Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Dev and Sanjana are using withinside the night time, the cellular jewelry which issues Sanajan, he assures her that it’s miles simply his cellular, he answering the decision assures Ishwari they may be returning to Delhi so she ought to now no longer be concerned however the roads aren’t in a terrific situation so he’s using virtually slow, Ishwari additionally advises him to now no longer hurry and stay calm.

Sonakshi withinside the workplace is recalling how Dev delivered the boarding byskip for her while she became approximately to leave, he even requested her to return back lower back soon. Dev is using, he explains Sanjana got here via way of means of herself all this manner, he explains it isn’t always safe, he asks what she wants, she explains she desires water, he mentions how he’ll search for it so then he sees a small shop, so is going out to deliver the water.
Dev asks the store proprietor to promote him the water bottle even if he is aware of the store is final, Sanjana seeing the possibility opens the automobile tank and places a few white substance in it, with out Dev noticing, he gets a name from Sonakshi, she questions in which is he due to the fact she got here to workplace due to a few work, they each aren’t capable of join while Sonakshi thinks she is getting past due so will name Dev afterwards.

Dev is using the automobile while the automobile begins offevolved to reasons troubles after which stops, Dev wonders what would possibly have brought on it due to the fact he had the automobile serviced only a few days ago, Dev begins offevolved checking for the hassle but thinks that it’s miles all fine, Sanjana fast places some thing withinside the water bottle. Dev coming to her requests for her cellular as he doesnot have any community however Sanjana suggests him the damaged cellular, Dev attempts catching the indicators, Sanjana popping out of the automobile gives Dev a few water, he before everything takes it however then refuses it pronouncing that she might want the water as they do now no longer recognize while they’ll get the assist, they each begin on foot, Sanjana exclaims that it’s miles virtually important for him to take the water in any other case her plan to have him come right here can be ruined.

Dev exclaims how he feels they’ll locate a few community right here however Sanjana pretends as though she has harm her leg, she asks Dev for assist, he then brings a timber stick for her so she will be able to take the help of it, Sanjana after on foot far exclaims she can not stroll anymore, Dev explains he has discovered an area for her to take a seat down, she even asks him to accompany her however he explains that he isn’t always tired, Sanjana mentions she is aware of why he isn’t always sitting beside her, he has until no longer forgiven her for the only mistake, she guarantees him to now no longer create any film scene, Dev sits beside her, she gives him a few water, he begins offevolved consuming it, Sanjana exclaims she is virtually happy he got here all this manner to assist her, however feels sorry that he were given caught on this hassle, Dev but explains he’s thankful for her due to the fact she helped Neha and additionally Vicky.

Sanjana sitting exclaims she virtually loves sitting beneathneath he timber withinside the night time as it’s miles virtually relaxing, Dev explains even Sonakshi additionally likes sitting beside the timber and acting the yoga, Sanjana receives tensed however then mentions she loves the timber as that is the most effective love which she ever had, Dev explains he doesnot like all kind of poetry however will say that his sky and land is all Sonakshi, Sanjana exclaims that is additionally poetry, Dev smiling explains that the affection of Sonakshi additionally made him a poet.

Sanjana sees how Dev is feeling dizzy, she thinks the drugs is beginning to work, Dev explains he feels Sonakshi is best due to the fact she is a great mom and daughter, Dev informs the primary time he met Sonakshi he felt as he were given hit via way of means of a tornado, she answered he have to live withinside the residence if he doesnot recognize the way to stroll , Dev explains his head is spinning, Sanjana explains that even she is getting a headache, Sanjana mentions it is probably due to the fact they may be tired, Sanjana explains they each are fortunate to have eachother, she doesnot have absolutely everyone whom she will be able to love a lot, Dev explains she might now no longer have intended it however he feels that after there may be a proper time even Sanjana might meet a person whom she loves, Sanjana asks him to locate a person however he explains that he doesnot recognize something approximately it, she will be able to but searching for the assist of Sonakshi.

Sanjana explains if Sonakshi became now no longer in his lifestyles and she or he had discovered her love the identical manner then what might had been his answer, Dev query s what kind of a query is that this due to the fact he advised her that Sonakshi is the sky and land of his lifestyles then why is she asking this query, Dev isn’t always capable of take a seat down so lies down at the grass, Sanjana additionally lies beside him after starting up the blazer.

In the morning, Sanjana is sound asleep while Dev even as waking up asks why did Sonakshi untie the button due to the fact he desires to sleep for 5 extra minutes, he at once wakes up after which get tensed thinking what passed off final night time due to the fact he became speakme approximately Sonakshi however then doesnot don’t forget something after that, Sanjana additionally explains she doesnot consider something, she explains what if some thing passed off, Dev but refuses of something, he indicators a truck to prevent after which sits withinside the lower back of it with Sanjana.

They each are sitting withinside the lower back, Dev is concerned he exclaims how he’s certain that not anything passed off so she have to try and consider, Sanjana requests him to now no longer make her consider something that passed off final night time as they have to now no longer even consider what would possibly have passed off, Dev receives concerned while Sanjana thinks not anything passed off however what has passed off will supply hearthplace to what occurs withinside the future.
Ishwari is sitting with Neha, she is happy to peer Dev got here lower back with Sanjana, Ishwari seeing the situation of Sanjana receives concerned wondering if Dev got here to her protection and not anything passed off, Sanjana explains they stayed on the residence of her buddies parents, Neha exclaims they have to have as a minimum referred to as them as they each have been virtually concerned. Dev leaves exclaiming he’ll cross and get freshen up. Sanjana appears at him, wondering now her plan might be fulfilled.

Precap: Sanjana from her room sees Sonakshi and Dev collectively withinside the pc, she is going final the pc. Shuv comes and commencing the pc attempts to name Sonakshi however she doesnot respond, he then takes it to her room exclaiming she is likewise on this pc, Sonakshi receives surprised so Shuv is set to reveal her..


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