daughter is a champion in sports activities too. Sushma says Pragya became tired. Abhi asks her to relaxation nowadays and says we can make a brand new begin the following day.

Pragya says I am going to extrade my get dressed and sleep. Abhi says she became now no longer conceited earlier than and says you haven’t finished exact upbringing. Sushma says I met her while she became like this. Abhi says can be she became spoiled because of me and asks her to slap her subsequent time. Sushma says ok, I will slap her. She is going. Pragya comes out and receives disenchanted listening to him speaking to Sushma. She is going and rests at the bed. Abhi reminds her of the 24 hours promise and asks her to move and sleep on sofa, as he’s King and could sleep on King Size bed. He says we will play this recreation every day and tells that he didn’t have fun nowadays.

Pragya thinks he approach wine and says in case you arise from bed, then I will arise from sofa. Abhi asks her now no longer to stare him, else she can be able to fall in love with him. He says he’ll have fun withinside the morning. Pragya says exact night time and thinks sooner or later she can be able to get him rid of wine. He says watchman instructed that there’s a ghost withinside the residence. Pragya says yes. Abhi says goodnight and sleeps.

Next morning, Pragya and Abhi come to the office. Pragya tells that she couldn’t sleep all night time and could sleep on her bed. He says ok, sleep at the bed, I will now no longer say some thing, however we can have pillows among us. He says you don’t have attention on different matters than me. Pragya says she is concerned as nowadays smooth might be open, and whoever receives it, might be a hit businessman. Aaliya comes out from Gaurav’s cabin. Abhi asks what are you doing there? Aaliya recollects assembly Gaurav. He asks what are you doing here? He says Pragya couldn’t hold the stocks separate and that’s why he’s here.

He asks what are you doing here. Aaliya tells that she works with him in 50-50 partnership and says she might be companion with him, with the organization that’s towards Pragya. She says I will thieve all of the data from Pragya and could provide to you. Gaurav asks if it will likely be easy. Aaliya says we live in her residence and has get entry to to her laptop, cabinet etc. She says we’re partners, however for others I simply paintings for you. Abhi asks Aaliya what’s she doing here? Aaliya says she is running with Gaurav Thappar. She tells that she can be able to want to grow to be Gaurav’s worker as opposed to Pragya’s Servant. Abhi holds her hand and takes her outside. Pragya appears concerned.

Precap: Shaina tells Rhea that he has visible you each romancing in kitchen and says he’s this kind of candy husband. Rhea says something you’ve got got visible, that became fact, however it’s miles temporarily. She says very quickly fact will extrade and the fact might be Ranbir and Rhea. Abhi says sorry to Pragya. Pragya asks why? Abhi says my sister is running together along with your enemy. She says your sister is probably running with whoever, you’re with me. She says what isn’t crucial in lifestyles is that what number of humans are towards you, and says what’s crucial in lifestyles is that a person is status with you, says thanks for the believe that you have on me.


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