Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 1st October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

Dev stands in front of Sanjana, his wonder what is all this, she collects a few leaves in her hand Exclaving that you special roses for someone special, calling her story in the same way with the forest flowers, questions What she said she didn’t know what she was working in her office, he asked him to get more than he said yesterday, because it was an office and they worked here, he asked or was it clear, Sanjana asked if that was what He said it was clear, it was mentioned that she loves it, he was very surprised to hear all this, she answered how she really wanted him to understand his love for him and for now the whole World in the office has known, but not Dev, which even he tried to let him understand,

which did not see the party how I knew everything and every little thing he liked or didn’t like, even brought to light His feelings on a radio show, he realized that his story had an opportunity, even though he handles unanswered love, he has Realize that love is really important, DEV asks if she was the Gypsy on the radio program, she feels frustrated when she explains that she has something more apart from her love for the moment, she takes the band promise to speak The way he bought him the moment he chooses the gifts for Sonakshi, Dev remembers every and everything.

DEV turns to Sanjana in anger, when he looks at her with frustration, she asks him if he is going to believe how much he loves him, she calls how she knows that she has some time to realize that what she can do everything. Give would take time you need since even if you throw a small stone in the ocean that creates waves, which will wait for you to wait for the moment when you finally accept your love, Dev Your orders around the thing prey it wonders in your pocket, if he forgets that he is happily married and has a wife and children, Sanjana responds that he did not know he was married when she fell in love with him, she said she had something important to do has.

Sonacshi Type the office asks Jitin if he eats stress, Jitin responds that this is not so, but he doesn’t have time breakfast, which, however, is impressed with food so he thinks of eating the order every day, Sonakshi asks if you forget How to eat many health problems to eat them, he must learn how to make his taste of food interesting, he is advised to learn to cook or hire someone, questions Jitin if she’s a cook, Sonakshi responds means it means that the Rani of his house, she is not saying that he should only rent her, but then it means he can enter his life and he will teach him how to cook,

question whether she’s worse than he refuses to cook, Sonakshi explains that she knows someone who can cook well Paratha when Jitin asks if she wants to say that someone who knows how to marry Paratha, she explains that the girl is even a sweet woman and recently broke, she feels that I really would make a good partner with her, questions Jitia if she also decided to play a game of maki grave Iical ng makes.

Sanjana is running in the store, where a comedian holds, she sits at the table asking for a cup of coffee, the whole crowd of the cafe will take a selfie with Arman, Sanjana still sat, what happened next to her, but Then realize what really quietly mentions that someone who alone, even in a crowd can be just because she loves someone but doesn’t have the same feelings for her, is the pain that hurts the most, Arman explains that it really is the victory that came to suffer the pain of love, he says he knows how to make him feel animated, Arman is going on stage begins to sing what he does Sanjana restores his love fo Dev Sir, she begins to think about him and Applause even when the song ends.
Dev in anger destroys all the letters Sanjana,

even workers’ orders around the cabin that happened on clean, he is sitting at the desk, calling out the photo that it has his whole generation, and that he does not leave in anyone among all of them. Sanjana sits at the table when the private detective who explains how her sister gave a girl in the hospital in Calcutta, the whole stage revealed with her when she finally gives the fees, he takes her, she takes the picture of and is Surprised to see that he who is Zoha, remember how she met her at Lord Dev’s house and the serendipia she went to her home and came to her cousin Sohana.

Soha explains how Maa told him that they had to give water to the plants to keep them fresh, from Gollu all call out, everyone has a plant, but Dev forgot to bring one to him. Aayush then brings the pot, Shuv, take the shower ARMA began all over the world, Radha asks what he does, Shuv replies that Soha said it would keep everything fresh, Radha smile wondered if it would even keep his face fresh He as he throws water. Her is, Ishwari runs so he stops asking,

Radha turns to Ishwar says she also needs to keep her face cool, however, Ishwari gets away from Radha she asks what she asks, Ishwari explains that she cares for Neha, as she has revealed nothing to her. Radha says Dev will take care of everything that doesn’t have to worry about.

Dev Sitting in the office calls on the Department of Human Resources. But the feelings she is trying to express can not be allowed for what she needs to leave this office. Dev walks with anxiety in your office. Sonakshi packed his bag, received a call of development, so he asks how it called Dev’s answers just wanted to see his face, ask Sonakshi as everything is fine as how he felt a lot of love for her, Dev explains how he really loves, Sonaaakshi responds that he does not exceed Bollywood theme party when Dev says he just has his love for her, but she is thinking about it as a joke, Sonakshi asks what she said before, since she does not Done heard it. Correctly, Dev smiles too, then the call ends.

Bijoy when Aleen goes Vicky, she really loves the smell, so she told Bijoy how she said she would be the most just by food, Bijoy ask Vicky the last time she came to her home remembered , Reply Vicky. How do you know that a long time is over, Bijoy ask him to come and sit down, Vicky explains how Alena wanted to eat the non-vegetable food made by the new PG so he also came over him, Sonakshi goes home, She once greeting Mishi offers the new gift she has for her. Saurabh comes to Vicky Saying why he arrives after so much time, Vicky does not ask him to hit him differently,

Sonakshi asks for Ronitaler, so Saurabh calls her, his reporting is how she really likes the market than Alena he suggested. The clothes for Mishi, which is of good quality, Sonakshi begins to remember how Neha was so rude to her when she returned, she asked why she had the same relationship with Neha as a Ronite, which both consider a sister and not sister do not have . The law, she prayed, has the same liaison with Neha.

Precap: Dev is with Sonakshi, she says she was thinking about Sanjana and how she looked very nice with Jitin, Dev in the office cried that she needed to talk to Sanjana, she replied that you have to show something, Sanjana fetches The photo of Soha, Dev Question What is your photo to do with Sanjana, she replies that her daughter is her cousin, Dev is left auditory that Sanjana is Soha’s aunt?


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