Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 21st July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

In the morning dev asks maa what’s she doing inside the morning as her wrist is hurting, maa explains the work that’s so filled with love then what is the factor in now not doing it, dev asks if she has requested him if he likes it or now not, maa replies if he likes it then aayush might additionally love it, soha also enters the kitchen calling dadi pronouncing she additionally loves it loads and has been made after a long term, soha explains she could take the dish for lunch in the tiffin, maa replies she would additionally get it, soha says this means she is making it for someone else, dev at once asks if she is getting overdue for faculty and they ought to get geared up as the bus has arrived, maa asks dev if he doesn’t need to have the breakfast, dev replies he could be going late so has some time to devour, maa turns to make the dish. Aayush is analyzing, dev asks what is he analyzing, he seeing the textbook explains soha has a massive series of comics which he’s certain aayush would like, but he disagrees then dev explains if he can play a few outside recreation like cricket but aayush explains there is lots of heat outdoor, dev indicates any in door game however aayush requests to play with the rubicks cube to which dev consents, he’s taken aback to see the reaction of aayush.

Jitin exclaims how in an instance can things exchange, sonakshi replies they may be speakme of converting the children asking if he’s even expertise it, she exclaims all of a unexpected she receives to realize that she is the mom of an 8 12 months old son and he or she is accepting it however why is she being told that she isn’t the mother of soha, she can’t trade her feelings for her, sonakshi taking the instance of the plant in her workplace exclaims she has loved it like a baby knowing how tons warmness the plank desires and even she forgot she could come again from the house to plant it, much like that soha is for her, she cannot alternate it. Jitin asks if she told dev, sonakshi recalling the time while he scolded her, she replies he doesn’t apprehend it, jitin asks if she advised dad. Ishwari is sitting with the uncle and aunti who exclaim they sense that the entire be counted is suspicious due to the fact how can the youngsters be modified and that they not realize, they further explain it is probably because of the want of cash and they might try to blackmail them for it, the uncle says dev has visible the entire might so could have thought earlier than making the selection, the aunt mentions he has visible it and if for example a person comes to him announcing that the spouse with whom he has been dwelling is having an affair would he believe the words, the uncle replies he could if the individual is truthful and sincere,

The aunt scolds asking if he is joking, explaining that both dev and ishwari are innocent, dev replies that a demise guy doesn’t lie, even the nurse popular she changed them for the sake of cash, he additionally inspected himself, aayush comes however then is stunned when aunt begins blaming that aayush is the son of rohit and he on his deathbed concept to set the existence of his son which is why left him with dev, he attempts to stop her however aayush rushes returned internal, ishwari asks bhabhi to at the least see what she is saying in front of the kid, the uncle explains no longer all and sundry has the capacity to undergo her words, she tries to explain she did now not see him standing there and by no means supposed to hurt his feelings, she is just pronouncing that they are able to have the dna tested, ishwari explains she felt that aayush is the son of dev asking him if he does not keep in mind that dev could in no way ask for whatever and she would must look him in the eyes much like that aayush additionally needs to be looked into his eyes, uncle exclaims she is proper and ishwari explains that dev is fortunate to have youngsters as they would end up his aid after developing up.

Dev is going to aayush who is in the room and explains that mami became wrong to mention what she did but he need to no longer sense horrific because there would loads of humans to say this but he ought to no longer fear, dev replies aayiush is just like him as he could additionally take a seat in the corner, aayush replies this can’t be proper due to the fact he isn’t his father, dev says that he is not even evaluating himself to his father due to the fact he has a lot less revel in, dev says they can be pals. Sonakshi’s father replies that despite the fact that her mother in regulation blames her for the sector struggle, he might now not be amazed, her sister in law says this is wired however her brother mentions he believes in sonakshi that she will take care of everything, sonaskshi replies aayush had any other existence and the only element which she sees in his eyes is both worry or anger, she mentions that she is not able to agree with within the situation and can’t say to soha that she isn’t her mom, her father point out that she is named sonakshi and not any film star due to the fact this simplest manifest in the movies but in fact it takes time to create a relation,

he makes her take into account the problem that arose in her delivery explaining the way she raised soha proves she is also an amazing mother, sonakshi seems to the image of her mother and is crying questioning that an excellent mom changed into their very own, she clearly misses her, sonakshi’s sister in regulation comes to take a seat with her, sonakshi says that she continually had the solutions to her query and would suggest her to handle each and every situation, her father mentions he cannot be her mother but it takes time to prepare dinner the relation and after a while the entire buffet would be to be had, sonkashi prays that it occur however that it does no longer take a good deal time because she cannot see the ache in his eyes, she asks her brother if she is a great mother, her father explains if she desires to recognize how a mom she is then need to move and ask soha, because the mother who delivered lord krishan knew what she liked, her brother asks if she instructed soha, she replies she has no longer been capable of gather the electricity demanding how she would react. Soha reaches the room where aayush is playing with the rubicks dice, shoug asks if she could play with him however she refuses explaining she has a number of paintings,

he then comes to aayush asking if he could play with him, aayush at once consents and they begin gambling, dev is surely satisfied to see them each playing and leaves again. Dev whilst waking downstairs receives a call from verma jee, he apologizes for no longer calling before as they wanted to wait till they set, verma jee asks if aayush is k, dev replies that there’s some time which they might require, dev says that they donot need to inform her, verma jee explains they donot mean to disturb their lives however it would be smooth to live their lives seeing the photo of their son in soha, dev assures to paintings something out and ends the decision, verma jee exclaims he is a certainly first-rate man or woman and has assured to work some thing out. Dev is strolling while sonakshi enters asking why did she visit her father’s residence, she mentions she needed to inform her, dev mentions she need to have referred to as him at the cell and ought to have spent some time with aayush, sonakshi asks if he advised his mother on the cellular, he replies his mother lives with them explaining that aayush is like an open e book who would don’t forget what she does now.

Precap: sonakshi attempts to mention that aayush is complete however ishwari says this isn’t the first time she is elevating a baby, aayush vomits while sonakshi asks her to not locate dev in him. Dev says sonakshi that verma je was asking permission to fulfill soha, sonakshi says they want to take sohana away, dev turns to peer her status.


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