Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Sanjana asks Dev if he known as her, Dev replies they want to speak however she says first she needs to show some thing essential, she takes out the picturegraph of Soha, he asks what her picturegraph is doing with Sanjana, she replies that his daughter is her niece.
Sometime earlier, Sonakshi asks wherein Zayden is, he comes with the bird whilst he asks them to attend as he’ll convey the soup, Alena mentions that she feels she is simply hungry after seeing the meals cooked via way of means of him, Saurabh mentions she is truely simply hungry,

Vicky asks how he could consume all this, Saurabh mentions there’s not anything to fear approximately and he can consume it, Alena takes the picturegraph with Mishti whilst she explains there are extra human beings on this picturegraph, one is Vicky and the opposite the bird, she plans to publish it at the social media as even his mom follows her, Vicky snatched the cell from her pronouncing that he could be scolded withinside the house, Sonakshi receives as much as drink a few water, she explains to Bijoy how she desires to go away as Neha has come,

Zayden comes asking why6 is she going so early, questioning if she did now no longer just like the meals, Sonakshi exclaims he’s simply a terrific cook, she then palms Zayden an envelope bringing up how she has talked with Dev and Ishwari Infotech offers 5 scholarships to the ones youngsters who’re worth of them, Dev has determined to award him an scholarship, Zayden exclaims he doesnot the way to admire in those situations, Bijoy mentions he can provide them the go back via way of means of that specialize in his diploma and proving Dev and Sonakshi have relied on him, Zayden assures to paintings his exceptional, Sonakshi leaves after giving him hope.

Ishwari withinside the room is asking every body to return back and assist as her ankle is hurting simply bad, she attempts to face whilst Dev at once comes, she asks whilst did he come, he explains he could continually be there to attend to her, he explains that even if he can not come he has the second one exceptional thing, he palms her a bell which she rings, Aayush comes asking if she desires something, Dev advises him to 1 once more press it after which Soha comes asking if she calls for something, Dev all over again asks her to press it, she says she is aware of who could come now, Shuv comes asking if she desires something, Ishwari hugging him mentions she desires him, she blesses all 3 of them explaining how she changed into simply getting to know the way to use it and doesnot want something, all of them leave, Ishwari mentions she could in reality use it, Dev explains it’s miles only for emergency in any other case he could continually be with her.

Shuv is colouring whilst Aayush comes asking what’s he doing, Shuv explains he’s creating a crown after which suggests Aayush how it’s miles the drawing, Aayush involves assist him, they begin colouring whilst Shuv tears the paper, Aayush selecting is bowled over to peer that it’s miles the paper of Dev, Sonakshi comes, she is bowled over to peer it so begins offevolved scolding Aayush, he apologizes whilst Dev additionally comes, asking what did they do, he asks if Aayush did now no longer comprehend it’s miles his essential paintings, Soha involves shield them explaining it’s miles her fault as Shuv changed into soliciting for a huge paper for a protracted however she did now no longer recognize what to do,

Sonakshi walks beforehand to punish them however Dev protects them pronouncing it’s miles his fault in view that he left the paper at the table and it fell so the youngsters did now no longer recognize what to do, Sonakshi leaves in answer, Dev turns smiling whilst the youngsters smile, Dev explains that because the essential paintings is ruined, he could should ask the personnel to make it all over again and could even should apologize, so that they could promise to take care withinside the future, he asks them to finish the drawing because the paper is already ruined.

In the night time Dev walks into the room, he’s greatly surprised to peer Sonakshi to lights up the candles, he’s smiling and springs to take a seat down in the front of her whilst she lighting fixtures the candles on the desk, Sonakshi explains she has carried out all of it to introduce him to a person unique,

she suggests him withinside the replicate bringing up he’s the a person unique for her, and is aware of how to attend to the youngsters’s homework even if he’s simply busy withinside the workplace, she going to the desk brings the candies for him after which realizes how she made the chart for Sanjana however forgot to provide it to her, Sonakshi asks how does he assume she could appearance with Jitin due to the fact she heard him say that she is likewise single, Dev realising all of it at once hugs Sonakshi exclaiming his love for her.

In the morning Ishwari is simply excited bringing up how the morning is simply stunning due to the youngsters and it’s miles a while that is simply panicking however the morning creates a stunning scene, she exclaims how Dev continually does the whole thing he can for every body who’s worth enough,

Neha replies then he’s the only who’s getting rich, Ishwari mentions how he continually does something he can for every body, Neha questions what has he carried out for her, she asks what could be her percentage in his belongings as they have got the right, Ishwari is bowled over, Radha seeing this explains that she recalls whilst Dev stated that all of them have a percentage in his belongings or even Vicky is a partner, Ishwari explains Dev in no way breaks any of his promise. Neha leaves whilst Radha says Ishwari ought to now no longer fear approximately Neha.

Dev is withinside the workplace whilst Sanjana comes asking if he known as, Dev explains he desires to speak some thing essential to her however she replies even she has some thing with the intention to cement his consider in Serendipity, she takes out the picturegraph of Soha, Dev asks what’s her daughters phot doing with her, Sanjana replies that Soha is her organic niece, Dev is greatly surprised to listen this.

Precap: Dev sitting with Sonakshi explains anything Sanjana changed into pronouncing to him changed into now no longer an act however her emotions for him, he well-knownshows how she is the organic aunt of Soha and simply in love with him, Sonakshi is bowled over to listen this information from Dev.


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