Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 19th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

In the health center Sonakshi is cleansing the hand of Bijoy, the nurse palms her an injection announcing if they’re capable of provide the injection to Bijoy in an hour then he could be nice in any other case if it receives overdue then they may not be capable of store him, Sonakshi asks her to shop for it from the pharmacy, the nurse explains that this injections isn’t to be had of their pharmacy as a person offered the 5 ultimate injections, Sonakshi questions how can she go away her father by myself however the nurse another time asks her to set up it herself in any other case this will reason a variety of trouble for the patient, she walks out of the room, Sanjana is status proper beside the room, she thinks of ways she heard the medical doctor giving the commands to the nurse so she herself offered all the injections.

Sonakshi withinside the room, she attempts calling De however there may be no community so she asks Bijoy to now no longer be concerned due to the fact she has to move for a while however she may be lower back virtually soon, Sonakshi leaves the room, Sanjana right away walks inside, she is going instantly to Bijoy asking if he’s virtually strong, she exclaims they’ll test it, Sanjana is set to damage him whilst she hears the voice of Saurabh calling for Sona, Saurabh opens the door along side Ronita coming instantly to Bijoy, they each make an apology to Bijoy announcing that they have been now no longer present, Sonakshi additionally comes so Saurabh says it’s miles his mistake as he need to now no longer have left Baba by myself, Sonakshi but says that it’s miles not anything to be concerned approximately due to the fact they ought to go away for his or her paintings as soon as in a even as, Ronita exclaims they could have come lower back early however Mishti were given ill, she has now left her at her friend’s house.

Sonakshi is going to Bijoy, she questions why is he sweating so much, Saurabh exclaims he could open the fan, he’s stunned to look a person status in the back of the curtain, Sonakshi questions what happened, she turns to open the curtain stressful there may be a person withinside the room, she is but relieved to look the coat of the medical doctor, Sanjana is hiding below the bed, she pulls out the injections smiling.

Sonakshi says to Saurabh that they have got to provide Baba the injection in a single hour, the nurse comes bringing up how they’ve got the injection so now Baba may be nice, Sonakshi exclaims that is what she become attempting to mention that Dev organized the injection, Ronita explains they ought to lower back to Mishti, however Saurabh could come lower back to Baba after losing her, Saurabh is adamant to live with baa however leaves whilst Sonakshi assures she can be able to live with baba.

Dev calls Sonakshi exclaiming Soha has long past to sleep even as each Aayush and Shuv are nonetheless awake, Sonakshi asks if Shuv become hurting his stomach, Shuv replies it’s miles now nice, Aayush asks how Dadu is, Sonakshi explains that he may be nice whilst the medical doctor offers him the medication so will also come lower back. She asks them each to move and sleep now, she even advises them to now no longer reason any trouble to Neha and Ishwari, Aayush needs to look Bijoy, Sonakshi is relieved to look that he’s waking up, she right away ends the decision speeding out to name the docs.

Sanjana rushes out of the hiding, she takes to the air the oxygen masks of Bijoy, strolling out of the room, Sonakshi comes with the docs who’re stunned to look that his oxygen masks is slipped off, he right away begins offevolved checking Bijoy in the meantime Sonakshi is weeping, wondering what happened, the medical doctor explains that Bijoy has slipped into Coma.

Sonakshi isn’t capable of undergo it and begins offevolved crying, Dev enters the room whilst the docs make an apology informing that Bijoy has long past into Coma, Sonakshi leans towards Dev, she explains she simply left for 2 mins so will now no longer go away his facet and live with him, Dev is likewise virtually concerned whilst Sonakshi exclaims she can not lose her father, Sanjana bringing up Coma isn’t the sort of horrific location due to the fact now she can be able to have Dev for herself even as Sonakshi is busy together along with her father, that is how she could be capable of make her location in his life.

Dev withinside the morning advises the personnel to paintings via way of means of themselves due to the fact he could now no longer be capable of come to paintings for someday considering the fact that his father in regulation is ill, Dev explains in his absence Vicky will take over, he asks them to make certain the cope with Mr Badra is finished as it’s miles really well worth twenty 5 corers, he has labored virtually tough on it, they ought to make certain he symptoms and symptoms it, Dev additionally orders Sukhi jee to take the replace approximately the Asha basis faculty, Sanjana thinks she made such efforts so he can spent a while together along with her however he so causally stated he’s going to now no longer come, she mentions he could ought to come below any circumstance.

Dev walks down even as Soha and Aayush are doing their faculty paintings, Shuv is creating a drawing, Aayush exclaims he’s virtually concerned approximately Nano, Dev assures him that their Grandfather could be nice, they each should consciousness on their arrangements considering the fact that their tests are approaching, Dev gets a name from Sonakshi, she inquiries in the event that they youngsters are behaving even as she is here, Soha exclaims she can not recognize the phrases of Hindi, so informs Sonakshi that even papa doesnot understand them well, Dev informs she is aware of how he receives harassed with them all, Sonakshi stops Aayush from putting the pencil in his mouth, she then asks Soha approximately the following phrase in her book, Dev exclaims he is aware of it however Sonakshi mentions he’s wrong, she offers Soha a method to recall it all, Sonakshi then advises Dev to recall to provide Ishwari the medication, Ishwari praises Sonakshi for additionally gratifying the responsibilities of a mom and a daughter even in such a lot of problems. Ishwari asks her to now no longer be concerned considering the fact that they are able to cope with the entirety, and he or she need to additionally cope with her very own health.

Vicky is with Mr Badra, he explains the entirety is so as so he can signal the papers, Mr Badra palms lower back the papers explaining he could now no longer signal them with out Dev, Vicky attempts to tell him that the entirety is so as, however Mr Badra is adamant, Sanjana thinks how she satisfied Mr Badra that it’s miles his insult due to the fact Dev isn’t present. Vicky calls Dev informing him that Mr Badra is insisting Dev need to be present, Dev talks with Mr Badra informing how he simplest selected him due to his own circle of relatives values, he recollects how he stated he prefers to tour together along with his parents, much like him he additionally cares for his own circle of relatives, he can go away the deal however now no longer his own circle of relatives, Dev informs Mr Badra that his father in regulation is in coma so he’s withinside the health center, Mr Badra mentions he did now no longer understand so symptoms and symptoms the papers.

Precap: Dev is with Sonakshi withinside the health center whilst he gets the decision, Ishwari is with the own circle of relatives listening to the information concerning corruption withinside the Asha basis scandal, the information channel well-knownshows there is probably a variety of arrests which includes of the primary signatory Vikram Tripathi, Radha pleads with Dev to now no longer allow something show up to Vicky, she exclaims the complete line of Asha is possessed, Sonakshi is virtually shocked listening to this information on the door..


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